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TALMUD: Your Expert Clipboard Folder Manufacturer In China

TALMUD is your expert custom clipboard folder manufacturer in China. If you are a clipboard stationery wholesaler, TALMUD can help you boom your stationery business with excellent quality.

TALMUD is one of the leading clipboard folder manufacturers in China, you will deal with the original stationery manufacturing factory directly. Your stationery projects will be manufactured with a one-stop solution service by the TALMUD expert team.

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Clipboard Folder

TALMUD is your expert clipboard folder manufacturer and factory in China. You can customize clipboard folders with your brands, you can manufacture the clipboard folder with UV printing or embossed LOGO.

If you are a wholesale stationery company, TALMUD is your best partner on stationer clipboard folders, based on our professional stationery supply chain management.

For more stationery clipboard information, contact us now.

Clipboard Folder

TALMUD is your personalized PP foam clipboard folder manufacturing factory in China since 2005. We supply wholesale clipboard folders for clients’ stationery shop retails. Stable high quality assurance for your clipboard folder.

If you want to customize some clipboard folders for your brand promotion, TALMUD can help you with affordable prices for your event advertising.

7×24 hours service is available for you.

Clipboard Folder

TALMUD is your professional vinyl clipboard folder manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. We can supply 50K pcs customized vinyl clipboard folders every day. OEM and ODM services are no problem.

If you are an E-commerce seller, such as Amazon, eBay, you can personalize your clipboard folders from us, with a low MOQ and plenty of colors or LOGO printing.

You can get a drop shipping service for the online clipboard folder sales.

Clipboard Holder

TALMUD is your wholesale custom clipboard holder manufacturer and supplier in China. We supply a full catalog of stationery folders, such as clipboard folder, storage clipboard, clipboard holder, etc.

SGS and CE certificates are available for your reference. Your clipboard folders are manufactured with eco-friendly material, high-quality and excellent printing.

Free clipboard holder samples are welcome.

Clipboard Holder

TALMUD is your custom PP foam clipboard holder manufacturer and supplier in China. We manufacture hundreds of thousands of clipboard holders for wholesale stationery companies all over the world.

Cooperate with TALMUD, you can get global logistic delivery support, drop shopping is no problem for your online stationery sales. TALMUD is your original clipboard holder factory.

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Clipboard Folder

TALMUD is your best PP clipboard folder manufacturer in China since 2005. We have five PP foam clipboard folder manufacturing lines for your quick leading time request. Free existing folder samples are welcome as your request.

If you are a stationery wholesaler, TALMUD can give you a 3-5 years invariable price guarantee for your long term stationery business exploration.

TALMUD is your best PP clipboard folder supplier in China.

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Full catalogue stationery clipboard folder supplier

According to 15+ years of stationery clipboard folder manufacturing experience, TALMUD has a mature stationer supply chain with 100% good quality assurance to your stationer retails.

To support your stationery business, we provide a low MOQ service for you to start your stationery clipboard folder business in your city. TALMUD is your best custom clipboard folder manufacturer and supplier in China.

Send us your inquiry now, we will give you a good quotation within 6 hours.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

custom National Souvenirs wholesale manufacturing factory in China

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100% Quality Guarantee By TALMUD

Whether your quantity is 1 million pcs or 1 pc, TALMUD guarantees 100% good quality for you.

Whether you are a gift wholesaler or a retailer, TALMUD guarantees you 100% good quality service.

Whether the gifts are manufactured or purchased by TALMUD, we guarantee 100% good quality for your activities application.

TALMUD‘s Customers

Global gifts trading company, regional gift wholesaler, online wholesalers.

Brand companies, event organizers, design companies, universities, public institutions.

Internet celebrities, influencers, social media, family, and other personalized gift customized retailers.

TALMUD Global Souvenir Cases

  • Custom wholesale ceramic souvenir mug supplier manufacturer factory in China

    TALMUD is your leading souvenir mug manufacturer and supplier in China since 2005. If you are a wholesale souvenir trading company, TALMUD is your best custom wholesale souvenir mug supplier.

    You can customize souvenir mugs in TALMUD ceramic mug factory in China. 100% good quality for souvenir retails, you will have not any potential risk in the ceramic souvenir mug manufacturer process.

    Drop your souvenir mug inquiry to us now!

  • Rubber Souvenir Magnets Manufacturer Supplier

    TALMUD is your trusted custom resin souvenir magnets manufacturer and supplier with a strong commitment to delivering the highest quality souvenir magnets and the highest service to souvenir clients.

    TALMUD has a stable supply chain for your customized resin souvenir magnets manufacturing. By working together, you will be ensured with excellent quality, competitive price, fast delivery time, etc.

    Contact us now to build a long term business relationship with each other!

  • Souvenir Zinc Alloy Keychain Manufacturer and Supplier

    TALMUD is your custom souvenir metal keychain manufacturer and supplier in China for more than 15 years. With an excellent souvenir metal keychain supply chain, you can customize the keychain with 1 pc.

    TALMUD has a professional souvenir metal keychain manufacturer team. Cooperate with us, you will be sure that TALMUD is the real souvenir metal keychain manufacturer indeed.

    7×24 service is available, contact TALMUD professional team now!

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    TALMUD is a custom souvenir MDF coaster manufacturer and supplier in China. We are truly passionate about supplying the highest quality souvenir MDF coasters and services to you, at affordable prices.

    TALMUD has an expert souvenir MDF coaster manufacturer team. We have manufactured souvenir MDF coasters with a full catalog professionally. 100% good quality for your souvenir store retails.

    Free existing souvenir MDF coaster samples are welcome. Feel free to contact us now!

  • Souvenir Polypropylene Placemat Manufacturer Supplier

    TALMUD is your wholesale souvenir plastic placemat manufacturer and supplier in China. Your souvenir plastic placemats are made with eco-friendly materials, SGS and CE certificates are available for you.

    TALMUD has produced souvenir plastic placemats for more than 15 years. You can be supplied with a 50K pcs daily souvenir plastic placemats manufacturer capacity, and affordable price.

    7×24 hours service is welcome. To build a long term business relationship together, contact TALMUD now!

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    TALMUD is an expert custom souvenir cotton bag manufacturer & supplier in China. With a stable souvenir bag supply chain management, you can obtain excellent quality souvenir cotton bags at cheap prices.

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    TALMUD is your best souvenir wooden photo frame manufacturer in China since 2005. Cooperate with TALMUD, you will have a souvenir photo frame wholesale manufacturer with high-level quality control.

    TALMUD is your reliable custom souvenir wooden photo frame manufacturer and supplier in China. We pay more attention to quality in your photo frame manufacturing process, you will have not any risk on quality.

    Free souvenir wooden picture frame samples are welcome for your request. Contact us now!

  • Souvenir Rolling Tray

    TALMUD is your best wholesale souvenir metal tray manufacturer and supplier in China. You can customize souvenir trays in TALMUD, we can supply 50K pcs printed metal serving tray for you each day.

    If you are a small online seller for souvenirs, TALMUD can help you build a strategy souvenirs business plan for your souvenir cities wholesale and retails. Small quantities and plenty of souvenir designs.

    OEM and ODM services are available for you. Send us your souvenir tray inquiry now!

  • Souvenir Licence Plate

    TALMUD is your best custom souvenir licence plate manufacturer and supplier in China. Deal with TALMUD, you will have a mature souvenir licence plate supply chain support, and cheap prices for 3-5 years invariable.

    TALMUD has a full catalogue of licence plates with wholesale supply. Your printed licence plate designs and samples will be protected as secret, no one will know your souvenir supply chain at all.

    Contact TALMUD professional licence plate manufacturing team now.

TALMUD: Your Reliable Clipboard Folder Manufacturer & Supplier in China

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

If you are a wholesale stationery company, TALMUD is your best clipboard folder manufacturing partner in China.

TALMUD is one of the leading stationery wholesale manufacturing factory in China, we can produce all kinds of clipboard folders at cheap prices & high quality for your projects.

If you want to customize your clipboard folder with different logos or colors, TALMUD can help you with our professional stationery supply chain.

Send us your idea and let us help you with your metal magnets business now!


TALMUD’s Certificates

TALMUD‘ Certificates


TALMUD Souvenirs

TALMUD’s Other Souvenir Information

Souvenir Gifts

custom Indonesia Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Souvenir Gifts

Artists’ Souvenirs

custom Paul Gauguin Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

Art Souvenirs

TALMUD Logistics Service

TALMUD Logistics Services

Continental Rail Transport Solutions

Global Courier Transportation Solutions

Global Shipping And Air Transportation Logistics Service

TALMUD’s Standards: Efficiency, Economy, Safety, Sustainability

1,What Is A Clipboard Holder?

1-Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 1 – Clipboard Folder

Have you ever wondered how a paperless office manages writing aids? It’s those handy clipboard holders that come to the rescue.

Carry them around to write down brainstorming ideas, prepare a document, and even store other writing aids including notepads in the same folder.

Get them in different shapes and sizes. Add additional storage, choose from different materials, create specialty boards, and match existing project colors.

Our factory in China can deliver a variety of clipboard folders and other writing accessories at highly competitive prices.

2- Clipboard Holder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – Clipboard Holder

It’s the basic, portable writing pad with a clip at the top to hold papers in place. You can use this to hold around 75 sheets of paper.

The clipboard holder is made of eco-friendly material with custom printing capabilities.

Order custom clipboard holders along with accessories and design elements to meet your specific requirements.

The metallic clip can be placed across the length or breadth and is usually made of chrome metal to prevent rusting.

2,What Is A Clipboard Folder?

3- Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 3 – Clipboard Folder

A clipboard folder is similar to a clipboard holder but comes with a foldable front cover.

It has a built-in metal clip to secure papers of different sizes.

The clipboard size can vary. The standard A4, A5, and letter sizes are readily available with the manufacturer. For example, you can get a 210 X 297-sized clipboard folder.

Choose from standard and custom colors to meet your project requirements.

Hold it horizontally or vertically to increase or decrease the width of the paper.

The front cover conceals the paper to maintain privacy.

3,What Is A PP Clipboard folder?

4- PP Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4 – PP Clipboard Folder

The PP clipboard folder is made from a durable polypropylene foam sheet. It comes with a flat, low-profile clip to hold the paper. This is usually made of chrome metal.

These PP foam sheets can be customized in any color. Different styles are available for students, homes, and offices.

It is designed as a customizable portable writing pad. Bulk orders are fulfilled and delivered to inboxes.

4,What Is A PP Foam Holder?

5- PP Foam Holder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5 – PP Foam Holder

Made of polypropylene, you can get this PP foam holder in classic patterns and vintage styles. It can be customized to hold name cards and different paper sizes.

The factory has the capacity to deliver PP foam folders with customized logos in blue, green, orange, red, and other colors.

You can get this in .12 mm to 2.2 mm thickness with customized accessories to meet your specific storage requirements.

5,What Is A PP Foam Folder?

6- PP Foam Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6 – PP Foam Folder

This is basically a C-Line clipboard folder with a C slit at the top end of the folder that allows you to easily open and close the folder.

It is made of durable PP foam and comes with an attractive vinyl cover that can be sealed to keep stored papers secure.

Choose slots with colored identification tags at the side of the folders.

The PP foam folder comes with an elastic band that runs across the length to keep it closed.

Include PP dividers, transparent inside pockets, and multiple cardholders on the inside.

It is designed to accommodate custom-sized sheets.

You can get this folder in standard 210 X 297 mm, letter-size, and custom dimensions.

The PP foam folder can be used to hold a notepad in place as well. It functions as a clipboard and pocket folder with a fold-over cover.

Take notes, record data, and other information. Keep cards or place sheets with reference information in the inside pocket. The PP form folder is available in different colors.

TALMUD provides PP foam folders for brand promotion and event advertising at highly affordable prices.

6,What Is A Hard PVC Clipboard Folder?

7- Hard PVC Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7 – Hard PVC Clipboard Folder

Made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, the hard PVC clipboard folder is a high-impact and scratch-resistant elastic closure document folder. You can get this in 31 cm x 22 cm x 1 cm dimensions or standard A4 sizes.

The PVC material used to make this folder is an anti-fouling material and is cheap. Use it to store documents and lock them into place with the elastic band that comes with the folder.

Customize it to any thickness between 0.2 to 0.7 mm. Get this in any Pantone color with your custom logo printed on it.

We have silk screen printing, offset printing, and foil stamping capabilities to meet your custom folder requirements.

Wholesale prices are offered and backed by a professional stationery supply chain that fulfills high daily outputs and sustains high-quality standards.

7,What Is A Vinyl Clipboard Folder?

8- Vinyl Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8 – Vinyl Clipboard Folder

Available in practical 324 x 228 mm dimensions, the vinyl clipboard folder secures over 70 sheets of paper.

It is made of durable and sturdy vinyl material with wearable design features that meet your specific requirements.

Clear pockets are provided at a custom location within the folder. Loose paper is held inside in clear plastic pockets.

You get a spring-loaded clip on the right or left side with a thumb or finger notch mechanism that allows you to open this easily.

Our factory can provide 50,000 customized vinyl clipboard folders every single day.

If you are a seller on an e-commerce platform, use the highly beneficial original design manufacturing (ODM) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services offered by the manufacturer with low MOQs or minimum order quantity.

8,What Is A Plastic Clipboard Holder?

9- Plastic Clipboard Holder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9 – Plastic Clipboard Holder

These are standard hard plastic pads made of durable plastic like polypropylene foam, polyvinyl chloride, with durable metal clips.

TALMUD is one of the most reputed wholesalers with over 15 years of experience in manufacturing custom plastic clipboard holders.

Choose different colors. Get custom sizes in any quantity with low MOQ requirements.

9,What Is A Plastic Clipboard Folder?

10- Plastic Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10 – Plastic Clipboard Folder

Made of 100% high-quality plastic material, the plastic clipboard folder is often included in the office stationery item list. Use it as a writing pad.

It comes with a flexible cover with a horizontal or vertical slit to conceal and hold paper sheets stored within the folder.

These are highly portable folders. Carry them from one place to another in bulk.

Get this in custom 320 by 240 mm sizes or any size that you require for your specific project.

10,What Is An Acrylic Clipboard Folder?

11- Acrylic Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 11 – Acrylic Clipboard Folder

These are special folders made of acrylic that allow you to choose from endless color options. For example, medical professionals may prefer blue acrylic clipboard folders, while students may prefer bright colors and designs for their school projects.

You can get this at competitive prices from this company in China. Combine your order with other boards and options for your local customers.

11,What Is A Specialty Clipboard Folder?

12- Specialty Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 12 – Specialty Clipboard Folder


Specialty boards are usually made of acrylic, flexible plastic, or hardboard material with several options and design elements in place.

Think of wooden cardboard for your project with metal clips of different sizes.

12,What Is The White Clipboard Folder?

13- White Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 13 – White Clipboard Folder

The white clipboard folder is just like any other folder but is made of white material that allows you to write directly on the clipboard itself.

For example, you can store up to 75 pieces of A4 or other size papers inside this folder. Remove the sheets when not required and use a temporary marker pen to write directly over the pad.

You do not need to store paper in this folder. Write down the information that you require and transfer it to your laptop or computer.

Order them in bulk or multipacks for appropriate use in educational settings.

The metal clip is firm enough for you to flip papers and expose the whiteboard to sketch or write information that you require.

13,What Are The Different Types Of Clipboard Folder Clips?

14- Standard Clipboard Folder Clip manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 14 – Standard Clipboard Folder Clip

15- Low Profile Folder Clip manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 15 – Low-Profile Clipboard Folder Clip

The standard clip has a wide mouth capable of securing large quantities of paper. The size differs, as per your requirements.

It’s an exposed paper clip that you usually find on writing pads. It fits onto a board with a C-slit in place to accommodate the folder. Sizes vary as per usage.

For example, children require standard A4 size folders in classrooms. Offices prefer letter-pad sizes with the provision to store several pads inside a slotted box.

The low-profile clip is preferred in clipboard folders, as these folders remain flat. You can then store several such folders directly in a drawer or a bag.

These folders conceal the papers stored within them without taking up too much space. There is no hole or loop at the top of the folder, so you have to keep it flat over the table.

14,Can I Get Leather Clipboard Folders?

16 - Leather Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 16 – Leather Clipboard Folder

Yes, you can get leather clipboard folders made of polyurethane material in standard A4 sizes. These leather folders come with durable double clips to secure stored papers within the folder.

You can get this in all standard sizes. Use it as a specialized resume folder, store documents, or as a writing pad. It is made of premium faux leather that is lightweight and durable.

This folder is designed to hold both punched and unpunched papers. You can get this folder with a durable and flexible hold-over style cover.

15,What Is The A5 Clipboard Folder?

17 - A5 Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 17 – A5 Clipboard Folder

Made of board material reinforced with foil, A5 clipboard folders are compact folders that come with triangular or other shaped pockets on the inside.

Store business cards or A5-sized loose papers inside. Specify custom materials and colors from the manufacturer in China. Choose materials like reinforced soft PVC with anti-slip spring clips and pockets on the back covers.

16,What Is A Padfolio Clipboard Folder?

18 - Padfolio Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 18 – Padfolio Clipboard Folder

This is a premium clipboard folder made of FAUX leather. It is designed to hold business cards, cards, and loose sheets in separate folders created on the inside cover.

There is a slot to hold a pen or pencil. A low-profile metal clip is provided to hold A4 or A5-sized sheets.

You can also clip on a junior, medium, and oversized notepad instead of custom-sized paper sheets.

The extremely durable and soft leather cover allows you to insert a tablet into a custom slot created on the inside.

Ask for A5portfolio, A5 legal, mini, or other sizes that meet your project requirements. You can get notepads in custom sizes with your padfolio clipboard folder order.

17,What Is A Coaching Clipboard Folder?

19 - Coaching Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 19 – Coaching Clipboard Folder

Coaches find this clipboard folder extremely handy, as it allows them to explain concepts to players by sketching or clipping on ready-made strategy sheets to the clip-on pad.

These are specially designed to display team lineups and other details.

This is designed with a white writing board made of plastic that allows you to write and erase with temporary ink marker pens.

Order a custom-made dry erase clipboard in bulk that meets your requirements. Customize this coaching clipboard folder with colored sheets and markers.

Store useful information inside pockets that you can hand out to different players when required.

18,What Is A Medical Clipboard Folder?

20 - Medical Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 20 – Medical Clipboard Folder

A medical clipboard folder is essentially used by medical professionals, nurses, and hospital staff to refer to documents and information printed through a common database. For example, the doctor’s schedule is distributed to the nurses in this folder.

These pads are highly customizable and are manufactured wholesale for specialized purposes.

19,What Is A School Clipboard Folder?

21 - School Clipboard Folder manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 21 – School Clipboard Folder

This is specially designed for children to take down notes and other information away from the school desk.

Children can roam around with this folder, create their own to-do list away from the classroom.

These clipboard folders can be hung at easy access points within the classroom. They can be used as signup sheets and to note down assignments and announcements.

20,How Can I Organize My Clipboard Folder?

Here are some ideas on how you can organize your clipboard folder.

  • Store several clipboard folders in a storage bucket or bin at a central location. This is especially useful when all these folders must be kept together and accessed quickly.
  • Clipboard folders in different designs and colors can be hung from different locations. These are easily identified by either the color or design.
  • Different types of clipboard folders are available. They are available at highly attractive prices and are designed to meet the existing design requirements of workplaces, homes, and schools. Children can easily open and close the clipboard holder.
  • The wholesaler in China has readymade designs available. In-house design teams customize and improvise to create attractive and project-specific clipboard folders in bulk.
21,How Can I Design My Clipboard Folder?

Personalize your clipboard folder. Paint your custom clipboard folders in unique ways. Get them to screen printed or designed in patterns that meet your specific requirements.

Suppliers can deliver high-quality folders meeting ODM and OEM requirements at low MOQs.

Make use of accessories. Decorate your clipboard folder with spray paint to meet the color combinations that you require.

Low-profile clips are adequate to create a bunch of these clipboard folders that you can store easily in large or small bins.

Customize the board. Choose materials like vinyl, PVC, PP, or other plastic material including boards to design custom-made clipboard folders.

22,How Do I Specify My Clipboard Folder Requirements?

Specify the size. Our supplier in China can customize clipboard folders to a great extent.

  • You can get standard and custom sizes that meet your exact requirements. However, you can even change the shape of your clipboard folder to fit into your existing storage space.
  • Specify the color. The entire range of Pantone colors is available. If you have specific requirements, simply mention the color code, and the manufacturer will create color dies to meet your specific color requirements.
  • Email your screen-printing requirement. You may require a splash of color or design directly implemented into the clipboard folder. For example, a logo can be printed at a specific location on the folder.
  • Decide on the quantity. The company has no minimum requirements for placing a bulk order at wholesale prices. Directly contact the wholesalers, and request a sample that meets your design, size, color, and material choices. Deliveries in bulk are usually made in about 7 to 10 days or even earlier if required.
23,Where Can I Get Clipboard Folders At Competitive Prices?

Contact the TALMUD team directly to get clipboard folders at cheap prices. The highest standards of quality are met that fulfill international quality standards.

Order in any quantity. There are no lower limits for placing orders.

Directly contact the supplier at TALMUD.

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