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  • Africa Ceramic Souvenir
  • America Souvenir
  • Australia Souvenir
  • Central America Souvenir
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  • Africa Ceramic Souvenir
  • America Souvenir
  • Australia Souvenir
  • Central America Souvenir
  • Dubai Souvenir Magnet
  • European Souvenir Magnet
  • South America Souvenir

Global Country Souvenir Wholesaler

TALMUD Is Your Best Partner, We Are An Expert In Souvenir, Gift, Craft, Homeware Wholesale Manufacturing And Sourcing Service In Asia.

  • Global Luxury Brand Management MBA Founder
  • 20+ Years Of Personalized Gift Wholesaler History
  • High-end Promotional Gifts Manufacturer
  • Experienced Supply Chain Management In Asia
  • Global Souvenir Ecosystem Concept Advocate
  • Global Niche Souvenir Gift Business Leader
  • Altruistic Business Model To Help Customer Success

What Is TALMUD Country Souvenir?

Country souvenirs are unique items that represent the culture, heritage, and characteristics of a specific country or region. They are often purchased by travelers as a memento of their visit or as gifts for friends and family.


The nature of these souvenirs varies greatly from country to country, reflecting the diverse traditions, natural resources, and artistic expressions found around the world.



TALMUD, established in 2005, is a leader in the global souvenir industry, based in China. Specializing in wholesale manufacturing and trading, we offer a diverse array of souvenirs and gifts that cater to various markets around the world.


Our product range is extensive, encompassing not only traditional souvenirs but also items like art souvenirs, sports memorabilia, and fashion merchandise. TALMUD’s collection reflects the unique cultures and heritages of different regions, with items representing America, Europe, Asia, and more.


We are known for their efficient supply chain management in Asia and commitment to high-quality products and services. Focusing on niche markets, TALMUD collaborates with designers and artists to create customized, high-end souvenirs.


Our business model is centered on building long-term strategic partnerships and providing OEM & ODM services, aiming to support and grow alongside their partners in the souvenir market​​​​​​.

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America Souvenir

American countries souvenirs embody the rich tapestry of a nation known for its diverse culture and storied history. These keepsakes, more than mere trinkets, capture the essence of the big American spirit.

From the bustling streets of New York City with its miniature Statues of Liberty to the serene landscapes of the Grand Canyon represented in exquisite landscape photography, each souvenir tells a unique story.

TALMUD America souvenirs range from Hollywood-themed memorabilia, celebrating the glitz and glamour of the film industry, to the handcrafted Native American pottery, echoing centuries of tradition.

For many, these items are not just souvenirs; they are a tangible connection to the vast, vibrant, and endlessly fascinating country that is the United States, capturing memories and experiences from coast to coast.

Europe Souvenir

TALMUD manufacture wide range of customized European souvenirs, catering to Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and many other countries. Our European souvenir range showcases a range of items such as souvenir bags, bottle openers, coasters, keychains, number plates, magnets, mugs, pins, photo albums, picture frames, placemats, scarves, trays and t-shirts.


We focus on creating products that reflect the unique cultural heritage of each European country, ensuring the high quality and authenticity of their products. TALMUD’s expertise lies in long-term cooperation with souvenir wholesalers from various countries, customizing souvenirs that embody the essence of European art, history and culture, and helping strategic partners of souvenir ticket wholesalers capture more market share.

Asia Souvenir

TALMUD offer a wide range of custom Asian souvenir wholesale, including items ranging from souvenir glass magnets to metal keychains to cork coasters and refrigerator magnets.


Our customized souvenirs are supported by Asia’s advanced supply chain and represent the rich cultural heritage and unique scenic spots of various Asian countries and regions.


TALMUD’s Asian souvenir series are designed to cater to the specific tastes and preferences of different souvenir markets, emphasizing the commercial attributes of souvenirs and helping souvenir wholesalers create profits.


The global souvenir wholesaler visit plan is an advantage that differentiates the TALMUD team from other Chinese suppliers. Through face-to-face communication, solve problems, establish strategic partnerships, and help customers grow with altruistic business logic.

Oceania Souvenir

TALMUD’s Oceania souvenir collection may include a variety of gifts, souvenirs that represent the unique culture and natural beauty of the Oceania region, especially Australia.


As a leading customized souvenir wholesaler, TALMUD Oceania souvenirs represent the typical historical and cultural characteristics of Oceania, including Australian Aboriginal artworks such as hand-painted boomerangs and dot paintings, local Australian mineral resources such as opal jewelry, and unique New Zealand scenery etc.


TALMUD is committed to cooperating with souvenir wholesalers, Internet celebrities, and artists from various countries to help strategic customers customize various souvenirs, establish competitive advantages, and gain leading market share.

TALMUD Certificates

EN71 Certificate
BSCI Certificate
FSC Certificate
SGS Certificate

Global Souvenir Leader

TALMUD is a leading global souvenir manufacturer headquartered in China, specializing in providing a variety of customized souvenir services for various destinations around the world.

TALMUD’s more than two decades of experience and dedication to business innovation and customer satisfaction have made it a leader in the souvenir industry, helping strategic customers succeed and ensuring the delivery of exquisite souvenirs to various souvenir retail stores around the world.

Luxury Brand Management
Influencer Partner

Niche Souvenir Forerunner

As an entrepreneurial team formed by MBAs, TALMUD focuses on providing excellent services to global souvenir wholesalers. We know better than other Chinese suppliers how to communicate with strategic partners around the world.

The continuous updating of business models is the reason why TALMUD has maintained rapid development. Our commitment to quality, extensive wholesale experience, and precise grasp of souvenir niche markets including art, sports, and internet celebrities make us stand out in the highly competitive souvenir market.

Fashion Designer

Relying on the founder’s rich professional educational background and practical experience in luxury brand management, we focus on providing cost-effective value-adding services for global fashion brands.

TALMUD designer team integrates the local souvenir culture of each country with the world’s best-selling souvenirs, designs design plans with brand recognition for strategic partners, and provides high-quality services for fashion brands.

Fashion Designer
Asian Supply Chain

Asian Supply Chain

TALMUD’s supply chain in Asia is a finely tuned system designed for the seamless production and distribution of souvenirs and gifts. This Asia-focused network leverages the region’s strong manufacturing capabilities to deliver exceptional value to its brand partners.

TALMUD has many years of production and procurement experience in the gift industry. It is highly sensitive to market trend changes, has excellent business model creativity, and has excellent supply chain efficiency. This enables the company to quickly adapt to market demands, meet brand requirements and strengthen its global market presence.

Global Vision

As an expert in the field of customized gift wholesale, TALMUD aspire to become the leader in the global souvenir gift industry, focusing on innovation, quality and service, while incorporating multicultural elements.

TALMUD aim to establish strong global strategic partnerships, using its experience in manufacturing and supply chain management to provide efficient annual souvenir solutions for souvenir wholesalers, brand partners, Internet celebrity, artists, etc., to help our partners achieve more market share.

Global Vision

TALMUD Luxury & Fashion Brand Souvenir

Luxury Brand Annual Gift
Global Fashion Brand Souvenir

TALMUD Art & Museum Souvenir

Global Artist Souvenir
Global Museum Souvenir

TALMUD Niche Souvenir

Global Sports Souvenir
Global Sports Souvenir
Global University Souvenir
Global University Souvenir
Global Designer Souvenir
Global Designer Souvenir
Global Star Souvenir
Global Star Souvenir

TALMUD Main Products


A keepsake obtained during journeys, a souvenir acts as a tangible memory of a specific location, event, or experience.

TALMUD’s array of souvenirs, spanning from traditional crafts to commercially produced items, captures the essence, customs, or unique features of a particular destination. Our focus is exclusively on the wholesale of souvenirs in the industry.


A gift, often a promotional piece or souvenir linked with a particular brand, is crafted to boost brand awareness and allegiance. TALMUD specializes in gifts centered on brand enhancement, promotions, and advertising.

Our gifts, integral to marketing tactics, range from branded clothing to bespoke products, acting as physical embodiments of the brand’s essence.


Clothing, or apparel, includes various types of garments designed for wearing. This category covers a broad spectrum, from regular daily wear to specific types like athletic gear or formal outfits.

TALMUD’s fashion apparel caters to multiple needs, including functionality, ease, and self-expression, frequently mirroring personal fashion choices and prevailing cultural fashions.


Jewelry consists of ornamental pieces used for personal embellishment, including items like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, made from various materials including metals and gemstones.

TALMUD’s jewelry collection, which includes both elegant and contemporary designs, can represent affluence, status, or personal meaning. It is frequently viewed as an artistic expression and a form of personal articulation.


Homeware includes a diverse range of products used in homes for both practical and ornamental purposes, including items like clocks, decor pieces, mugs, and more.

TALMUD’s homeware selection features kitchen tools, tableware, textiles, furniture, and various accessories, all enhancing the comfort, utility, and visual charm of living spaces.


A bag is a multifunctional carrier designed for transporting personal belongings. TALMUD produces a variety of bags, including handbags, backpacks, totes, and suitcases. These bags are indispensable for daily activities and travel.

Our creative team blends practicality with style, often mirroring individual fashion preferences. The bags are crafted from various materials, including leather, fabric, plastic, and more.


Stationery encompasses an array of items utilized for writing, office tasks, and personal organization. It often goes beyond mere utility to reflect individual taste.

TALMUD’s stationery range comprises products such as puzzles, notebooks, file folders, photo frames, and various other essentials commonly employed in offices, educational institutions, and residential settings.


A niche souvenir is a distinctive or specialized memento designed for particular themes, interests, or market segments. TALMUD stands at the forefront of the global niche souvenir sector.

Distinct from conventional souvenirs that attract a wide range of consumers, niche souvenirs are aimed at specific groups, frequently embodying unique cultural, historical, or thematic aspects.


Cheering products are used to express support and excitement, usually at sports games, concerts, or political gatherings. Such items encompass flags, banners, foam fingers, clappers, and pom-poms.

TALMUD’s range of cheering items is crafted to be striking and visually appealing, aiding in brand promotion and advertising efforts. Our main customers are big sports events sponsors globally.

National Souvenir Wholesale Manufacturer

Your First Global Country Souvenir Wholesale Manufacturer

TALMUD Is A Leading Global Country Custom Souvenir Wholesale Manufacturer In China Since 2005, Asia Experienced Team Support Your Souvenir Wholesale & Retails.

TALMUD Global Hot Sales Souvenirs

  • “Having collaborated with TALMUD for an extended period, I am continually amazed by their strategic partner visitation plan. The level of preparation they bring to every meeting is exceptional. Their dedication to comprehending our business requirements and their cooperative strategy has greatly enhanced our development and achievement in the souvenir industry.”

    Gary Churchill, America
  • “The annual purchasing partnership program for global branded gifts through TALMUD has proven to be very beneficial to our business. Their sales team understands the brand at an expert level. It not only helped us improve our brand recognition, but also expanded our range of gift products.”

    David Armstrong, Australia
  • “TALMUD’s annual purchasing program for branded gifts has revolutionized the way we do business. Their annual visits not only solidify our professional bonds, they also reduce our annual purchasing budget and increase work efficiency. They also provide rich industry knowledge and fresh, innovative concepts, and now we have signed a 5-year strategic cooperation contract.”

    Anna CHEN, Malaysia
Souvenir Bag
Canada Souvenir Cap
Fashion Leather Bag
America Souvenir Sweater
Central America Souvenir

TALMUD: Your Best Partner In Country Souvenir Wholesale Business

In the field of country souvenir wholesale industry, finding the right partner may be the key to success. Experience in the souvenir industry and effective supply chain management are the main criteria for judging a potential supplier.


The global souvenir industry thrives on offering unique and culturally significant products that capture the essence of a national heritage, primarily through the design of the products.


TALMUD are a leading souvenir wholesaler with more than 20 years of industry experience. The MBA entrepreneurial team has successfully established a souvenir supply chain in Southeast Asia. We are your primary partner in China.


TALMUD Founder Team And Business Innovation

TALMUD have a founder team with overseas education background, bringing international perspectives and innovative ideas to the industry. Our business innovation approach includes new souvenirs, souvenir niches, souvenir ecosystems, etc.


Based on our insights into the souvenir and fashion industries, we perfectly integrate the gifts, souvenirs, fashion and luxury industries, launch fashion retail customization services, and create new ways for strategic customers to grow profits and market expansion.


TALMUD’s Customized Services For Country Souvenir Wholesalers

Relying on our supply chain management level across Asia, one of TALMUD’s main offerings is customization services, allowing wholesalers to customize products according to their specific needs. Customize exclusive high-end gifts and souvenirs for world-famous brands, enhance the visibility of the brand and personal IP, and increase the conversion rate of commercial value.


TALMUD’s Premium Quality And Excellent Service

Quality is paramount at TALMUD and we are committed to providing you with only 100% good products for sale in retail stores. With strict quality control measures in place, you can trust TALMUD to deliver products that are not only visually appealing, but also durable. In addition, TALMUD prides itself on its exceptional customer service, with the launch and execution of a global strategic partner visit program ensuring that each wholesaler partner receives the support they need at every step.


TALMUD’s Rich Souvenirs Expwerience And Asian Supply Chain

TALMUD offer a wide variety of products, including traditional souvenirs such as keychains, magnets, postcards, coasters, etc., as well as some fashionable souvenirs such as clothing, scarves, umbrellas, etc.


All products are inspired by the rich history and culture of each country, as well as the team’s insight into the development trends of the world’s souvenir industry. With a strong Asian supply chain, TALMUD provides global wholesalers, retailers and brands with unique and best-selling souvenirs, helping you attract a wider customer base.


TALMUD’s Global Vision And Strategic Partner Visitation Plan

The foresight of the TALMUD MBA team give us a global perspective. Through the construction of the ecosystem of the souvenir industry, we have become the leader in the global national souvenir wholesale industry. Through its strategic partner visiting program, TALMUD seek to build strong relationships with wholesalers across the globe, further solidifying its position as the best partner in the industry.


In Conclusion

In summary, TALMUD offer a comprehensive range of products and services, making it the best partner for national souvenir wholesalers. With our founder team’s innovative approach, customized services, quality products, extensive souvenirs and global perspective, TALMUD are ready to take your wholesale business to new heights.



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