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  • Landmark Building Souvenir Store
  • National Park Souvenir Store
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  • Landmark Building Souvenir Store
  • National Park Souvenir Store
  • Museum Souvenir Store
  • Artist Souvenir Store
  • Designer Souvenir Store
  • Influencer Souvenir Store

Global Souvenir Store Supporter

TALMUD Is Your Best Partner In China, Our Asian Souvenir Supply Chain And 20+ Years Of Experience Can Help Your Souvenir Retail Business Profitably.

  • Global Luxury Brand Management MBA Founder
  • 20+ Years Of Personalized Gift Wholesaler History
  • High-end Promotional Gifts Manufacturer
  • Experienced Supply Chain Management In Asia
  • Global Souvenir Ecosystem Concept Advocate
  • Global Niche Souvenir Gift Business Leader
  • Altruistic Business Model To Help Customer Success

Global Souvenir Retail Store Support Program

TALMUD’s global souvenir retail store support program is a major strategic planning for the next 10 years. In order to help more souvenir retailers efficiently complete the initial accumulation of the entrepreneurial stage, TALMUD team launched this strategic program.


The fierce market competition environment is a difficult problem that any small-scale souvenir retailer needs to face. Without price advantage, lack of industry operation experience, and lack of efficient supply chain support, many retailers dare not enter the souvenir industry.


TALMUD adhere to the altruistic business philosophy and hope to use our more than 20 years of industry experience and resources to help global souvenir retail stores grow rapidly and gain profits from industry development.

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Global Souvenir Selection

TALMUD have a complete catalog of souvenir products and spend an innovative spirit to develop and promote new souvenirs with strategic customers globally.


As an industry leader, we know which souvenirs can help small-scale retailers quickly establish their regional competitive advantage and achieve profitability. A global selection of best-selling souvenirs to help you quickly complete your initial capital accumulation.

Global Souvenir Selection
Asian Souvenir Supply Chain

Asian Souvenir Supply Chain

The souvenir supply chain of the Southeast Asia is the main reason why TALMUD stand out in the competition stimulated by this Red Sea market in the world.


We are your best Chinese partner. With the assistance of our supply chain, you can take the initiative in terms of price, quality, service, etc., which helps to establish a stable cooperative relationship in your local area and gradually develop and grow.

Small MOQ For Souvenir Dealer

For some niche souvenir operators, quantity is definitely an inevitable difficulty. The biggest headache for business persons in niche markets is how to customize souvenirs with the best cost performance in the smallest quantity.


TALMUD understand you better than other suppliers, and our MOQ solution can help niche souvenir merchants customize small quantities of premium high-quality souvenirs, as well as attractive prices.

Small MOQ For Souvenir Dealer
Souvenir Retail Store Supporting

Souvenir Store Supporting

TALMUD’s position in the souvenir industry was achieved through several iterations of its business model.


Global strategic partner visits allow our team to have close contact with souvenir retail stores in various countries, communicate with the staff, solve the store owners’ problems and form our global souvenir retail store support program.

Souvenir Business Consulting

Because souvenir retail stores lack of capital and experience, expert business consulting can help them enter the souvenir retail industry successfully.


TALMUD were determined to build a global souvenir ecosystem. We are willing to help souvenir retail stores provide professional business consultation, formulate procurement plans, and gradually develop into a regional souvenir wholesaler.

Souvenir Wholesale and Retail Business Consulting

TALMUD Highlights

MBA Founder Team
Luxury Brand Management Education

TALMUD team are composed of talent with MBA education backgrounds in mainland China and overseas. After more than 20 years of immersion in the souvenir and gift industry, we have a very professional understanding of this industry.


Through innovative entrepreneurial spirit, our team continuously iterate business models to provide high-end souvenirs and professional services to global strategic partners.


The educational experience of MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management has allowed us to better understand the development trend of our company in the souvenir industry, continuously integrate fashion, luxury with souvenir, and inject new impetus into the world souvenir industry through brand operation.


Altruism Business Logic

The altruistic business philosophy is the main reason why TALMUD can continue to develop in the fiercely competitive souvenir industry. Helping customers grow is the goal and motivation of all our business activities.


The launch of the global souvenir retail store support program is another practice of the altruistic business philosophy. Through our experience and services, we help global small-scale souvenir retail stores establish their own competitive advantages and become solid strategic partners.

Long-term Cooperation

The founder of TALMUD has always believed that the goal of business behavior is not profit, but the creation of value. We have always believed in the concept of long-term cooperation.


Establish long-term cooperative relationships with suppliers to provide basic guarantee for long-term cooperative relationships with customers. When dealing with problems, we always aim to benefit customers and become the preferred supplier of customized souvenirs for long-term cooperation with customers.

Small MOQ To Support Your Souvenir Retail Business


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Leather Bag
Leather Bag

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Global Souvenir Retail Store Partner

Global Souvenir Retail Store Partner

Art Souvenirs, Museum Souvenirs, Designer Souvenirs, Celebrity Souvenirs, Fashion Souvenirs, Luxury Souvenirs, TALMUD Help Your Souvenir Retail Store Grow. More Information, Welcome To Visit Our Shop.

Five Dimensions To Support Your Souvenir Retail Store

High-end quality souvenir wholesaler

High-end quality souvenir supply strategy
100% good quality for souvenir store retails
Promise to provide defective products free of charge without any reason

Small quantity customization souvenir manufacturer

Adhere to the small quantity MOQ strategy
Develop long-term volume growth plans
Help souvenir retailers reduce operational risks

Invariable prices supporting souvenir manufacturer

Centralized purchasing-production strategy
Cooperation strategy with unchanged price for 3-5 years
Pricing solutions to ensure continued profitability for souvenir retail stores

Premium service personalized souvenir factory

Supply chain services from design to logistics
Procurement services targeting customer interests
Confidentiality commitment for exclusive strategic cooperation in local markets

Creative business model souvenir supplier

Annual purchasing plan for brand commemorative gifts
Niche Market Souvenirs Customized Skin Plans
Fashion and luxury souvenir small quantity customization solutions

  • “I run an eBay retail store in the United States and am very lucky to receive the help of TALMUD’s support policy for souvenir retailers. The high-quality products they produce bring a perfect shopping experience to my customers and nearly double the repurchase rate. This project gave me more confidence in the souvenir retail industry.”

    Emily Johnson, From USA
  • “TALMUD’s souvenir retail store assistance program has been a blessing to me! I am a designer working in Milan. Because I lack operational experience in the souvenir industry, I have never been able to turn my design talents into commercial profits. God bless , I met TALMUD, and it was a wonderful collaboration.”

    Giulia Rossi, From Italy
  • “In 2019, I founded a niche fashion brand in Denmark. I only know art and am incompetent for tedious business operations. Several failed purchases made me almost give up on my dream. Until I met this by chance. The website, TALMUD’s retail store support program are what God has prepared for me. With the help of their supply chain and business consulting, my brand will start to be profitable in 2022.”

    Lars Jensen, From Denmark
  • “I am from Thailand and am a devout Buddhist. It is my dream to do some souvenir business related to Buddhism, but it has always been out of reach. TALMUD’s souvenir retail store training program is refreshing to me, and I am eager to give it a try. attitude, I applied for their global strategic customer visit program. With the help of their team of experts, I successfully opened my own souvenir retail store in Bangkok, and each souvenir embodies religious culture.”

    Siriwan Rattanapong, From Thailand

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