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About TALMUD Brand

Why Choose TALMUD As Company Name?

When we registered the company name, we were reading the TALMUD book, we respect the wisdom of the book content, so we named our company with TALMUD. It is very simple.

What Is TALMUD Founder Team?

TALMUD is a family company. Charles ZHAO has a master’s degree in Chinese law and an MBA in French luxury brand management. Ann KING has a Chinese MBA. Most of the other members of the management team have master’s degrees.

The entrepreneurial team with this kind of educational background allows TALMUD to have a global perspective, stand out in the fierce competition in the gift industry, constantly optimize its business model, enter the souvenir industry, and become an industry leader.

About TALMUD's Founder

Charles ZHAO is TALMUD’s founder. He has Marketing, Law, Luxury Brand Management MBA education background, he received higher education from China and Europe and has a strong interest in American business books.

His knowledge includes business, law, art, fashion, luxury and other fields. He has led TALMUD’s major business model upgrades.

How the Guardian Reports TALMUD Souvenir Team?

In 2022, just after the difficult time of Covid-19, the global tourist souvenir industry is in the recovery stage. Amelia Tait, a columnist for the British Guardian, interviewed TALMUD founder Charles ZHAO and wrote an article.

TALMUD Souvenirs team offers unique souvenirs that blend cultural heritage with artistic design. We stand out in the souvenir industry through product quality and customized services.

What Labels Make TALMUD Different From Other Chinese Suppliers?

1, Altruism, Realizing the company’s value in the process of helping customers grow and development

2, Innovation, TALMUD’s innovation is reflected in business models, products, services and other aspects

3, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Committed to serving global customers, growing together with suppliers, customers and employees

4, Exclusive Strategic Cooperation to avoid price competition and focus on serving strategic customers

5, Souvenir Ecosystem, Global gift & souvenir ecosystem information sharing

6, Customers Secret Protection, Protect partners’ business secrets, including but not limited to design drawings, products, pictures, videos, cooperation plans and other information

7, Business Consulting, TALMUD team has an MBA education background and applies Western business education to practice to provide customers with business consulting services

About Business Plan

What Is The Most Important Advantage Of TALMUD Business Plan?

TALMUD is a company founded by an MBA team. We are different with other Chinese factories or suppliers. Our business model is built with altruistic logic to help customers grow and share the benefits of growth with suppliers, shareholders, and employees.

What Is TALMUD Global Strategic Partnership?

In order to avoid vicious price competition, TALMUD implements a strategic partnership plan in the global souvenir industry, selecting 2-3 strategic partners in each country to have exclusive and in-depth cooperation with customers to help customers grow.

What Is TALMUD Souvenir Ecosystem?

TALMUD focus on the long-term development of the global souvenir industry, avoids vicious competition, and is determined to establish a souvenir ecosystem.

Through resources sharing, information sharing, brand building, and win-win cooperation, we work with global strategic partners to promote the healthy development of high-end gifts & souvenirs.

About TALMUD Main Business

What Are TALMUD Main Products?

TALMUD were initially engaged in the wholesale business of promotional gifts. With the trust and help of our customers, we upgraded the quality of our gifts and entered the souvenir industry.

Through the team’s precise positioning, we advocate the concept of niche souvenirs around the world and gradually implement it to help target customer groups realize more business value.

Currently, our main products are high-end brand gifts, souvenirs, clothing, household items, cheering products and fashion jewelry.

How To Proceed Cooperation With TALMUD?

1. For regular products or orders, customers can inquire by emails. TALMUD sales team will quote after carefully calculation.

After customers’ confirmation, we will arrange sample production. After the sample be confirmed, customers will pay the deposit and we arrange mass production. After the bulk goods are completed, customers finish the balance payment. TALMUD logistics team arranges the transportation for customers.

2. For complicated products or important projects, a preliminary communication should be proceed aheadly. Based on agreement, customers will send samples to TALMUD headquarters. After professional research and accounting, we will give a quotation. After the price is confirmed by customers, we will make molds and sample production.

3. For customers who need business consulting services, or potential souvenir strategic partners, upon invitation from customers, TALMUD CEO Charles ZHAO will arrange a strategic partner visit to help customers complete the business map construction from zero to one.

What Are TALMUD Niche Souvenirs?

As a leader in the global souvenir industry, TALMUD was the first brand proposing the concept of niche souvenirs and began to implement the ideal in practice.

For some niche fields, brands or groups, such as artists, churches, sports events, zoos, national parks, designers, etc.

TALMUD help customers develop customized souvenirs and gifts through Asia’s supply chain and rich industry experience.

With altruistic logic, we help customers establish their own souvenir systems and supply chains, create personal IP competitive advantages, and generate commercial value.

About Strategic Partnership

Who Can Be TALMUD Strategic Partners?

1, Souvenir Wholesalers

2, Promotional Gift & Advertising Gift Brand

3, Fashion Brand, Luxury Brand

4, Musuem, Sports Club, Celebrity, Influencer, Artist, Designer, Singer, Studio, University, Park, Zoo, Religious Places

5, E-commerce Online Store, Supermarket, Chain Store

6, Government Departments, Investors Who Planning To Enter The Souvenir Industry

What Service TALMUD Can Provide To Strategic Partners?

1, Efficient Asian Gift And Souvenir Supply Chain

2, 100% Good Quality Assurance

3, The Strategy Of Invariable Prices Gaurantee For 2-3 Years

4, Design, Sourcing, Factory Inspection, Transportation And Logistics, Legal Assistance And Other Services

5, Global Gift And Souvenir Industry Information Sharing

6, Exclusive Strategic Cooperation Plan

7, Global Souvenir Ecosystem

What Is TALMUD Strategic Partner Visitation Plan?

Since our company was founded, TALMUD have been committed to providing excellent customer service. Under the leadership of Charles’ team, we focus on providing key account visit programs for global strategic partners.

The target groups are global strategic partners, brand operators, government departments, niche souvenir managers, souvenir industry investors, etc.

The content of the visit is mainly business consultation, business negotiation, problem solving, market development, market research, etc.

About Souvenir Ecosystem

What Is The Scope Of TALMUD Souvenir Ecosystem?

TALMUD souvenir ecosystem includes not only global souvenir strategic partners, but also world-famous brands, chain stores, supermarkets, film and television companies, Universal Studios, Disney, and other institutions and organizations.

In addition to souvenirs, we also provide design, production, and research and development services for clothing, brand collectibles, handicrafts, and gifts.

On the basis of the original wholesale customization business model, TALMUD also actively cooperates with some souvenir wholesalers to participate in local souvenir retail business to help partners operate gifts and souvenirs more efficiently.

What Is TALMUD Global Souvenir Store Supporting Plan?

TALMUD’s global souvenir retail store support plan has the following characteristics.

  1. Altruism. Through our more than 20 years of experience in the souvenir industry, we have helped some souvenir retailers enter the souvenir industry in a non-profit manner.
  2. Strategic. By helping souvenir retailers continue to succeed, we establish strategic partnerships and develop together with souvenir retailers and wholesalers.
  3. High-quality souvenirs. TALMUD selects hot-selling souvenirs and reproduces the most popular designs on the souvenirs, ensuring a quick turnover for souvenir retailers.
  4. Small quantity. We set the MOQ in groups of 50, which not only facilitates transportation but also allows retailers to generate quick cash flow.
  5. Long-term. The global vision of the TALMUD team defines this plan as a 5-10 years mutual growth plan. We provide long-term development opportunities for small and medium-sized souvenir retailers and wholesalers.
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