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From the masterpieces of Van Gogh, Monet, and Gauguin to the timeless works of Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Picasso, and Mondrian, and from the outstanding creations of Vermeer, Cézanne, and Renoir to the iconic prints of Katsushika Hokusai, we proudly stand as leaders in the global art souvenir industry.

TALMUD’s founder Charles ZHAO was not only inspired by the fashion and luxury industry in Paris, but also incorporated the talents of globally renowned artists into the development, production, and sales of the souvenir industry.

Art Souvenir
Brand Souvenir Gift


Brand in TALMUD’s business model means more than just the rich experience of 20+ years in providing premium gifts and souvenirs for high-end brands.

In order to provide more professional services to our strategic partners, we have incorporated the concept of brand management into our souvenir business model to establish a superior brand identity in the global souvenir industry.


To stand out from the intense competition defined by low prices and low quality, the TALMUD souvenir team has added fashion into every aspect of our operations, elevating our competitiveness in product development, production, and sales.

Fashionable souvenirs can help us increase the premium price, build our own moat, and increase the loyalty of wholesale and retail customers.

Fashion Souvenir Gift


The gift market has never lacked competition and has always been a red sea market. However, to breathe new life into the traditional gift market, TALMUD has always been a professional in this area.

We thoroughly emphasize premium qualities in every aspect, from design and R&D to production, packaging, and sales. Our exclusive focus is on the high-end gift market.


Luxury transcends mere show-off and high prices. It embodies values, a life philosophy, and a distinctive expression of class.

The founder of TALMUD received a systematic education of MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management at Sup de Luxe in Paris, a private school with the background of Cartier, which gave us a lot of inspiration for the operation of luxury gifts and souvenirs.

Luxury Souvenir Gift
Souvenir Gift


After 20+ years of industry immersion, the TALMUD
entrepreneurship team understands better how to run a souvenir business after being nurtured in the luxury, fashion and art fields.

We operate the souvenir business with altruistic logic, operate the souvenir business with the role of a strategic partner of our customers, and operate the souvenir business with the concept of a global souvenir ecosystem.

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