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Founded in 2005, TALMUD has established itself as a trailblazer in the souvenir manufacturing sector in China, offering a wide array of items including national souvenirs, fashion accessories, homewares, and licensed IP products​​.

With a business model grounded in altruism, TALMUD emphasizes customer growth and satisfaction. We excel in supply chain management, ensuring efficient and reliable production and distribution​​.

TALMUD’s approach combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, making them a top choice for wholesalers seeking quality, variety, and a partner dedicated to mutual success in the souvenir industry.

TALMUD is a distinguished leader in the global souvenir industry, renowned for its over 20 years of expertise in crafting a diverse range of high-quality souvenir products.

There are four stages from our company foundation in 2005.

1, First Stage Of Business Start-up ( 2005-2008 )

TALMUD was founded in 2005, Former business was promotional gifts.

The name “TALMUD” is from a book of the Jews, called the Jewish Bible. Our founder, Charles ZHAO, respects the Jewish philosophy of the world and named his company after this book.

Heidelberg Printing Press

Heidelberg Printing Press

Our company was in LongGang Town, which is a town in Wenzhou City, which is famous of printing industry in China.

As an expert in printing section, we can handle many different kinds of printing, such as CMYK printing, silk printing, thermal transfer, sublimation, digital printing, pad printing, laser, embossed, soft enamel.

Our main business was promotional gifts related to printing, such as fridge magnet, bottle opener, key chain, place mat, PE sticks, scrolling banner, etc.

Features of the business model

1, Price competition,

2, Tight production schedules,

3, Low customer loyalty.

Global Brand Personalized Gifts Wholesale Supplier

Brand Personalized Gifts

2, Second Stage Of Business Mold ( 2009-2019 )

Our main business mold be transfered from promotional gifts to souvenir business.

Features of the business model

1, Regular customers, long-term relationship gradually being established,

2, Big brands annual purchase projects supplier,

3, Pay more attention to the quality than to the prices, doing business from the customer’s perspective.

What we did?

1, Served regular customers, and cooperated with them for more services and products,

2, Paid more attention to the quality, including the printing quality,

3, Invariable prices for the regular purchases to help them build long term cooperation with their customers,

4, Business visitation to regular customers.

TALMUD Advantages

1, Premium quality, fast delivery,

2, Customer order-oriented, service-oriented supplier,

3, Diligent, complete follow up on every order and timely reporting to customers.

We were lucky to get some souvenir orders from trading companies, and got the concept of souvenir business step by step.

Customized Souvenir Wholesale Factory

Customized Souvenir

3, Third Stage Of Business Mold ( 2019- 2022 )

Business model be upgraded, based on more than ten years of industry experience, brainstorming visits to customers, and MBA education experience.

Features of the business model

1, From normal promotional gifts to Brands Annual Purchase Partner.

2, Cooperate with foreign souvenir wholesalers.

3, Add Art Souvenir into our business model.

What we did?

1, Recruit designer who has a deep understanding about Art and Fashion,

2, Recruit website operations staff with expert SEO knowledge,

3, Apply MBA knowledge to business model upgrades,

4, Supply chain integration in whole China.

Custom City Souvenir Wholesale ManufacturerCustom City Souvenir Wholesaler

4, Forth Stage Of Business Mold (2023- Future)

From souvenirs and gifts supplier to Business Partners globally,

Move the company from LongGang to Hangzhou City,

Launched the Slogan “Global Souvenir & Gift Expert”.

Features of the business model

1, Long-term cooperation,

2, Strategic partnership to help customers succeed,

3, Design, quality are more important than prices,

4, From manufacturer to partner, add fashion, art, luxury iconic to the products.

TALMUD Hangzhou Office

TALMUD Hangzhou Office

What we will do?

1, Establishing five product lines in the categories of souvenirs, licensed gifts, home products, fashion, and jewelry.

2, Integrate supply chain in Asia.

3, Provide supply chain support for customers’ souvenir business, including regular customers, potential customers with special attributes.

4, Work with strategic clients to develop blue ocean markets and Niche markets in the souvenir industry.

5, Global strategic partner visitation plan to support our partners effectively.

6, Global souvenir cities business cooperation, develop the local souvenir market through joint stock cooperation with strategic partners.


1, Reasonable prices, 3-5 years prices invariable for strategic partners,

2, 100% good quality for retails, bad quality products will be produced freely in next order,

3, VIP customers visitation, develop the Niche market and blue ocean markets, share the information with all strategic partners globally,

4, Business secret protection, to be the invisible supplier of our customers,

5, Select 1-3 strategic partners in each country, growing together with customers and avoiding vicious competition, especially low-price & bad-quality competition,

6, Altruistic business philosophy, transformation of role from supplier to business plan partner, helping customers succeed,

7, Europe MBA education background, global vision, with the Western thinking logic.

8, Cooperate with 1 strategic partner to explore local market together.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

TALMUD Factory

As a leader in the global niche souvenir sector, TALMUD seamlessly integrates traditional souvenir markets with modern business concepts. Our expertly designed souvenirs accommodate different preferences and facilitate the global niche souvenir market development.

TALMUD’s journey from a local manufacturer to a global souvenir leader is marked by innovation, strategic vision, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our approach of blending traditional values with modern business practices has enabled them to carve a unique niche in the global souvenir industry.

For wholesalers and retailers looking for a reliable, innovative, and globally-oriented souvenir manufacturing partner, TALMUD stands as your ideal choice.

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