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TALMUD: Your Custom Metal Medal & Medallion Wholesale Manufacturer In China

TALMUD is your reliable customized medal & medallion wholesale manufacturer in China since 2005.

TALMUD is a professional wholesale medal & medallion manufacturer and supplier in China. We have 5 medal manufacturing lines with a 30K pcs daily manufacturer capability.

Send us your medal inquiry now.

Advertising Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your professional custom advertising metal medal manufacturer in China since 2005.

Advertising Medallion manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is a professional wholesale custom advertising medallion wholesale supplier in China.

Amazon Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your experienced wholesale Amazon medal manufacturing factory in China.

Amazon Medallion manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is a professional manufacturing supplier for the Amazon medallion in China since 2005.

Bronze Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your personalized bronze medal wholesale manufacturing supplier in China.

Bronze Medallion manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD is your reliable customized bronze medallion manufacturing supplier in China.

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1. Tourist Country, Tourist City Souvenir Wholesaler

2. Online Wholesale & Retailer Of Souvenir Gifts

3. Museum, Church Customized Souvenir Retail Stores

4. Designer, Artist Souvenir Customization Service Provider

5. Personalized Souvenir Customizer For Social Media & Internet Celebrities

6. Movie, Animation, Cartoon IP Image Authorization Personalized Gifts & Souvenir Wholesale Factory

7. Personalized Gift Solutions For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

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TALMUD Global Strategic Customer

TALMUD Global Strategic Customer

1, High-end Brand Annual Promotional Gift Service Provider

2, Manufacturers Of Daily Necessities In Multinational Supermarkets And Supermarket Chains

3, Customized Factory For Brand Event Marketing Gifts

4, Providers Of Gift Solutions For Sports Event Sponsors

5, Manufacturers Of Promotional Gifts For Fashion Brands And Luxury Brands

6, Cartoon, Film, And Television IP Licensing Souvenir Customization Factory

7, Designers, Artists, And Influencer Custom Gift Cooperation Providers

TALMUD: 30K pcs Personalized Medals Daily Manufacturing Capability
Wholesale Factory

TALMUD has 5 custom metal medal&medallion manufacturing lines, with 30K pcs daily manufacturing capability, serving more than 80 clients during the past 15+ years globally.

To support your customized medal wholesale business, TALMUD serves a small MOQ for your trial medal orders. 100% good quality promise ensures you a great reputation in your medal market.

Send us your bulk metal medal inquiry now, you will get a cheap price within 12 hours.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

custom National Souvenirs wholesale manufacturing factory in China

City Gifts & Country Souvenirs

Travel Souvenir Chinese Wholesaler

Founder of Souvenir Ecosystem Concept

wholesaleBrand Promotional Gifts Manufacturer

Business gift customization service

Annual Brand Promotion Program Provider

Gift supply chain development and management

custom Event Marketing Gifts Supplier

Event Marketing Service Supplier

Experience marketing, interactive marketing gifts custom wholesaler

Internet celebrity, influencer, social media promotional & advertising gifts customization service

100% Quality Guarantee By TALMUD

Whether your quantity is 1 million pcs or 1 pc, TALMUD guarantees 100% good quality for you.

Whether you are a gift wholesaler or a retailer, TALMUD guarantees you 100% good quality service.

Whether the gifts are manufactured or purchased by TALMUD, we guarantee 100% good quality for your activities application.

TALMUD‘s Customers

Global gifts trading company, regional gift wholesaler, online wholesalers.

Brand companies, event organizers, design companies, universities, public institutions.

Internet celebrities, influencers, social media, family, and other personalized gift customized retailers.

TALMUD Global Souvenir Cases

  • custom Portugal Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Portugal’s Algarve region is known throughout Europe for its beautiful beaches, extensive coastline, stunning cliffs, and caves. Benagil Sea Cave is one of the most famous landmarks. It is a cave formed by natural rock formations through sea erosion, allowing direct sunlight to shine in.

    Portugal is a beautiful country with a low consumption level in Europe, attracting many tourists. TALMUD is your trustable custom souvenirs wholesale factory in China, we have an expert supply chain to boom your business.

  • Leonardo da Vinci Custom Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturing Factory In China

    Leonardo da Vinci, the gifted Italian master, is known for his unique positioning of key figures, his signature painting skills, and his comprehensive use of numerous disciplines. The Mona Lisa and the Last Supper are his most iconic works.

    TALMUD is a leading souvenir wholesale factory in China. Our designers found inspiration in Da Vinci’s works to design a series of popular tourist souvenirs, art custom souvenirs, and immersive art exhibition custom gifts.

  • custom German Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    As a European economic powerhouse and one of the developed countries in the world, Germany has a very attractive Christmas market, typically the Nuremberg Christmas market. Every November, it begins to be very lively, and it is also one of the destinations visited by many tourists.

    When you’re shopping at the Nuremberg Christmas Market, remember to take a look at the souvenir retailers around you and pick up a few TALMUD custom-made German souvenirs to take home with you to keep good memories of your trip to Germany.

  • Pablo Picasso Custom Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturing Factory In China

    Multi-talented, Pablo Picasso held numerous appellations throughout his life, such as painter, sculptor, printmaker, potter, and stage designer. Picasso and Georges Braque created Cubism together. Considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

    Both disruptive and creative, Cubism, founded by Picasso, shocked and fascinated the art world. TALMUD designers carefully study the artist’s creative style, which is displayed in the design and production of souvenirs, making the souvenirs more artistic.

  • custom France Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    The Loire Valley Castle is one of the famous castles in France, about 2 hours drive from Paris. Built during the Renaissance between the 15th and 16th centuries, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in France.

    Loire Valley castles are the largest concentration of royal and noble castles in the world. Some of TALMUD’s custom-made French souvenirs are based on the old castle. We are a professional French souvenir wholesale manufacturer.

  • Paul Gauguin Custom Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturing Factory In China

    The life of the famous French painter Paul Gauguin is legendary. He started out as a successful stockbroker and taught himself to be an amateur artist. Because of the stock market crash in 1882, the artistically gifted Frenchman gradually transformed into an Impressionist painter.

    Gauguin’s artistic talent is vividly displayed in French Tahiti. The TALMUD souvenir designer pays homage to the great artist, using his paintings as inspiration to create souvenirs that are very popular in the French market.

  • custom Ireland Soucenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Ireland is a small country, but it has a long history. One of the most representative is Newgrange. Located in County Meath, Ireland, it is a 5,000-year-old tomb of Irish kings. Newgrange was built around 3200 BC. 

    This makes it older than the pyramids of Giza in Egypt and 1,000 years older than Stonehenge. TALMUD’s professional printing masters can perfectly print this landmark into a beautiful souvenir. We are your best Ireland custom souvenir wholesaler in China.

  • Paul Cézanne Custom Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturing Factory In China

    Cezanne’s ambition was to “make Impressionism something as durable as museum art”. The French artist is an exponent of Impressionism, whose work had a major influence on Picasso and the development of 20th century art.

    In addition to being famous for lavender, Provence in France also has Paul Cezanne. The French custom souvenirs produced by TALMUD are very popular in France, including Marseille, Provence, Nice and other places. We are your preferred wholesale factory for customized souvenirs in France.

  • custom Spain Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is a Roman Catholic church that belongs to one of the most famous buildings in Spain and attracts millions of tourists every year. It is one of the most famous works of the Catalan architect Antoni Gao, and unfortunately the designer failed to complete it.

    TALMUD uses its many years of souvenir customization experience, specializing in the production of religious souvenirs, including Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, etc. We are actively seeking more blue ocean markets in the custom souvenir industry.

TALMUD: Your First Wholesale Metal Medal Manufacturing Supplier in China

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD is your #1 custom medal & medallion manufacturer and supplier in China since 2005. With professional supply chain management, you can get more from us, including NO MOQ service, 100% good quality for wholesale, drop shipping service, 3-5 years invariable prices, etc.

If you are a wholesale company for medals, such as promotional gift medals, or souvenir medals, TALMUD can help you boom your medal business both online and offline. TALMUD has a professional custom metal supply chain, with an effective operation.

TALMUD has an effective medal & medallion manufacturing team, your big quantity medal orders can be manufactured with the best cheap price as well as fast delivery time.

TALMUD is your expert supplier of metal medals in China. With the real wholesale metal manufacturing factory, you can get strategy support for your medal business, especially for great event promotions.

TALMUD has many clients dealing with Amazon’s business. If you are an FBA seller on Amazon, TALMUD can help you build up your metal medal catalog and occupy more market shares by long-term cooperation. TALMUD can provide you with more than other Chinese metal factories.

7×24 hours service is available, just send us your medal inquiry now.


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TALMUD‘ Certificates

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TALMUD Logistics Services

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TALMUD’s Standards: Efficiency, Economy, Safety, Sustainability

1,What Is A Metal Medal?

1 - Metal Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 1 – Metal Medal

There’s something about a metal medal that brings back fond memories of the winning ways when we received that shiny metal for something we achieved in sports or some other event.

Metal medals are now showcased and remain intact for years without losing shine or shape.

Innovative manufacturers come up with excellent ideas to create attractive-looking medals made of metal that find application in a wide variety of events.

2 - Metal Medals manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – What Is A Metal Medal

A metal medal is usually made of metal and is used as a winner award at competitive events.

It has great artistic value and has designs on one or both sides with images and text highlighting the achievements and events.

The metal medal is generally worn around the neck. The round metal is popular, but medals are also shaped differently. The sizes depend on the organizing protocol.

2,What Are The Main Types Of Medals?

The three main types of medals are based on the achiever’s rank. For example, the winner of a sporting event usually gets a gold medal, the first runner-up gets a silver medal, and the second runner-up gets a bronze medal.

Other metals can be used to create large medallions to offer at specific events. These are not necessarily offered to winners but are manufactured to commemorate the event.

3,Are Military Medals Made Of Real Gold?

3 - Military Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 3 – Military Medal

Military medals are offered to listed members of the armed forces honoring them for their achievements in combat and other special feats.

These metals are made of gold, silver, bronze, lead, and other metals that fulfill the specific requirements of that military unit.

4,How Are Custom Metal Medals Made?

Modern manufacturers use precision techniques from design to packaging stages to come up with custom medals that meet the requirements of different buyers.


The client or the manufacturer’s in-house design team comes up with the artwork.

The fully rendered artwork has the required media content, text, type of fonts, and colors that go to make a specific design.

Sculpting  The Metal

A cast made of plaster is given three-dimensional depth and texture to build the different types of metal dies.

This process helps in creating size sculptures and more.

Creating the Die

The chosen artwork is engraved into two hardened two-dimensional or three-dimensional steel dies based on the design to be engraved.

Melting The Medal Into Shape

The chosen metal is poured into forged, rolled, or extruded billets after it is melted to the required temperature.

The soft annealing process yields metal strips when these billets are pressed into the desired shape.

Extruding Metal Strips

The soft-annealed metal strips are then heated in billet ovens to temperatures of 1000 degrees Centigrade.

Once this temperature is reached, the billets are then extruded into thin strips of the desired thickness.

Rolling These Metal Strips

The extruded strips are cooled and trimmed before they enter the rolling machine.

This rolling machine uses hydraulic pressure to flatten the strips to the desired thickness.

Punching Blanks

Metal strips of precise thicknesses are then punched into metal discs of the required size in a blank press.

They are cleaned with a soapy solution and checked for the required medal size before they are polished.

Polishing The Metal

The preliminary polishing stage is achieved with vibration.

These medals then undergo the minting process.

Strike Minting The Metal

Custom-made dies are prepared by strike minting these blanks in the minting press.

These dies leave the desired impressions on both sides of the metal blanks with the desired two or three-dimensional imagery.

Finishing Metal Medals

Once these medals come out from the minting press, they are finished to give stylish and unique finishes that meet the customer’s requirements of the client.

Additional touchups like plated or antique finish and hand-painted enamels are achieved to meet the custom look needed.

5,What Kind Of Advertising Medals Do You Get?

4 - Advertising Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4 – Advertising Medal

There are different types of advertising metal medals manufactured for custom advertising purposes.

For example, you can order a gilt metal medal with custom text and imagery that commemorates a specific event.

These can be made of brass, rose copper, and other metals.

These are available as metal medals and metal medallions in 50 mm diameter sizes or custom sizes.

Ask for head images, company logos, custom text with advertising messages, and custom artwork transfers.

TALMUD, a manufacturing company in China, is a reliable metal medal and metal medallion wholesaler with a manufacturing capacity of 30,000 pieces per day.

Order your custom advertising metal medals with no minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements.

6,Do You Get Wholesale Amazon Medals?

5 - Amazon Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5 – Amazon Medal

Yes, you get different kinds of Amazon medals in bulk sets of 24 or more pieces.

You can get them in any quantity and style that you require.

Order for first place gold medal sets, second-place silver medal sets, or third place bronze medal sets in different designs.

The standard metal medals are designed to be worn around the neck with the help of a ribbon.

Get your Amazon medals in different sizes for kids and adults. These are used for different types of sporting events and competitions.

Get custom prints embossed on one or both sides of these award medals.

Design them as symbols of success for coaches and teachers.

Ask for coated metals with zinc alloy for that added shine and polish.

These are available in 3.8 cm sizes, but you can ask for custom sizes. Accompanying ribbons are usually 39 cm in size.

This wholesaler in China has a professional supply chain management team that supplies 100% good quality metal medals with drop-shipping services.

7,Does Anyone Manufacture Artistic Bronze Medals?

6 - Bronze Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6 – Bronze Medal

High-quality bronze medals are manufactured in bulk at this factory in China.

These medals have artistic overtones that can be synchronized with custom promotional activities.

You can commission new designs for specific sporting events or come up with varied designs for advertising purposes.

Think of bronze ornamental work with new designs.

Create a series of such medals in bulk to offer third-place winners of play-offs or any other competitive event.

Bronze medallions can carry intricate imagery with fine finishing effects.

While you can order bronze medals with ribbons, these bronze medallions come in special gift boxes.

You can easily print names and other custom text to suit your specific promotional event.

8,Do You Get Bulk Medals In Different Designs?

7 - Bulk Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7 – Bulk Medal

Bulk metal medals are available in different sizes and designs.

Choose from high-quality metal-engraved medals for events like soccer, swimming, running, and other events.

You can get 3-D images printed on cheap metal medals with a gold, silver, and copper plating.

Place bulk orders for adventure race medals.

Choose from two, four, five, or six-color prints using letterpress, silkscreen, gravure or digital printing techniques.

These are 100 percent custom-made bulk medals and bulk medallions that meet your exact shape and size requirements.

Get them with antique limitations and soft enamel logos. The manufacturer in China offers bulk orders at factory prices with fast delivery times.

9,Where Can I Get OEM/ODM Facilities On Custom Enamel Medals?

8 - Custom Enamel Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8 – Enamel Medal

The factory in China has five production lines dedicated to the manufacture of custom metal medals.

The manufacturer offers OEM and ODM facilities with zero MOQ requirements.

You can get brass, iron, stainless steel, zinc alloy, and aluminum metal medals with one, two, four, five, and six bright-colored printing options.

These are highly polished business gifts that you can order as emblems or badges with folk art and other themes.

The manufacturer uses different techniques including die-casting, stamping, enameling, printing, and custom electroplating techniques to produce custom medals and custom medallions from 2 to 9 cm sizes.

You can get personalized custom logos printed on these badges and lapel pins with nickel-free,  magnetic, LED flashing, and 3-D features At highly affordable prices.

Order your metal medals in thicknesses ranging from 1.2 mm to 3 mm or in custom thicknesses.

10,What Are The Different Options For Engravable Medals?

9 - Engravable Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9 – Engravable Medal

You can design your own blanks as engravable medals with custom and 3-D designs, zinc alloy plating, and affordable souvenirs and personal memorials.

Ask for engravable medals and engravable medallions from 3.8 cm to 15 cm in diameter.

These are highly polished medals and medallions with engravings plated with gold, nickel, antique gold, and bronze.

These zinc alloy cast souvenirs are ideal as promotional gifts with or without ribbons.

TALMUD is among the best engravable metal manufacturers in China fulfilling wholesale orders for more than 15 years.

11,Do You Get Epoxy Medals For Sporting Events?

10 - Epoxy Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10 – Epoxy Medal

Quality die-cast epoxy metals are available in amazing enamel colors.

Choose from gold, silver, or bronze engraved medals for all your sporting events.

These medals are available in 3.175 mm thicknesses, but you can ask for custom thickness and custom weight.

Get them in different 3-D, 2-D, single or double-sided, flat, or full 3-D shapes.

Personal manufacturers use different processors including die casting, stamping, spin casting, and printing to achieve matte, shiny, or antique finishes for their epoxy medals.

You get them in soft, synthetic, and hard enamel colors with custom or ribbon fittings.

These are highly attractive epoxy medals and epoxy medallions designed for international marathon running and other sporting events.

12,Can You Get Affordable Golden Medallions?

11 - Golden Medallion manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 11 – Golden Medallion

You can get zinc alloy plated with gold.

These are 60 mm custom medallions with intricate designs and are available at highly competitive prices.

Utilize the company’s in-house design team to create free designs and artworks with clear layouts.

These are 2 mm to 7 mm customized medallions in nautical and other styles.

Choose medals based on military or other themes and use them as souvenirs.

TALMUD is an expert custom golden medallion manufacturer offering OEM/ODM services for wholesale buyers.

13,What Kind Of Stamped Iron Medals Are Available?

12 - Iron Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 12 – Iron Medal

You can get attractive 30 mm iron medals with bespoke designs engraved on one or both sides of the medal.

These are highly popular as sports awards and as prizes for prize ceremonies.

Order them in bulk to sell in retail.

Choose special designs for bespoke promotional gifts.

Ask for personalized medallions with zero MOQ requirements.

These iron metals are brass or nickel-plated and are available in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes.

Choose from silver, bronze, antique brass finishes with special features like color infill and attractive sandblasted finishes.

Attach them to custom printed lanyards or choose your own custom v-stitched satin ribbons.

They are available in 35 mm diameters and 2 mm thicknesses.

14,Do You Get Cheap Souvenir Medals In Bulk?

13 - Souvenir Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 13 – Souvenir Medal

Yes, you can get cheap souvenir medals from TALMUD at factory prices.

Use souvenir medals for promotions, giveaways, and awards.

Sell them on retail at Ecommerce sites.

TALMUD can help you increase your market share by building up your metal medal catalog.

The company establishes long-term co-operations with buyers and sustains stable prices for 3 to 5 years.

15,Why Are Sports Medal So Popular?

14 - Sports Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 14 – Sports Medal

Sports medals are popular because they look great and are great reminders of special events in people’s lives.

You can get sports medals plated with gold, silver, bronze, and other metals.

Custom metal medals come in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Inhouse design teams create finished artworks for clients and then fulfill bulk orders at competitive prices.

Get Olympic style, bell leaf, and other designs to match sports events you are familiar with.

Think of star-shaped, high-definition premium award medals.

You can get sports medals in 10 or custom packs.

Choose different sizes for first, second, and third places.

16,Where Can You Get The Cheapest Wholesale Medals And Medallions?

15 - Wholesale Medal manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 15 – Wholesale Medal

This manufacturer in China offers the best ready and custom options for wholesale medals and medallions.

Make your choice from a wide variety of readymade designs listed in their exhaustive image library.

Make changes to the artwork before you place bulk orders.

Ask for samples to test the different options at your disposal.

TALMUD is your one-stop destination for all your metal medal requirements.

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