Full Catalog Souvenir Gifts Manufacturer

Global Souvenir & Gift Expert

Brand Marketing

  • The brand annual advertising gift servicer
  • Global famous brand promotion solution provider
  • A partner committed to providing one-stop-shop solutions for band promotional gifts
  • A research and development manufacturer for new products in advertising & promotional gift industry
Brand Marketing
IP Licenses

IP Licenses

  • Film & Television licensing souvenirs
  • Cartoon characters licensing souvenirs
  • Famous brand licensing souvenirs
  • Universal Studios, and Disney licensing souvenirs
  • Museums, galleries, and university licensing souvenirs
  • IP licensing souvenir event marketing solution integrator

Celebrity Collaboration

Celebrity Collaboration
Fashion Brands

Fashion Brands

  • Fashion brands packaging supplier
  • Fashion brands promotional gift manufacturer
  • Fashion brands souvenir solutions
  • Fashion brands co-branded gift development
  • Fashion brands niche market creator
  • Focused on providing more value-added services for global fashion brands in the field of gifts and souvenirs

Souvenir Wholesaler

  • National Souvenir Wholesalers
  • E-commerce platform souvenir wholesalers
  • Famous tourist attractions souvenir wholesalers
  • Emerging souvenir market partners, like Africa
  • Strategic service providers in niche souvenir markets
  • Professional souvenir supply chain management service for regional souvenir wholesalers
Souvenir Wholesaler
Government Department

Government Department

As a leading souvenir wholesaler, as well as a souvenir supply chain management expert, TALMUD tried to develop local tourism and souvenir market jointly with some government departments and airlines in order to help some developing countries to generate more economic income and provide more employment.

Creating more value for the world is where the social value of our souvenir business model lies.

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