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Design is the heartbeat of the souvenir industry, backed by over two decades of our expertise.

Our TALMUD design team comprises industry-leading designers, ensuring high quality. Also, our pricing reflects our commitment to delivering outstanding design services, we draw inspiration from the global souvenir industry to nourish our creativity and provide you with excellent designs.

Souvenir Gift Designing
Souvenir Business Marketing


Our founder, Charles ZHAO, majored in marketing at university. After experiencing rich experience in gift operations and formal MBA education in Europe, our marketing level has become increasingly mature and has formed a unique style.

As our pictures show, marketing is never just about selling, it includes concepts like marketing, operating, and selling. We can do a full range of marketing services for your brand, niche market.


Excellent management is important to any company and it directly contributes to higher profit margins.

Relying on an experienced team, TALMUD integrates the souvenir supply chain in China and even Southeast Asia, provides supply chain management services for strategic customers, improves the profit margin of a single order, and reduces the operational risk of an order.

Souvenir Supply Chain Management
Souvenir Business Consulting


With more than 20+ years of experience in the souvenir industry, visits to strategic customers across numerous countries, rich experience in company operations, and excellent supply chain management experience, we can consult in the souvenir industry.

Based on the spirit of altruism, to help customers and partners grow together, we are willing to share our valuable experience and lessons, provide industry consulting services, and establish a global souvenir ecosystem.

Niche Market

The essence of entrepreneurs is continuous innovation. TALMUD team dedicated to the blue ocean market in souvenir industry by finding and creating niche markets. Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit give us the ability to continuously tap niche markets.

The TALMUD team adheres to the spirit of openness and is willing to cooperate with partners from all over the world to develop a niche market in the souvenir industry.

Souvenir Niche Marketing
Global Logistic Service

Global Logistic Service

We provide logistics services in China for our customers all over the world, whether it is ocean freight, air freight, rail transport, express delivery, or warehousing and distribution, TALMUD specializes in providing you with solutions for leading logistics

We can also provide value-added services for your logistics solutions, such as customs clearance, insurance, brokerage services, and more. We have our own partners in major cities in China, which helps us to provide safe, reliable, economical, and customized logistics services.

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