Full Catalog Souvenir Gifts Manufacturer

Global Souvenir & Gift Expert

Successful Experience

  • 100% Quality Assurance Retail
  • Reasonable prices
  • 3 to 5 years prices invariable
  • Long-term strategic partnership
  • Global souvenir market information sharing
  • Annual visit plan for strategic customers
Successful Operation
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

  • China souvenir supplier information sharing
  • Premium manufacturer development program
  • Unified control of raw materials and product quality
  • Centralized procurement to reduce operating costs
  • Southeast Asia supply chain resource management
  • Global logistics solution provider

MBA Founder Team

  • MBA Entrepreneurship Team
  • Founder of  Global Luxury Brand Management MBA Master degree
  • Professional research on art, fashion and luxury industry
  • Integrating the souvenir market with world art and fashion labels
  • Learning entrepreneurial team organization, dedicated to the in-depth development of the global souvenir market
MBA Founder Team
Business Plan Partner

Business Plan Partner

  • Global souvenir ecosystem creator
  • Altruistic souvenir industry partners
  • Bridging the gap in partners’ business plans
  • Full souvenir catalog business solution provider
  • Select 1 to 3 strategic partners to be region-wide collaboration in each country or region
  • Help clients gradually increase their share in the souvenir market

Find Your Niche

  • Global leader in the souvenir niche market
  • Focusing on the development of premium and high-end souvenir market
  • Specializing in developing the blue ocean market of souvenir industry
  • Develop niche souvenir market in cooperation with famous brands and celebrities
  • Integrate supply chain resources to enlarge niche markets
Find Your Niche
Global Souvenir Business Consulting

Souvenir Business Consult

  • Global souvenir business model innovator and consultant
  • Global souvenir market business consulting and collaboration
  • Business consulting and cooperation in regional souvenir niche markets
  • Consulting for souvenir blue ocean markets, niche markets, and exclusive partners
  • Fashion, art, gift, and luxury multi-element development consulting services provider
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