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  • Coca Cola Gifts Global Wholesale Factory
  • Carlsberg Gifts Annual Supplier
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  • Brand Custom Gifts Wholesale Supplier
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  • Coca Cola Gifts Global Wholesale Factory
  • Carlsberg Gifts Annual Supplier
  • Ford Gifts Annual Manufacturer
  • Brand Custom Gifts Wholesale Supplier
  • Brand Promotional Gifts Wholesaler

Global Brand Gifts Annual Solution Provider In China

TALMUD Is Your Best Partner, We Are An Expert In Souvenir, Gift, Craft, Homeware Wholesale Manufacturing And sourcing Service In China.

  • Global Luxury Brand Management MBA Founder
  • 20+ Years Of Personalized Gift Wholesaler History
  • High-end Promotional Gifts Manufacturer
  • Experienced Supply Chain Management In Asia
  • Global Souvenir Ecosystem Concept Advocate
  • Global Niche Souvenir Gift Business Leader
  • Altruistic Business Model To Help Customer Success

What Is TALMUD Global Brand Gifts Annual Solution?

The global brand gift annual solution is a comprehensive service provided by TALMUD, focusing on providing global brand gift annual solutions.


This solution provides a series of customized services for the annual gift purchasing plans of well-known global brands, helping brands to improve the effectiveness of promotion and marketing, increase brand recognition, and reduce operating costs.


This service can cover everything from product design and development to manufacturing, supply chain management and logistics. It may involve strategic planning for the annual cycle, ensuring an ongoing and effective supply of branded merchandise, consistent with marketing campaigns, seasonal events or company milestones.


TALMUD relies on its professional knowledge in the souvenir and gift industry, MBA education background in global luxury brand management, and other comprehensive capabilities to provide personalized services for brands to meet the unique brand marketing demands of each customer and ensure that gifts effectively convey the brand’s positioning and values.

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Brand Premium Gift

Branded premium gifts occupy an important position in TALMUD’s annual gift solutions. It refers to high-quality, often custom-designed items that brands give away to their customers, employees, or partners as part of an annual marketing or relationship-building strategy.


High-quality customized gifts are usually more unique and luxurious than standard promotional items, are closely integrated with the brand image and values, and better reflect the market positioning of well-known brands.


Among the brand’s annual gift solutions, these premium gifts are strategically selected or designed to make a big impact throughout the year. They have many uses:


Reinforce brand image: By reflecting the quality and ethos of the brand, these gifts increase brand recognition and reputation.


Build and maintain relationships: Quality gifts can deepen business relationships and express appreciation and commitment to customers, employees and partners.


Marketing and Promotion: Premium gifts can form part of a wider marketing strategy and are used to increase brand awareness and memory.


Celebrate Milestones: They can be used to commemorate important company milestones, anniversaries or achievements, allowing stakeholders to remember these occasions.


Essentially, branded premium gifts, as part of an annual gift solution, are strategic tools to enhance brand value, cultivate professional relationships and support marketing objectives.

Annual Solution

In Brand Annual Gift Program, the Annual Solution refers to a comprehensive, year-long program focused on using gifts as a marketing, relationship-building and branding tool.


Normally, a brand will develop its gift purchasing plan one year in advance, and it can also be implemented on a quarterly basis. Key components of the annual solution include:


Strategic planning: This involves identifying key occasions, milestones and opportunities throughout the year where gifts can be used effectively. This can be aligned with product launches, major holidays, company anniversaries, or industry events.


Gift selection and customization: Choose gifts that match your brand image and recipient preferences. This often involves customizing these gifts to add a personal touch or reinforce a brand message.


Budget Management: Allocate and manage budgets for year-round gift needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness while maintaining quality and impact.


Logistics and Distribution: Plan the logistics of storing, packaging and distributing these gifts in a timely manner to ensure they reach their intended recipients at the right time.


Feedback and evaluation: Collect feedback from gift recipients and evaluate the impact of gift strategies on brand perception, customer loyalty, and other key performance indicators.


Continuous Improvement: Use insights gained from feedback and evaluation to refine and improve your gift strategy for the next year.


Annual solutions for branded gifts aren’t just about the gifts themselves, but how they can be integrated into wider marketing and relationship management strategies to maximize impact throughout the year.

Global Strategic Partner

The global strategic partner of brand annual gift solutions refers to the partnership between TALMUD and other global enterprises or organizations, aiming to provide annual gift solutions for famous brands.


The partnership will revolve around TALMUD’s expertise in the design, production and supply of custom gifts and souvenirs, which the brand will strategically leverage to meet its annual gifting needs. Key aspects of this strategic partnership may include:


Quality Assurance and Sustainability: Ensuring that all products meet high quality standards and are produced using sustainable practices that actively reflect the brand image and commitment to social responsibility.


Innovative product development: Continuously explore new innovative product ideas to keep the brand’s gift products fresh and exciting every year.


Custom Gift Solutions: TALMUD leverages its manufacturing capabilities to provide custom gift solutions that align with the brand image and values, ensuring each gift is unique and resonates with the target audience.


Global reach and expertise: As a strategic partner, TALMUD will leverage its global perspective and understanding of diverse markets, combined with its brand management MBA education experience, to help brands effectively address the nuances of different cultures in their gift strategies.

In short, as the world’s leading brand gift wholesaler, TALMUD will help strategic partners execute effective and impactful gift strategies, achieve brand promotion results, enhance brand image, and generate a strong sense of belonging among customers, employees, and partners.

TALMUD Certificates

EN71 Certificate
BSCI Certificate
FSC Certificate
SGS Certificate

Luxury Brand Management

The founder of TALMUD has an MBA education background in Global Luxury Brand Management in Paris. We apply theory to luxury brand management practice and provides customized gift solutions for some world-renowned fashion and luxury brands.

With more than 20 years of experience in the gift industry and efficient Asian supply chain support, the TALMUD team provides a full range of services for strategic customers’ brand promotion in gift design, research and development, and production.

Luxury Brand Management
Influencer Partner

Influencer Partner

In addition to traditional global brands, the TALMUD gift team also works with well-known influencers to customize gifts that fit the unique personalities and styles of them, helping influencers generate economic value.

The advantages of these collaborations are twofold. For Internet celebrities, it provides a way to concretize their personal brand into a tangible product, enhancing their connection with their audience. At the same time, TALMUD has also created a niche blue ocean market in the gift industry.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are creative professionals who design clothing, accessories, and sometimes footwear, blending artistic talent with practical skills to create new fashionable items. They come from well-known fashion houses, retail brands, or run their own brands.

The TALMUD team understand fashion designers better than other Chinese suppliers. Our gift solutions help designers communicate brand positioning, shape fashion trends more efficiently, and generate strong brand publicity penetration.

Fashion Designer
Asian Supply Chain

Asian Supply Chain

TALMUD’s Asian supply chain represents an integrated network optimized for efficient souvenir and giftware production and distribution. It is Asia-centric, leveraging the region’s competitive manufacturing industries to create value for strategic brand partners.

With 20+ years of production and procurement experience in the gift industry, TALMUD’s supply chain is efficient, creative and agile, able to quickly respond to market trends, meet brand needs, and consolidate its position in the global market.

Global Vision

TALMUD’s global vision encapsulates a commitment to becoming a leader in the souvenir and gift industry worldwide. This vision is grounded in offering innovative, high-quality products, excellent services while embracing diverse cultural influences.

As a professional personalized gift wholesale supplier, TALMUD aim to forge strong international partnerships, leveraging our expertise in manufacturing and supply chain management, fullfil an effective annual gift solution for our global brand partners, increasing brand recognition and reducing operating costs.

Global Vision

TALMUD Brand Promotional Gift Annual Solution

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TALMUD Main Products


A keepsake obtained during journeys, a souvenir acts as a tangible memory of a specific location, event, or experience.

TALMUD’s array of souvenirs, spanning from traditional crafts to commercially produced items, captures the essence, customs, or unique features of a particular destination. Our focus is exclusively on the wholesale of souvenirs in the industry.


A gift, often a promotional piece or souvenir linked with a particular brand, is crafted to boost brand awareness and allegiance. TALMUD specializes in gifts centered on brand enhancement, promotions, and advertising.

Our gifts, integral to marketing tactics, range from branded clothing to bespoke products, acting as physical embodiments of the brand’s essence.


Clothing, or apparel, includes various types of garments designed for wearing. This category covers a broad spectrum, from regular daily wear to specific types like athletic gear or formal outfits.

TALMUD’s fashion apparel caters to multiple needs, including functionality, ease, and self-expression, frequently mirroring personal fashion choices and prevailing cultural fashions.


Jewelry consists of ornamental pieces used for personal embellishment, including items like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, made from various materials including metals and gemstones.

TALMUD’s jewelry collection, which includes both elegant and contemporary designs, can represent affluence, status, or personal meaning. It is frequently viewed as an artistic expression and a form of personal articulation.


Homeware includes a diverse range of products used in homes for both practical and ornamental purposes, including items like clocks, decor pieces, mugs, and more.

TALMUD’s homeware selection features kitchen tools, tableware, textiles, furniture, and various accessories, all enhancing the comfort, utility, and visual charm of living spaces.


A bag is a multifunctional carrier designed for transporting personal belongings. TALMUD produces a variety of bags, including handbags, backpacks, totes, and suitcases. These bags are indispensable for daily activities and travel.

Our creative team blends practicality with style, often mirroring individual fashion preferences. The bags are crafted from various materials, including leather, fabric, plastic, and more.


Stationery encompasses an array of items utilized for writing, office tasks, and personal organization. It often goes beyond mere utility to reflect individual taste.

TALMUD’s stationery range comprises products such as puzzles, notebooks, file folders, photo frames, and various other essentials commonly employed in offices, educational institutions, and residential settings.


A niche souvenir is a distinctive or specialized memento designed for particular themes, interests, or market segments. TALMUD stands at the forefront of the global niche souvenir sector.

Distinct from conventional souvenirs that attract a wide range of consumers, niche souvenirs are aimed at specific groups, frequently embodying unique cultural, historical, or thematic aspects.


Cheering products are used to express support and excitement, usually at sports games, concerts, or political gatherings. Such items encompass flags, banners, foam fingers, clappers, and pom-poms.

TALMUD’s range of cheering items is crafted to be striking and visually appealing, aiding in brand promotion and advertising efforts. Our main customers are big sports events sponsors globally.

Global Brand Gifts Annual Solution Provider

Your First Global Brand Gifts Annual Solution Supplier

TALMUD Is A Leading Global Brand Customized Gift Wholesale Manufacturer In China Since 2005, Asia Experienced Team Support Your Brand Gifts Annual Purchase Plan.

Global Brands Who Cooperate With TALMUD Expert Team

  • “Having collaborated with TALMUD for an extended period, I am continually amazed by their strategic partner visitation plan. The level of preparation they bring to every meeting is exceptional. Their dedication to comprehending our business requirements and their cooperative strategy has greatly enhanced our development and achievement in the souvenir industry.”

    Gary Churchill, America
  • “The annual purchasing partnership program for global branded gifts through TALMUD has proven to be very beneficial to our business. Their sales team understands the brand at an expert level. It not only helped us improve our brand recognition, but also expanded our range of gift products.”

    David Armstrong, Australia
  • “TALMUD’s annual purchasing program for branded gifts has revolutionized the way we do business. Their annual visits not only solidify our professional bonds, they also reduce our annual purchasing budget and increase work efficiency. They also provide rich industry knowledge and fresh, innovative concepts, and now we have signed a 5-year strategic cooperation contract.”

    Anna CHEN, Malaysia
Souvenir Bag
Fashion Leather Bag

TALMUD: Your Best Partner In China




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