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TALMUD: Your First Luxury Gifts Wholesale Factory in China

TALMUD is a luxury gift wholesale manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years of professional expertise, specializing in catering to high-end clients in a variety of niches, such as the arts, basketball, celebrities, football, museums, national, sports, universities, and more.

High-quality controls are our top priority to guarantee excellent products. To meet the specific requirements of the luxury culture, TALMUD offers 100% higher coverage for promotions and advertising.

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  1. Online and Offline Wholesaler and Retailer of Souvenir Gifts
  2. Designers and Artists Offering Bespoke Souvenir Customization Services
  3. Personalized Souvenirs for Online Celebrities and Social Media Influencers
  4. Customized Gift Ideas for Educational Institutions: Universities, Colleges, and Schools
  5. Reliable Wholesaler of Tourist Souvenirs for National Travel Attractions and Destinations
  6. Marketplace for the Distribution of Basketball, Football, and Other Sports-Related Souvenirs
  7. Professional Retail Establishments Providing Customized Souvenirs for Historic Sites, Churches, and Museums
  8. Authorized Manufacturer of Personalized Gifts and Souvenirs Inspired by Movies, Animation, and Cartoon IP
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TALMUD Global Strategic Customer

TALMUD Global Strategic Customer

  1. Internationally Affiliate for Custom Gift and Souvenir Solutions for Events
  2. International Supplier of Exceptional Annual Promotional Gifts for High-end Brands
  3. Nationwide Known Provider of Basic Needs to Supermarkets and Shopping Center Chains
  4. Trusted Partner for Personalized Gift Solutions With Global Influencers, Celebrities, and Designers
  5. Expert Customization Service for Institutions and Government Promotions Distributed Worldwide
  6. Renowned Manufacturer of Luxury and Fashionable Promotional Gifts for High-End and International Fashion Brands
  7. Internationally Operated Specialized Factory for Custom Collectibles Featuring Licensed Cartoon, Film, and Television Intellectual Property

TALMUD: Your High-Quality Wholesale Luxury Gift Manufacturer in China

Since 2005, TALMUD is one of China’s top factories of luxury gifts, with a focus on a variety of niche markets including art, basketball, celebrities, football, museums, national, sports, universities, and others. 

TALMUD offers an expert luxury gift supply chain with more than 20 years of industry expertise to meet your promotional demands. Our annual global brand gift solution guarantees high-quality goods for retail or promotions, supported by expert services and global logistical support.

Gain from our advantages, which include the global retail store support program, which is intended to support souvenir retailers in their entrepreneurial businesses, and the global strategic partner visiting plan for distinctive commercial partnerships.

Contact us now for competitive pricing and elevate your luxury gift advertisement today.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

wholesale Brand Promotional Gifts Manufacturer

  • special gifts that are ideal for the business’s brand.


  • With our professional development and management services, you can streamline your present supply chain, guarantee operational efficiency, and increase the effectiveness of your business souvenir strategy.


  • With our annual brand promotion program provider, which offers complete solutions for strategic brand elevation and long-term market impact, you can stand out in your business.

custom Event Marketing Gifts Supplier

  • Be a trendsetter with our internet celebrity and influencer to endorse promotional gifts. 


  • Use our expert event marketing services to elevate your business. Our expertise lies in crafting outstanding interactions, ranging from profound experiences to customized interactive marketing gifts.


  • Experience the influence of bespoke wholesale gifts with the support of our customized services.

100% Quality Guarantee By TALMUD

  • Regardless of the quantity you order one million or simply one TALMUD guarantees 100% high-quality goods.


  • Whether TALMUD manufactures or sources your gifts, we guarantee 100% quality, guaranteeing that your marketing efforts profit from exceptional products.


  • As a supplier or wholesaler in the gift market, TALMUD guarantees your satisfaction with exceptional premium service.

TALMUD‘s Customers

  • When it comes to personalized gifts for celebrities and online influencers, as well as custom products for social media, we are your preferred online wholesaler.


  • With the help of our international present trade business, which serves local gift wholesalers and Internet businesses. Learn about special offers that are ideal for public organizations, universities, designers, event planners, and brands.


  • With the help of our selected gift collection, reach the potential of lifetime recollections. We give satisfaction to customers and are perfect for retailers of personalized gifts because we can accommodate any preferences or events.

TALMUD Your Luxury Jewelry Partner

  • Custom of Luxury Jewelry


  • TALMUD Are a Luxury Jewelry Brand With Decades of Expertise


  • Contact with TALMUD Jewelry Experts

TALMUD Fine Jewellery

  • custom Luxury Bracelet wholesale manufacturer in China

    Material: Gold
    Accessory: Diamond
    Tag: Custom, Luxury, Fashion

  • custom Sunflower Earrings wholesale manufacturer in China

    Material: Metal
    Design: Sunflower
    Artist: Vincent van Gogh
    Degree: Luxury, Collection, Fine Jewelry

  • custom Diamond Rings wholesale manfuacturer in China

    Material: Platinum
    Diamond: YES
    Tag: Personalized, Luxury
    Degree: Fine Jewellery

  • custom Gustav Klimt Charms wholesale manufacturer in China

    Material: Metal, Gold
    Design: Famous painting
    Artist: Gustav Klimt
    Hashtag: Art, Fashion, Luxury

  • custom Claude Monet Enamel Pin wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Material: Zinc alloy
    Size:2.5×4 cm
    Logo: Hard enamel
    Artist: Claude Monet

  • custom Piet Mondrian Necklace wholesale manufacturer in China

    Material: Gold
    Design: Cubic painting
    Logo: Hard enamel
    Artist: Piet Mondrian

  • custom Ruby Studs wholesale factory in China

    Material: Silver, Ruby
    Original: Myanmar
    Tag: Custom, Wholesale, Luxury
    Payment: T/T, Paypal

  • custom Emerald Necklace wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Material: Emerald
    Original: Colombia
    Degree: Fine Jewellery
    Tag: Heirloom Treasures

  • custom Johannes Vermeer Souvenir Cufflinks wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Material: Metal
    Design: Girl with Pearl Earring
    Artist: Johannes Vermeer
    Tag: Fashion, Art, Custom

TALMUD: Your Expert Customized Luxury Gifts Wholesale Supplier in China

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD is your professional wholesale supplier for custom luxury gifts in China. You can get expert support from TALMUD’s manufacturing team for your brand promotional events globally.

TALMUD enriches more luxury gifts catalogs during the past 15+ years, according to TALMUD’s professional luxury gifts supply chain.

OEM and ODM services are available, TALMUD serves you excellent services to meet your luxury brand requirements, such as protecting your luxury brand designs, your luxury gift samples, etc. No one will know your luxury gifts supplier at all.

Send your luxury gifts inquiry to us now, TALMUD serves you more than others in China.


TALMUD Logistics Service

TALMUD Logistics Services

You can boost your global business operations with TALMUD shipping and warehousing services.


  • Sea freight is a preferred choice for our international trade, especially over long distances, due to its economical pricing.


  • TALMUD air cargo transportation adheres to strict security protocols, ensuring the safety of your shipments throughout the journey.


  • Our rail transport in Eurasia cuts shipping time for your bulk goods by up to 30% compared to sea transport.


  • Get your parcels delivered in just 3 to 4 business days, even across continents, with our courier services.


  • We offer warehousing solutions for our souvenir and gift businesses, including batch purchasing and centralized transportation.

TALMUD’s Standards: Economy, Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability.

1,What Do You Need To Put A Luxury Keychain Together?

Luxury gifts aren’t just a status symbol. They inspire confidence in people that come from being associated with a luxury premium brand.

A loved one who has everything possible to live a comfortable lifestyle will usually appreciate being pampered with a luxury gift. Even if you can’t always buy new clothes, wallets, or bags, you can show you appreciate your favorite luxury brands with souvenirs such as coasters and keychains.

Even the logo of a famous luxury brand can help you feel more confident about being associated with a premium brand. Get in some imaginative design elements and connect these very items to a popular brand.

TALMUD creates value for its customers by designing branded coasters and keychains that serve a wide spectrum of industries. The company caters to small sellers and big multinationals with inbuilt capacities to produce high-quality souvenirs and giveaways that last and offer immense decorative value.

We make use of our 15 years of experience to deliver high-quality products so that your customers will never feel that your luxury gift items are cheap while getting the boost in confidence that comes with owning a luxury gift.

1 - Luxury Gifts manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 1 – Luxury Gifts

Simple coasters and keychains turn into luxury gifts that people obsess about when you add design effects and choose popular themes.

Everyone can come up with an expensive gift idea, but it’s those small luxury gifts you present to your loved ones for Christmas and Valentine’s Day that become meaningful investments.

2 - Luxury Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – Luxury Keychain

Keychains are mostly made from plastic or metal. Acrylic is the most common plastic used, while zinc alloy, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum keychains are quite common.

You do get rubber, wood, fabric, and paper keychains designed as souvenirs or giveaways.

Components that make up the keychain include the clasp or ring with the trinket adding decoration or branding effects.

The simple clasp is a ball fitting into a metal slot and locked into place. Manufacturers use the lobster clasp to produce a stronger, more secure clasp.

2,How Do These Luxury Keychain Trinkets Get Their Shapes?

3 - Luxury Keychain Trinket manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 3 – Luxury Keychain Trinket

The raw material is passed over mechanized rollers into the die-cutting or stamping machine.

The custom dies then strikes this raw material to create the desired shape. The die has sharp edges to create accurate designs.

The cut shapes are cleaned and polished along a conveyor.

TALMUD can mass produce these trinkets in different shapes with great accuracy.

3,How Do You Customize Luxury Keychains?

4 - Customized Luxury Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4 – Customized Luxury Keychain

Branding effects and custom designs are added to keychains using different techniques.

Pad Printing

Stamps are allocated for different colors. The process involves applying each color to the keychain component in layers.

Screen Printing

The emulsion or dye is applied through a screen to the keychain. Most promotional keychains are bulk produced this way.

Digital Printing

This is usually a custom printing process to apply custom logos to production batches. The logo output is highly accurate and appears as an eye-catching design in single or multiple colors.

Hot Stamping

Heat is applied to a stamp that creates the desired design on the trinket.


Three-dimensional effects on leather keychains are made this way. The process creates a raised design with the required fonts and images.

4,How Are Luxury Drink Coasters Made?

5 - Luxury Drink Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5 – Luxury Drink Coasters

Luxury coasters are made from paper, stone, leather, or metal to meet custom requirements.

For example, several layers of drink-absorbent paper are cut into the desired round, square, or rectangular shape to create the coaster.

Metal and stone coasters have cork bases to prevent scratches on contact surfaces.

The top surfaces of these coasters are printed, embossed, or embedded to create custom multi-color designs and patterns.

5,Do You Get Unique Absorbent Stone Coasters?

6 - Absorbent Stone Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6 – Absorbent Stone Coaster

Yes, you can get one-of-a-kind absorbent stone coasters with customized text that turn into personalized keepsakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and housewarming ceremonies.

Use high-quality travertine and other drink-absorbing premium materials to create great coasters and luxury gifts.

Add non-slip backing to these coasters and display them as luxury accessories on your bedroom nightstands, living and bedroom tables, and dining and coffee tables.

Come up with highly personalized media content and text to create absorbent stone coasters that remind you of special events in your life.

TALMUD fulfills the luxury brand requirements of wholesalers and retailers with its expansive luxury gifts catalog.

6,Do You Get Cheap Acrylic Luxury Coasters?

7 - Acrylic Luxury Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7 – Acrylic Luxury Coaster

Low-cost acrylic luxury coasters are custom-made as unique items for dining tables and other furniture.

These cheap acrylic coasters are made of durable and high-quality acrylic materials with clear color options.

Place your bulk order with custom images and text. Offer them to your customers as souvenirs and gifts.

These cheap acrylic luxury coasters have smooth edges to protect your furniture from accidental damage.

They are strengthened with anti-scratch coatings. These acrylic coasters do not warp when you place hot coffee or tea on them.

7,Where Do You Get Advertising Luxury Coasters?

8 - Advertising Luxury Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8 – Advertising Luxury Coaster

This manufacturer in China produces advertising luxury coasters at wholesale prices.

You can get a great deal of customization done to promote your business in many ways.

Design them as giveaways when you launch a product or service.

Use them to serve drinks at your promotional parties and events.

Order these luxury gifts in bulk with the business branding effects of your choice.

Create batches of advertising luxury coasters for each advertising campaign.

8,What Type Of Animal Luxury Coasters Do You Get?

9 - Animal Luxury Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9 – Animal Luxury Coaster

Use hand-painted illustrations of hedgehogs or a modern art version of a French bulldog to create custom animal luxury coasters.

Design them in acrylic or polyurethane (PU) leather as lightweight coasters for the kitchen, bar, living room, and drinks table.

Create sets of funny animal drink coasters backed with durable cork to help protect table surfaces.

Come up with custom animal luxury coasters to offer as heartwarming gifts or special animal gifts on Thanksgiving Day and other holidays.

The Chinese supplier has an extensive library of animal images that you can use to come up with your unique animal luxury coasters and other luxury gifts.

9,How Do You Customize CHANEL Coasters?

10 - CHANEL Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10 – CHANEL Coaster

Content matters when you customize CHANEL coasters. Come up with funny slogans to motivate girls and women in multicolor bright designs.

Choose 10.8 X 10.8 cm standard sizes or come up with your custom size to include catchy slogans with attractive fonts.

Think of custom designs that women would love to keep on their office desks.

These CHANEL coasters made of heat-resistant and food-safe epoxy resin materials are accepted in the international market.

Backed with cork materials, luxury gifts can withstand temperatures of up to 120° Centigrade.

TALMUD can help you create luxurious and attractive-looking CHANEL coasters that are popular items at e-commerce stores.

10,Do You Get CHANEL Cork Coasters?

11 - CHANEL Cork Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 11 – CHANEL Cork Coaster

Backed with cork materials, these CHANEL coasters withstand temperatures of up to 120°C.

They are extremely safe to use on all types of luxurious dining and banquet tables. These luxury gifts are customized with images to preserve as keepsakes.

Design these CHANEL cork coasters with lips. Serve drinks at parties and celebrations.

Think of different shapes and sizes that align with the theme of your custom advertising requirements and promotional giveaway campaigns.

This Chinese wholesaler has sophisticated manufacturing processes in place to create exquisite stone and glass CHANEL cork coasters.

11,How Are CHANEL Dog Tags Personalized?

12 - CHANEL Dog Tag manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 12 – CHANEL Dog Tag

Whether it’s a stainless steel paint ID tag or a deeply engraved ID tag, you can personalize these tags with many lines of custom text on both sides.

Engrave the owner’s name and address details. These do not rust or bend like lightweight metal tags.

These CHANEL dog tags have plenty of space to include custom information about pets.

You get different designs and shapes engraved in black and all shiny steel surfaces.

Order different batches of round, bow-tie, bone, heart, star, and flower-shaped ID tags that are great luxury gifts for animal lovers.

The in-house design team of TALMUD shares the latest designs with their wholesale customers.

12,Are There CHANEL Epoxy Keychains That You Can Use As Luxury Brands?

13 - CHANEL Epoxy Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 13 – CHANEL Epoxy Keychain

Set in epoxy resin silicon molds, CHANEL epoxy keychains are customized as different types of luxury brands for promotions and distributed as luxury gifts.

Come up with unusual embedded alpaca and other animal figures on keychain attachments.

Try the mix-and-match approach with different designs, colors, and mold sizes.

Choose a smooth glossy finish with a soft mold.

Use food-grade materials, if you are using them as pet tags.

13,Do You Get Luxurious CHANEL Epoxy Keyrings?

14 - CHANEL Epoxy Keyring manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 14 – CHANEL Epoxy Keyring

All kinds of creative and luxurious CHANEL epoxy keyrings are available with the wholesaler in China.

Try some swivel hooks. Clip on some fancy lanyards and attach luxury gifts at the end to make this a personalized gift for your favorite pet.

Use alloy metal clasp snaps with 360-degree swivel flexibility. Print custom messages on both sides of the tags.

Choose 4-cm long strong metal clasp snaps with 2.54-cm diameters on the outside and 1.9-cm diameters on the inside.

You can also come up with custom sizes for the snaps, especially if you have bigger tags.

The supplier provides metal ring catalogs to help you choose the right size and design.

14,Are There Many Varieties Of CHANEL Gift Coasters?

15 - CHANEL Gift Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 15 – CHANEL Gift Coaster

A message like “Have a nice day” has a nice ring to it when it’s embedded on a CHANEL gift coaster in attractive fonts and bright colors.

You can find an entire range of messages related to different subjects. For example, think of creating coasters or gifts for the Marine Corps or funny ceramic coaster sets on metal holders.

Use different shapes to convey emotions through your CHANEL gift coasters.

Come up with coaster ideas for a wooden table. Create imaginative designs on the top and cork bases at the bottom to prevent scratches on countertops.

Increase practical applications by using a heat-insulated and anti-slip base.

Contact TALMUD to access their extensive image library. Grab hold of a few ideas that relate to your business and create imaginative CHANEL gift coasters.

15,How Do You Personalize CHANEL MDF Coasters?

16 - CHANEL MDF Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 16 – CHANEL MDF Coaster

How about using blank MDF coasters that you can uniquely design using sublimation printing technology?

Create intricate designs in multiple poured colors sealed with glue and varnish.

Use your CHANEL MDF coasters for school and mixed media projects. Create samples with stained, stenciled, painted, and distressed effects.

Include a stand in the set that you customize with your business logo highlighted in contrasting colors.

Order your MDF coaster supplies in 12.7 X 8.9 cm standard sizes or use a size based on the shape you choose for your coaster.

16,Do You Get Cool CHANEL Metal Coasters In Solid Custom Shapes?

17 - CHANEL Metal Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 17 – CHANEL Metal Coaster

The advantage of choosing coasters made of steel and other metals is that you can get them in any shape or size that you choose.

Come up with thin and sleek stainless-steel coasters for hot drinks. Insulate these thin coasters with cork bases.

Get them in standard 8.6 cm diameters and create decorative coaster holders that offer a luxurious feel when they are kept on dining tables and countertops.

Consider polished round stainless-steel coasters with heritage designs embossed on them. Try out different sizes until you’re happy with the custom size you choose.

If you need CHANEL printed on your metal coasters, TALMUD can provide intricate designs to fulfill your wholesale orders.

17,How Do You Customize CHANEL Zinc Alloy Tags?

18 - CHANEL Zinc Alloy Tag manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 18 – CHANEL Zinc Alloy Tag

Print CHANEL in bold letters on these highly attractive and reflective zinc alloy tags.

These are long-lasting and durable tags plated with different kinds of materials including antique brass.

Design them as personalized pet ID tags with clasps made of different shapes.

For example, a popular dog breed can be engraved into this zinc alloy tag with a blank name tag at the bottom.

Include the address and emergency contact number on the backside to ensure pet safety.

Create batches for different kinds of dog breeds or other animal breeds.

Market them as unique dog accessories or offer them to dog owners with customized names.

18,What Kind Of COACH Keychains Do You Get?

19 - COACH Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 19 – COACH Keychain

Automation is the key here. Innovate to come up with unique coach keychains to hold remote fewer keys.

Include signature canvas material to hold this frequency-operated button or choose a laser-engraved keychain in the shape of a whistle as gifts for coaches in different sports.

Create coach keychains for her in the form of a two-piece brass wristlet in elegant and creative designs.

Use round pendants with words of appreciation for coaches who have created a positive impact through their contributions to the sport.

The factory in China has an inbuilt library of appreciation designs that you can use to create keychains that hold car keys, wall decorations, and bags.

19,Do You Get Colorful Luxury Coasters That Do Not Fade?

20 - Colorful Luxury Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 20 – Colorful Luxury Coaster

Heat insulated colorful luxury coasters retain their colors for long periods.

Whether it’s a fruit coaster made of a silicone material or an absorbent ceramic coaster with a splash of color, you can get unique designs with added features.

Use natural fruit colors like watermelon, lemon, kiwi, and orange on a food-grade silicone material to create cute coasters that do not leave imprints on the table.

Create sets of these colorful coasters in see-through cases that highlight these colors. You can have different colors for different applications.

Use rubber absorbent foam for the base and include other features like anti-skid insulation to create durable and high-quality silicone coasters.

20,How Do You Customize DIOR Coasters?

21 - DIOR Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 21 – DIOR Coaster

Branded coasters are premium and luxurious boutique items available in different designs and colors.

Though the original is made in Italy, you can get customize DIOR coasters in 9.5 cm sizes made of different materials including 100% glass.

Create a set of four luminaire coasters and position these brands as ideal luxury gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving, housewarming, and birthday celebrations.

Opt for unique DIOR designs in custom colors and shapes to create multiple sets that you can offer as souvenirs and keepsakes.

The Chinese supplier has established manufacturing lines to produce large quantities of branded coasters that fulfill customer artwork requirements.

21,Do You Get DIOR Enamel Keychain Designs Found On Purses And Bags?

22 - DIOR Enamel Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 22 – DIOR Enamel Keychain

Yes, you can get designs similar to those found on purses and bags with brand names.

These are premium quality 4-cm X 4 cm stylish keychains that are popular among women and men.

Order these luxury gifts with metal construction that are extra durable and scratch-resistant.

The glossy enamel material creates the original DIOR look you find on leather accessories.

Gift these DIOR enamel keychains to your customers who are brand addicts.

They’ll appreciate these luxury gifts on their anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and other occasions.

Specify custom lengths for your cute and stylish enamel keychains to use on accessories like purses and outfits.

22,Who Makes DIOR Golden Keychains?

23 - DIOR Golden Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 23 – DIOR Golden Keychain

TALMUD has set up manufacturing lines for custom luxury gifts including keychains plated in gold and other colors.

Create your own costing budgets for these gold-plated DIOR golden keychains. The company protects your identity and procurement source for all luxury brand orders.

Come up with new golden key chain themes to complement your DIOR bulk orders.

The magic wizard theme works for birthday parties, or you can consider the golden snitch theme with a Harry Potter magic wand as an extension to the chain.

Get highly detailed designs on keychains that you can distribute to your customers as luxury gifts.

23,Are DIOR Luxury Coasters Available In Different Colors?

24 - DIOR Luxury Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 24 – DIOR Luxury Coaster

Embed the same DIOR design on your luxury coasters in custom colors. These designs can vary in line with your business constraints.

For example, you can have a DIOR printed on both sides like mirror images. Include embellishments including logos on the side where the letters are reversed.

You could choose silicon coasters with the letters DIOR printed in shades that match your indoor or outdoor furniture.

These are luxury gifts specially designed not to stick to glass or wooden surfaces.

Include custom packaging for these luxury coasters. Decorative gift boxes containing DIOR luxury coasters are excellent party ice breakers.

24,What Kind Of Enamel Luxury Keychains Are Available In Bulk?

25 - Enamel Luxury Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 25 – Enamel Luxury Keychain

Come up with novelty ideas for your enamel luxury keychains. Think of a magnifying glass embedded into the coaster or a map or a document that matches your chosen theme.

Come up with luxury keychain gifts for children and adults. The Chinese supplier provides 4 cm X  4 cm premium quality keychains that are attractive attachments for belts, handbags, bags, and purses.

These are thoughtful gifts that your customers can present on holidays, birthdays, and other custom events.

Use animal-based themes for dog and cat owners. Come up with a Siamese cat keychain theme.

Think of a hook with different charm designs.

Use durable and high-quality zinc alloy materials to design your perfect luxury gifts for those special occasions.

25,Do You Get Absorbent Ceramic Flora Luxury Coasters?

26 - Flora Luxury Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 26 – Flora Luxury Coasters

Some of the best luxury coasters with floral designs are made with absorbent ceramic materials and corked backs to prevent damage to countertops and other furniture from spills, scratches, and water rings.

Get bright and colorful designs on white backgrounds that highlight the flower patterns that make your furniture look more attractive and colorful.

Use anti-skid cork mats to avoid bumps and shakes brought about by friction.

Offer these ultra-luxury coasters as classy gifts on anniversaries and graduation days.

Design special holders with similar floral designs to keep these sets on the end table, dry bar table, or kitchen.

This supplier in China can provide woven designs and custom textures with moisture-absorbing ceramic stone coasters.

26,Which Golden Luxury Coaster Can You Use For All Kinds Of Beverages?

27 - Golden Luxury Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 27 – Golden Luxury Coaster

Choose bright colors like blue, yellow, and pink with zigzag golden tracks along the top surface of the golden luxury coaster.

These are one-size-fits-all types of coasters that you can use for mugs, glasses, cups, and other beverages.

If you need a light background with a striking gold finish, choose a round coaster made of white marble finish.

Use cork backing to prevent stains from hot drinks.

These are washable coasters that can be washed under running water. These luxury gifts are suitable as souvenirs.

If you need to increase their practical uses, ask the factory to finish these coasters with an anti-scratch coating.

27,Can You Personalize A GUCCI Metal Keychain?

28 - GUCCI Metal Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 28 – GUCCI Metal Keychain

Yes, you can have a matching GUCCI metal keychain with the alphabet “G” engraved in an elaborate style.

There are several designs available with the in-house design team of TALMUD that you can use to come up with unique ideas for your personalized bulk orders.

Use extra-strong and large links that complement the design and look attractive and shiny.

Make the key rings strong enough to hold outdoor hunting gear and large keys.

Design your keyrings with open jump rings and connectors.

Customize your GUCCI metal keychain with a belt clip key ring that holds ID badges.

28,Who Is A Trustable GUCCI Acrylic Coaster Manufacturer?

29 - GUCCI Acrylic Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 29 – GUCCI Acrylic Coaster

The Chinese manufacturer TALMUD has several lines dedicated to the manufacture of acrylic luxury gifts.

Turn clear acrylic round discs into high-quality GUCCI acrylic coasters. Use floral designs to accentuate the GUCCI symbols in gold.

Include metal ring accents to create unique table coaster sets with practical applications.

These are ideal for keeping cool and hot beverages in mugs, cups, and glasses.

Create silicon trays to hold these high-quality luxury gifts and offer them on all possible occasions.

Your customers will find special places for these GUCCI acrylic coasters on occasions like anniversaries and weddings.

29,Can You Get Catchy Slogans On GUCCI Zinc Alloy Keychains?

30 - GUCCI Zinc Alloy Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 30 – GUCCI Zinc Alloy Keychain

Yes, you can come up with slogans like “REAL GUCCI” to draw the attention of viewers.

Choose swiveled keychains with lobster claw clasps attached to the chain that contains the disc with your GUCCI fan-club messages.

If you need a simple but strong keyring design, choose flat keyrings in silver metallic shades.

Ensure those zinc alloy electroplated surfaces do not corrode or rust.

These keyrings are extremely safe to carry.

They are luxury gifts that can hold precious ornaments, charms, and utility kits without giving way.

Organize different items with these strong zinc alloy keychains.

Enclose them in custom cases with your business logos when you distribute them at promotional events or when you launch a new product.

30,Can You Use The Hermes Keychain For Promotion?

31 - Hermes Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 31 – Hermes Keychain

Yes, use the ancient Greek symbol on your Hermes key chain to create a luxury gift that your customers will appreciate.

This wholesaler’s in-house design team has hundreds of Hermes symbol vector images that you can combine to create unique designs for your bulk orders.

These are high-quality royalty-free images that the company offers to their wholesale customers to create customized Hermes keychains.

Add the Hermes staff design in black, rose gold, gold, and silver combinations to make this attractive gift for your exclusive customers.

The standard keyring diameter is 3 cm with the standard dog tag dimensions extending to 4.5 cm X 2.5 cm.

The Chinese factory can create custom sizes that meet your product requirements.

31,What Are London Luxury Coasters?

32 - London Luxury Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 32 – London Luxury Coaster

If you need a set of luxury gifts that look fantastic and have practical applications on the dining table, then consider ordering London luxury coasters.

You get them in sets of four coasters that are lightweight, have glossy finishes, and are custom printed with London highlights.

They are normally sized at 10 cm X 10 cm and cork-backed to prevent scratches on the table.

Use coasters with your business logos to serve cold and hot drinks on these luxury coasters.

They are also great souvenirs for your travel customers or anyone who is excited by popular London highlights.

Contact the Chinese manufacturer for some great coaster ideas and ready-made designs.

32,Do You Get Custom Luxury Coaster Sets?

33 - Luxury Coaster Set manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 33 – Luxury Coaster Set

Introduce personalized accents into your custom luxury coaster sets.

You can get almost any work transferred to these luxury coasters.

The Chinese manufacturer has produced multiple batches of coaster sets daily since 2005.

Come up with unique designs on grey ceramic stones backed with cork materials.

Use vintage geometric patterns on the surface that easily hide stains that you can wipe off with just cold water.

Choose colorful packs with your custom logos and present them to family and friends on those extra-special occasions as gift boxes to your special customers.

33,Where Do You Get Luxury Leather Key Chains For Women?

34 - Luxury Leather Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 34 – Luxury Leather Keychain

You can get branded and specially made luxury leather key chains for women with leather-weaving lanyards.

These are slim 12-cm long keychains made of Italian or other high-quality leather materials.

Select well-constructed designs that are durable and beautifully made as simple, strapped, or woven keychains.

Get them in pretty colors – the smaller they are the better they look.

Though these are extremely affordable, spend some time choosing lightweight and stylish luxury leather key chains for women.

Present them as souvenirs or add-ons for your premium products.

34,Do You Get Vintage Luxury Paper Coasters?

35 - Luxury Paper Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 35 – Luxury Paper Coaster

From plain off-white coasters to two-sided coasters in black, you can get vintage luxury paper coasters that are reusable, eco-friendly, and absorbent.

Order them in bulk with special designs for those special occasions. Distribute these luxury paper coasters among your customers as keepsakes.

They come in 8.9-cm diameters, but you can order them in custom sizes to match with other accessories you plan for your parties.

Combine square- and round-shaped paper coasters on the same table.

Use a series of designs to create attractive luxury gifts.

35,Are There Many Varieties Of LV Enamel Keychains?

36 - LV Enamel Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 36 – LV Enamel Keychain

Some of the best Louis Vuitton-inspired keychains are made of metal.

These enamel looping keychains appear like luxury gifts from the top brands of the world.

Exquisite designs are offered in multi-color combinations that you can offer as good-luck charms to your female customers who fancy the brand and its lookalikes.

Offer your monograms to add in sequence to these charms across the LV enamel keychain.

At one end, arrange the large letters “LV” in custom designs with floral arrangements and your custom logo for additional accents.

Enclose these beautiful and luxurious gifts into custom boxes with “LV” printed for added effect.

These keychains appear great in 23.5 cm lengths, but you can customize them to make them shorter or longer.

Buy them at affordable bulk prices when you order them from a supplier in China.

The company has over 15 years of experience making charms and luxury souvenirs. It has a small-seller support strategy in place to work with new customers.

36,How Do They Use LV MDF Coasters?

37 - LV MDF Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 37 – LV MDF Coaster

Sublimation blanks are made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) that is lightweight and does not produce scratches.

You can get them in standard 6.5-cm diameters and 3-mm thickness. Custom sizes are also available.

These coasters can absorb liquids quite efficiently and therefore prevent stains from ruining costly furniture and silverware.

Dark-colored coasters in square shapes also look great when you print your LV designs in gold.

TALMUD can support your wholesale order with strategic partner policies that benefit customers over the long term.

Its no-price-hike guarantees you won’t have to pay more for the same product over the next three to five years.

37,Can You Print Custom Highlights On New York Luxury Coasters?

38 - New York Luxury Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 38 – New York Luxury Coaster

The Chinese manufacturer has a huge collection of New York designs that it can easily customize to meet your specific luxury coaster requirements.

Get custom or unique coasters that look like handmade pieces you find at the popular barware and drink shops.

Design them as subway coasters or print a New York landscape that people recognize.

Print your logos on the corked backs of these coasters to create ad materials that you can use in promotional campaigns.

Come up with imaginative text that highlights landmarks or places of interest that tourists visit.

Offer your New York luxury coasters to your customers from the United States.

38,Is The Prada Coaster Popular?

39 - PRADA Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 39 – PRADA Coaster

The Prada theme is not just famous but is also associated with style and elegance. Adopt the same elegance to your custom-made Prada coasters.

The Chinese company has the envious reputation of producing high-quality coasters that brands love.

It offers blank cutouts and trays that customers can use to create their unique coaster designs.

These are excellent luxury gifts for women of any age group. Choose designs that allow you to add your custom patterns and colors.

Get your bulk order fulfilled in custom sets, so you have the scope to use mix-and-match batches to promote your brand.

39,What Kind Of Promotional Luxury Coasters Are Available?

40 - Promotional Luxury Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 40 – Promotional Luxury Coaster

Book highly-polished luxury coasters customized for promotional campaigns. TALMUD has several lines to manufacture souvenir coasters that are in great demand across the world.

If you are a movie buff, you can get your favorite movie’s theme embedded on these coasters.

There are hundreds of themes related to your business that you can connect to these beautiful luxury gifts.

Get your first artwork published and send it online to your professional souvenir maker.

The company will replicate your design and send your bulk orders over in time for your next promotional event.

Come up with heritage themes based on different periods like the Renaissance Period. Create motifs with forest green leaves, red petals, and gold accents.

Your customers will never forget the event or activity you organized to distribute these stunning promotional luxury coasters.

40,What about Starbucks Luxury Coasters For Coffee Lovers?

41 - Starbucks Luxury Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 41 – Starbucks Luxury Coaster

Businesses find it easier to connect with people with common interests. There’s no better way than connecting with a bunch of people interested in Starbucks coffee.

Your business advertising campaigns take a whole new turn when you remind your customers of the things they love.

Design your Starbucks coasters as luxury gifts with Minnie Mouse or a lightweight Masonite face striking a chord with people who receive these gifts.

Make them useful by using cork backing that does not scratch the surface.

Choose the standard 10 cm X 10 cm sizes or come up with your custom sizes.

TALMUD fulfills custom-sized bulk orders at a fast pace and offers to produce limited-edition Starbucks coasters that align with your business.

41,Are YSL Coasters Available On Wholesale?

42 - YSL Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 42 – YSL Coaster

Yes, YSL coasters are popular items available at wholesale prices.

The Chinese wholesaler has several designs to offer with bulk orders.

Help your customers discover fashion trends with your YSL coasters.

Create a line of black marble luxury coasters for Him and Her, and embed brand messages familiar to your customers.

Gift wrap these 11 cm X 11 cm coaster sets and present them during festival season to promote your brand.

42,Can You Get Monogrammed YSL Keychains?

43 - YSL Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 43 – YSL Keychain

Get YSL interlaced initials on your keychains with accessories that match the luxury brand.

The Chinese factory is one of the original manufacturers of quality souvenirs and luxury gifts for the international market.

Order just one piece to fulfill low MOQ requirements. The company offers videos and images to keep you up-to-date with the production and packaging status of your bulk orders.

Check out the latest range of YSL keychains and get the best deals for the iconic YSL catalog.

Come up with your designs for YSL keychain pouches and wallets to add more value to your orders.

43,Do You Get LV Zinc Alloy Keychains That Are Wear Resistance?

44 - YSL Zinc Alloy Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 44 – LV Zinc Alloy Keychain

TALMUD makes LV zinc alloy keychains with waterproof and wear-resistant zinc alloy materials that can hold up when you use them in tough conditions.

Design them to be decoration accessories, pendants, or charms.

Embed the LV logo in bold letters that stand out on these luxurious keychains.

Include two keyrings with a LED light and bottle to add more value.

Add your logo pattern to the square face of the keychain.

Use the clip fastener or ask for a custom keyring for your LV zinc alloy keychains.

Try out the rectangular webbing keychain to hold your keys, and combine polyester with zinc alloy to create high-gloss keychains.

These are high-quality luxury gifts for all occasions.

44,Do You Get Hermes Metal Keychains Customized?

45 - Hermes Metal Keychain manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 45 – Hermes Metal Keychain

It’s quite logical to use personalized keychains to hold items when we move outdoors.

Add some brand value to them, and you have a customized keychain that you love to see and feel.

That’s what a Hermes metal keychain does to your customers as well. Show off some personality on custom keychains made of alloy or other special materials you choose.

Prepare these luxury gifts for retail sales with custom backer cards. Promote your product by adding your business logo on the custom packaging of every order.

TALMUD offers free design services that you use to choose the Hermes design you prefer. Choose one or several variations of these designs.

The company meets tight production deadlines by running your orders on several production lines.

45,Who Makes Cheap YSL Luxury Coasters?

46 - YSL Luxury Coaster manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 46 – YSL Luxury Coaster

Contact TALMUD for your collection of YSL luxury coaster bulk orders. Try out extremely low quantities to check out the quality.

We are ready to offer you a sample before you place orders.

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