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Customized Austria Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturer in China-TALMUD

TALMUD: Your Custom Austria Souvenir Supplier

TALMUD demonstrates more than 20+ years of experience in manufacturing and shipping appealing tourist souvenirs from the heart of China.

When it comes to Austrian keepsakes, you’re not just collecting souvenirs, but pieces of artistry tangle with Austria’s rich heritage. Delight in the harmonious echoes of Mozart and Beethoven, the enchanting strokes of Klimt’s masterpieces, the royal beauty of Princess Sissi, and the architectural marvels that honor Austria.

Contact TALMUD sales team for more Austrian niche markets exploring now.

custom Austria Acrylic Souvenir Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Acrylic+magnet,
Size: 5×7 cm, or custom,
Logo: Printing,
Process: Acrylic injection.

TALMUD is your first custom Austria acrylic souvenir magnet wholesale supplier in China.

custom Austria Artist Souvenir Coaster wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Metal: Cork+MDF+art paper,
Size: Dia. 10 cm,
Artist: Gustav Klimt,
Degree: Collectible quality.

TALMUD is your expert Austria artist custom souvenir coaster wholesale factory in China since 2005.

custom Austria Ceramic Souvenir Mug wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Ceramic, porcelain,
Size: 12 oz,
Usage: Souvenir gifts in Vienna,
Hashtag: Wholesale, Austrian, etc.

TALMUD is your experienced souvenir mug wholesale manufacturer for the Austrian market.

custom Austria Embroidery Souvenir Keychain wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Fabric,
Size: 10×2 cm, or custom,
Design: Austria flag,
Logo: Embroidery.

TALMUD is your specialized Austria custom souvenir embroidery keychain wholesale factory in China.

custom Austria Enamel Souvenir Keychain wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Metal: Zinc Alloy,
Size: 6×4 cm, or custom,
Logo: Soft enamel,
Payment: T/T, Paypal, etc.

TALMUD is your best custom Austria souvenir enamel keychain wholesale manufacturer in China.

custom Austria Enamel Souvenir Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Metal,
Size: 10×6 cm, or custom,
Logo: Enamel, embossed,
Usage: Vienna souvenir gifts.

TALMUD is a leading wholesale souvenir enamel magnet supplier with Austria custom designs in China.

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TALMUD Global Strategic Customer

1. Sporting Event Sponsor Gift Solution

2. Multinational Everyday Essential Suppliers

3. Fashion and Luxury Brand Promotional Gifts

4. Institutional and Government Souvenir Solutions

5. Custom Brand Event Marketing Gift Wholesalers

6. Premium Brand Annual Promotional Gift Services

7. Licensed Cartoon, Film, and IP’s Custom Souvenirs

8. Collaborative Gift Partners with Celebrities, Designers, and Influencers

TALMUD Global Strategic Customer
TALMUD Souvenir Gift Customer Images

TALMUD Souvenir Customer Image

1. Specializing in Custom Catholic Art-Themed Keepsakes

2. Boutiques Offering Fashionable City Life-Inspired Souvenirs

3. Arts and Entertainment Souvenirs Retailers and Wholesalers

4. Personalized Gifts for Celebrities, Influencers, and Musicians

5. Crafting Exclusive Souvenir Collections for Government Sectors

6. Souvenir Outlets for Basketball, Football, and More Sports Games

7. Promotional Tokens Catering to Schools and Universities Institutions

8. Retailers and Wholesalers of Souvenirs for Both Online and Offline Platform

9. Custom Souvenirs Featuring Cartoon Characters like Mickey Mouse and Alice in Wonderland

TALMUD: Your Professional Personalized Austria Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturer In China

With over two decades of expertise in souvenir manufacturing, TALMUD proudly stands as a leading Chinese brand in the world of custom souvenirs. Our commitment to delivering high-quality souvenirs and services has earned us the trust of our valued customers, establishing long-term partnerships.

Setting us apart from other suppliers, TALMUD continually elevates its competitive edge by optimizing the souvenir supply chain. This dedication ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

In cultivating our own production and sales teams, we empower our employees to thrive by providing exceptional service to our customers. This reciprocal relationship promotes devotion from both our team members and clients.

At TALMUD, we embrace the souvenir ecosystem philosophy, forming strategic alliances with customers who share our values. We selectively partner with 1 to 3 clients in each country, facilitating their rapid growth.

Our customer-driven approach places paramount importance on satisfaction. TALMUD has established strong communication channels, guarantees 100% quality assurance, and offers timely resolutions to challenges, ensuring collaboration.

Austria, nestled between Hungary and Germany, boosts abundant tourism resources, making it a vital souvenir distribution in Europe. At TALMUD, we take pride in being your preferred source for premium Austria souvenirs, thoroughly crafted to capture the essence of this culturally rich region.

TALMUD caters to a wide range of niches, including Art, National, Celebrity, Church, Football, Museum, Basketball, Sports, and University, ensuring that our offerings align with a multitude of passions and interests.

For inquiries, contact us at or via WhatsApp at +86 15858871001 and explore our world of customized Austria souvenirs.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

TALMUD Souvenirs Ecosystem

  • Set up with TALMUD expertise to raise the level of your souvenir business. Produce customized souvenirs fast and with high standards of quality.
  • Expand your network globally and cultivate relationships within the souvenir business.
  • By using original concepts, premium goods, and effective management, you can guarantee surpassing quality control.

TALMUD‘s Customers

  • We excel in serving corporate, governmental, and high-profile clients, with a focus on gift distribution.
  • Renowned for our branding expertise, we’re your trusted partner for personalized promotional gifts.
  • Our primary goal is to tap into the thriving global fashion brand market for gifts and souvenirs.

TALMUD's Advantage

  • We consistently provide exceptional costs that are stable for 3 to 5 years.
  • Our program focuses on manufacturing, controlling raw materials, and product quality.
  • Our dedicated, entrepreneurial team specializes in deepening global souvenir market growth and supporting partner business plans.

Strategy Partners Recruitment By TALMUD

  • With a rich 20-year history in the global souvenir market, TALMUD excels as a premier producer of customized souvenirs.
  • Renowned for event marketing gifts and customized souvenirs, we provide a wide range of printed souvenirs spanning 6 continents.
  • One of our objectives is to build global connections while promoting a brand for gift and souvenir products.

Personalized Austria Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturer in China-TALMUD

  • Placemats, fridge magnets, photo frames, bottle openers, and other Austrian souvenirs are among the wide range of products that TALMUD specializes in producing.
  • To jointly expand the Austrian souvenir market, TALMUD is open to working with seasoned Austrian souvenir distributors.
  • Linked with the core of Austrian culture, which includes music, art, and humanities. Let’s work together to grow the market for Austrian souvenirs. Reach out to us now.

TALMUD Global Souvenir Cases

  • custom Hawaii Wooden Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    The Hawaiian Islands are composed of 137 volcanic islands with a coastline of approximately 750 miles. The eight main islands are Nihow, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, and Hawaii.

    Hawaii is rich in marine tourism resources, and tens of millions of tourists from all over the world come to Hawaii for vacations every year.

    TALMUD is a leading wholesale manufacturer of Hawaii souvenirs in China. Feel existing samples are welcome,, WhatsApp + 86 158 58871001.

  • custom Canada Souvenir Keychain wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    TALMUD is a wholesale manufacturer of customized souvenir keychains in China. We supply souvenir keychains for many cities.

    This keychain is specially manufactured for the Canadian market. Zinc alloy material, soft enamel designs, specifications can be customized according to your requirements, MOQ is 500 pieces of each design, nickel-free plating.

    Welcome Canadian souvenir wholesalers to contact us for a long-term cooperative relationship. We can promise you 3-5 years of invariable price guarantee.

  • custom Bali Islands Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    This wooden epoxy refrigerator magnet is specially customized for the Bali souvenir market, Indonesia.

    The design is CMYK printing with epoxy, there are two layers of MDF in the middle of the magnet, and a layer of soft magnet on the back. You can customize the 3D effect with laser machines.

    TALMUD is your best wholesale factory of souvenir fridge magnets in China. We have 5 laser cutting machines, 3 epoxy lines, and can produce 10,000 pcs qualified refrigerator magnets per day.

  • custom Artist Photo Frame wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    TALMUD is your reliable wholesale factory for customized souvenir photo frames in China. You can use photo frames for gifts, souvenirs, and promotional items.

    We have cooperated with some artist studios to produce various photo frames for them, such as metal photo frames, acrylic photo frames, wooden photo frames, etc.

    TALMUD promises you 100% good quality for retails. For more information, please contact us,, WhatsApp at +86 158 58871001.

  • custom Museum Souvenir Placemat wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Many tourists travel to European & American countries because there are many museums and art galleries in these countries. Tourists are immersed in this kind of edutainment travel.

    This placemat is designed by famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. It is made of eco-friendly PP material, UV printed, and customized to be 40x30cm. TALMUD is your best wholesale souvenir placemat manufacturing factory in China.

    If you are an online retailer of souvenirs, you can customize a small MOQ placemat with plenty of designs. OEM and ODM services are welcome.

  • custom Paris Souvenir Tray wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    TALMUD specializes in producing souvenir trays for more than 20+ years. From raw material to printing and packaging, we control the entire tray production line! Ensure good quality and fast delivery time.

    This souvenir tray is specially customized for the Paris market. There are a total of 12 different designs, including the famous landscape of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Sacred Heart Church, the Louvre, etc.

    The normal size is 24x16cm, and the surface of the tray is printed with CMYK and coated with oil to increase the printing effect of the tray. Welcome French souvenir wholesalers to contact us.

  • custom Souvenir Cosmetic Bag wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Since 2005, TALMUD is your best wholesale supplier of polyester customized souvenir cosmetic bags in China. We have 3 cosmetic bag production lines for your souvenir projects.

    This souvenir cosmetic bag is manufactured for the American market, using high-quality polyester materials, CMYK printing technology, and a professional production team to ensure 100% good quality for your souvenir shop retails.

    TALMUD is your trustable bulk supplier of personalized souvenir cosmetic bags in China.

  • custom Switzerland Souvenir Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Switzerland is a world-famous ski resort, and every year many tourists travel for skiing in the Alps. TALMUD is your personalized Swiss souvenir wholesale manufacturer in China.

    In addition to skiing, Switzerland also has very beautiful natural landscapes, professional mechanical watches, delicious red wine, and so on. Swiss souvenirs tend to be closer to nature. Some retro wooden souvenirs are very popular. Swiss people also like to buy some wooden souvenir refrigerator magnets as decorations.

    TALMUD pays more attention to the quality of your souvenirs than other Chinese factories. Contact us now for more information.

  • ceramic souvenir mug

    TALMUD is a professional ceramic souvenir mug manufacturer in China. Our ceramic mug painting masters have more than 10 years of experience, make sure your souvenir mugs with high quality and fast delivery time.

    If you are a souvenir seller on Amazon, TALMUD can supply ceramic mugs for your online retails. You can customize ceramic mugs with low MOQ in TALMUD.

    7×24 online service is available for you.

TALMUD: Your Expert Custom Austria Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturing Factory In China

Millions of tourists visit Austria each year, which is a thriving global tourism industry. This nation has a rich tapestry of culture, art, historic buildings, and natural scenery. Austria is a wealth of artistic quality, with Vienna serving as the capital of the world’s music and Mozart and Beethoven leaving behind timeless legacies.


TALMUD has long been an established business in the Austrian market as a supplier of high-quality souvenirs. We created a sizable library of souvenirs through efficient supply chain processes, and we offer competitive pricing to enable our clients to take market share.


To develop the Austrian souvenir business, we established strategic connections with wholesalers of Austrian souvenirs. Our commitment to developing the TALMUD souvenir ecosystem results in a mutually beneficial partnership concept.


A smooth experience for customers is a priority for TALMUD, which uses online video conferences, customer visits, exhibitions, and more. The prompt handling of client inquiries is ensured by this proactive strategy.


TALMUD has reduced order minimums, improved resource integration, and implemented international express logistics services in response to the demands of online souvenir shops. These initiatives assist e-commerce sellers in reducing inventory, increasing earnings, and reducing risks specific to their business.


For Austrian souvenir wholesalers, TALMUD is your specialized Austrian custom souvenir wholesale base in China, integrating university, basketball, church, and national souvenirs under one roof, as well as art and celebrity souvenirs. Trust TALMUD to expertly navigate this market, meet your specific needs, and take your business to a new position.

TALMUD’s Certificates

TALMUD‘ Certificates

TALMUD Logistics Service


TALMUD Logistics Services

TALMUD provides reliable logistics services that optimize your distribution network while connecting you to various transportation service providers. 

  • Our massive global rail network offers convenient and efficient land transportation, promoting the security and profitability of your business’s operations.
  • Trust our team to securely transport valuable, fragile items, such as jewelry and important documents.
  • Our professional shipping services are available worldwide, increasing your business’s global awareness.

Choose TALMUD for reliable, accessible logistics services that increase your global market presence. Let us serve as the foundation of your logistical activities, providing efficient, sustainable operations.


TALMUD’s Standards: Economy, Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability

1, What Kind Of Souvenirs Will You Recommend I Buy In Austria?

When you’re looking for a unique and customized way to bring a piece of Austria’s rich culture home, TALMUD has everything you need. Our area of expertise is creating unique promotional gifts for well-known chocolate brands all around the world.

Mozart Balls

Figure 1 – Mozart Balls

Although we can’t supply you with the renowned Mozart Balls, we do add the flavor of Austria to chocolate stores in Vienna and others.


As part of our expertise, we can decorate your sweet treats with beautiful paintings by Austrian artists, inviting customers to your shop. This considerably increases sales in addition to giving it an Austrian appeal.


TALMUD has expertise in producing an attractive combination of chocolate and art, ensuring that your products are distinguished in a highly competitive marketplace. Count on us to add the essence of Austria to your chocolate business, giving your customers a unique experience. With TALMUD, experience the enchantment of Austrian art today.

2, Can I Buy High-quality Souvenir Placemats From Austria Souvenir Shops?

Of course, there is no need to search anywhere else if you’re looking for premium Austrian souvenir placemats. Gustav Klimt, a prominent Austrian symbolist painter, served as inspiration for the gorgeous placemats that TALMUD is known for producing. Our 20 years of experience guarantee high-quality products.


For our placemats, we offer two outstanding materials. The first is made of cork and MDF and has graphics that are printed straight onto paper. The second choice is PP plastic, which is known for being lightweight and hygienic. These placemats are a popular option in the European souvenir market since they can be conveniently wrapped up and are affordably priced.


You may find the ideal souvenir placemats to capture the essence of Austria’s rich cultural heritage due to TALMUD’s dedication to artistry and craftsmanship. Explore our collection and bring home a work of Austrian art immediately.

custom Vienna Artist Souvenir Placemat wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – Vienna Artist Souvenir Placemat

3,  What Kind Of Souvenirs Can I Buy Related To The Sissi Princess?

The famous Princess Sissi, better known as Empress Elizabeth of Austria, has a connection with Austria’s long legacy. Souvenirs with a Sissi theme make a lovely selection for tourists looking for souvenirs.


Here at TALMUD, we give this custom a special twist. Our beautiful Sissi figurines, which are offered as magnets, keychains, coasters, and sculptures, perfectly represent the beauty of this historical figure. Our 3D-effect Sissi designs beautifully capture the essence of Vienna’s famous churches since they were expertly crafted using advanced operations. 


Bring a piece of Austrian history home with TALMUD’s exquisite Sissi souvenirs, a testament to our dedication to precision and artistry.

custom Vienna Sissi Souvenir Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 3 – Vienna Sissi Souvenir Magnet

4, What Kind Of Souvenir Keyrings I Can Buy For My Girlfriend?

Vienna is known as the capital of music in the world and has a unique interest, particularly for individuals who are passionate about music. Unique metal keychains are available from TALMUD and make for thoughtful presents. Our keychains come in a variety of attractive designs, well-drawn graphics, and perfect packaging.


Our commitment to customization is what makes TALMUD extraordinary. To make your souvenir even more special, you may choose a printed gift box with your name on it. Our keychains are more than simply souvenirs, they’re legacies that capture Vienna’s musical history.


The Vienna-inspired keyrings from TALMUD will elevate your gift-giving and serve as the ideal sign of your appreciation.

custom Austria Souvenir Metal Keyring wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4 – Austria Souvenir Metal Keyring

5, Is The Resin Fridge Magnet Easy To Fade?

Customized fridge magnets that resist fading are TALMUD’s specialty. Bright, durable colors that won’t fade even when exposed to sunshine are a result of our expertly crafted products.


We provide premium souvenir quality with a strong supply chain. Whether you’re a frequent customer or a new one, you can count on us to provide nothing less than 100% quality.


Music lovers love this popular Mozart-themed magnet, which is frequently bought in bulk for collections or as thoughtful presents for friends. Explore the TALMUD artist difference in souvenirs today.

custom Austria Resin Souvenir Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5 – Austria Resin Souvenir Magnet

6, Can You Recommend Some Austrian Traditional Souvenir Bottle Openers To Me?

TALMUD can supply you with genuine Austrian souvenir bottle openers. Our beautifully designed zinc alloy bottle openers have delicate soft enamel logos that perfectly capture the spirit of Austrian history. In both Europe and the United States,  the demand for these souvenirs is extremely high.


Our bottle openers have a classic Austrian design, and the original artwork is accurately replicated using a premium enamel method. Additionally, they include a useful keyring device that doubles as a bottle opener and a keychain.


As a substitute, you can choose a version with an intense magnet on the back, making it a multipurpose bottle opener and refrigerator magnet. If you need to open a cold beverage quickly, just attach it to your refrigerator.


With a focus on customized metal items, TALMUD distinguishes itself as a leading wholesale souvenir manufacturer in China.


To guarantee an excellent product that complies with environmental regulations and provides a risk-free alternative for retail, we thoroughly monitor every stage, from molding to polishing and electroplating. With TALMUD’s collectible bottle openers, you may experience the best of Austrian culture.

custom Vienna Souvenir Bottle Opener wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6 – Vienna Souvenir Bottle Opener

7, Is Your Austria Souvenir Lapel Pin Collectible?

Yes, our Austria souvenir lapel pins are highly collectible. TALMUD offers the unique advantage of a minimum order quantity of just 1 piece.


Since 2015, we have taken on the idea of the “souvenir ecosystem,” emphasizing high-quality products along with customer service. Our pins are wearable works of art rather than merely accessories.

These lapel pins, which can also be used as brooches, are made from vintage silver and feature elaborate Austrian cultural designs and beautiful enamel work. Each one is a piece of jewellery souvenir, ideal for collectors who value fine craftsmanship and classic Austrian design.

custom Austria Souvenir Lapel Pin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7 – Austria Souvenir Lapel Pin

8, Can I Have A Sample Of Your Austria Souvenir Bags?

Our high-end gift bags satisfy the expanding need for environmentally responsible substitutes in the European market. Cotton bags have become extremely popular due to their reusability and popularity as environmentally beneficial products as a result of the EU’s strict limitations on the use of plastic. These bags are decorated with gorgeous European themes, making them a popular option among tourists.


Residents of EU nations have embraced these cotton bags for daily use in addition to their worth as souvenirs, whether it be for grocery shopping, daily commutes, or other uses.


A wide range of cotton, non-woven, nylon, and polyester souvenir bags are produced by TALMUD on an innovative production line. Consider our 30 x 20 cm, 12 oz, premium cotton bags capturing “The Kiss” a well-known piece of art. For your free use, we provide current samples so you may evaluate our quality.


For eco-friendly, artistic gift bags that cater to both tourists and Europeans who care about the environment, choose TALMUD.

custom Austria Souvenir Cotton Bag wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8 – Austria Souvenir Cotton Bag

9, How Many Pieces Does Your Souvenir Coaster Set Have?

The souvenir coaster sets by TALMUD are lovingly made with possibilities for 4 or 6 pieces. Our coaster sets, which are made from environmentally friendly PP material or housed in boxes with customized printing, perfectly express the essence of Austria’s remarkable natural settings, particularly the towering Alps.


We take great pride in the production of our coasters, which are made of MDF and cork with UV printing added for attention to detail. Our bigger (10.5×10.5cm) coasters have an air of Austrian beauty.


Since its founding in 2005, TALMUD has specialized in producing adaptable cork coasters ideal for promotional presents, grocery store retail, and priceless souvenirs. Consider displaying these coasters in supermarkets alongside our matching placemats, which go great together.


Experience Austria’s beauty in every sip with TALMUD’s coaster sets.

custom Austria Wooden Souvenir Coaster wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9 – Austria Wooden Souvenir Coaster

10, What Kind Of Austria Souvenir Is Suitable For A Beach Fan?

Although Austria lacks a coastline, TALMUD offers an exceptional solution for beach lovers. Our wooden refrigerator magnets have sunglass patterns that perfectly capture the tranquility of the beach. Even in the landlocked splendor of Austria, these magnets serve as a reminder of sunny days by the sea.

Each magnet is made from premium MDF and features precision laser cutting for a 3D impression. The parameters can also be changed to suit your preferences. The opportunity to print different Austrian landscapes on each lens is what distinguishes TALMUD. It’s a unique way to add an element of Austria to your beach-related experiences. These magnets will take you to your ideal spot whether it’s summer or winter.

custom Vienna Souvenir Wooden Magnet wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10 – Vienna Souvenir Wooden Magnet

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