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TALMUD: Your Custom Placemats Wholesale Supplier in China

TALMUD has been a reputable placemat manufacturing factory in China since 2005. With over 20 years of expertise, the business manufactures high-quality placemats. Your placemat projects will be achieved due to our established supply chain and expert manufacturing team.

Ours focuses on niche markets like placemats with a basketball theme, art, and more. TALMUD guarantees exceptional quality and originality. Send in your placemat inquiry now, and you should have a competitive quote in less than a day.

Use TALMUD’s classy and crafty placemat designs to elevate your dining experience.

Advertising Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Plastic, PP,
Size: 40 x 30 cm, or custom,
Logo: UV printing,
Hashtag: Fashion, art, souvenir.

Cork Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Cork, paper,
Size: 29 x 21.5 cm, or custom,
Logo: Full colors printing,
MOQ: 1 000 pcs.

Cotton Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Fabric,
Size: Personalized,
MOQ: 1 000 pcs,
Hashtag: Washable, foldable, OEM.

Dinner Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Polyester,
Size: 40 x 29 cm,
Payment: T/T, Paypal, etc,
Hashtag: Reusable, cheap, retails.

Foldable Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Fabric, polyester,
Size: 40 x 29 cm,
MOQ: 3 000 pcs,
Package: Bulk packaging.

Hotel Placemat Manufacturer and supplier in China

Material: Polyester, plastic,
Size: 21 x 29 cm, or custom,
Design: Paris, Eiffel Tower,
Hashtag: Hotel, gifts, art, fashion.

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TALMUD Artist Placemat Cases (10)

  • Custom Alphonse Mucha Placemat Wholesale Supplier In China.

    Size: Personalized,
    Application: Souvenir Gifts, Art Gifts,
    Usage: Advertising Gifts, Promotional Gifts,

    TALMUD is a leading customized Alphonse Mucha art PP placemat wholesale manufacturer in China since 2005.

  • Custom Auguste Renoir Placemat Wholesale Supplier In China.

    Size: 29×21 cm,
    MOQ: 1 000 pcs/ design.
    Application: Souvenir Gifts, Art Gifts,
    Usage: Advertising Gifts, Promotional Gifts,

    TALMUD is a leading customized Auguste Renoir placematplacemat wholesale factory in China with almost 20 years history.

  • Customized Claude Monet Art Placemat Wholesale Manufacturer In China.

    Material: Polyester, plastic,
    Size: Customized,
    Thickness: Personalized,
    Usage: National Souvenir, Influencer Gifts,

    TALMUD is your best custom Claude Monet placemat wholesale manufacturer in China with almost 20 years history.

  • Custom Claude Monet Placemat Wholesale Supplier In China.

    Size: Customized, 29×21 cm,
    MOQ: 1 000 pcs/ design.
    Application:Museum Gifts, Art Gallery Gifts,

    TALMUD is a leading customized Claude Monet placemat wholesale supplier in China with almost 20 years history.

  • Custom Van Gogh PP Placemat Wholesale Supplier In China.

    Material:Plastic, PP,
    MOQ: 1 000 pcs/ design.
    Application: Souvenir Gifts, Art Gallery Gifts,
    Usage: Advertising Gifts, Influencer Gifts,

    TALMUD is an expertised customized Van Gogh PP placemat wholesale manufacturer in China since 2005.

  • Personalized Gustav Klimt Placemat Wholesale Supplier In China.

    Material: PP,Plastic
    Size: Customized,
    MOQ: 1 000 pcs/ design.
    Usage: National Souvenir,  Advertising Gifts,

    TALMUD is a leading customized Gustav Klimt placemat wholesale factory in China since 2005.

  • Customized Paul Cezanne Placemat Wholesale Manufacturer In China.

    Size: 29×21 cm,
    MOQ: 1000 pcs/ design,
    Usage:Anime Authorization,  Advertising Gifts,

    TALMUD is your best custom Paul Cezanne placemat wholesale supplier in China with almost 20 years history.

  • Personalized Van Gogh Placemat Wholesale Supplier In China.

    Size: Customized,
    Thickness: Personalized,
    Usage:Promotional Gifts,  Advertising Gifts,

    TALMUD is a leading custom Van Gogh placemat wholesale factory in China with almost 20 years history.

  • Customized Paul Gauguin Placemat Wholesale Manufacturer In China.

    Material: Cork, PP,
    Size: Customized, 40×29 cm,
    Application: Souvenir Gifts, Museum Gifts,

    TALMUD is your best custom Paul Gauguin placemat wholesale factory in China since 2005.

  • Personalized Van Gogh Art Placemat Wholesale Supplier In China.

    Size: Customized,
    Usage: National Souvenir,  Advertising Gifts,

    TALMUD is an expertised customized Van Gogh art placemat wholesale supplier in China since 2005.

TALMUD Souvenir Customer Image

  1. National Souvenirs for both Retail and Wholesale Markets
  2. Handcrafted Keepsakes Tailored for Celebrities, Influencers, and Movie Artists
  3. Selection of Online and Offline Collectible Memorabilia for Retailers and Wholesalers
  4. Collectibles that Cater to Both Retail and Wholesale Markets for Art Studios and Museums
  5. Personalized Sports Memorabilia that caters to Basketball, Football, and Major Sporting Events
  6. Custom Mementos that Meet the Exclusive Standards of Government and Institutional Collections
  7. Customized Souvenirs for Academic Institutions Including Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  8. Personalized Collectibles Featuring Iconic Themes like Alice in Wonderland and Other Cartoon Characters
TALMUD Souvenir Gift Customer Images
TALMUD Global Strategic Customer

TALMUD Global Strategic Customer

  1. Strategic Collaborations with Popular Celebrities and Influencers
  2. International Partnerships through Custom Event Marketing Strategies
  3. Custom Memorabilia Services for Government and Institutional Clients
  4. Luxurious Promotional Items in Partnership with Fashion and High-End Brands
  5. Annual Customized Promotional Gifts and Souvenir Solutions for Global Brands
  6. Exclusive Global Experiences with Souvenir Gifts from an International Supplier
  7. Promoting Global Influence via Event Sponsorship Tokens with a Recognized Souvenir Authority

TALMUD: Your Manufacturer of Wholesale Placemats in China

In China, TALMUD is the leading factory in placemat manufacturing. TALMUD is your preferred supplier for premium placemats, with 5 innovative manufacturing factories and a daily capacity of 30,000 pieces.

Utilize the advantages of our reduced MOQ service as an Amazon FBA seller, guaranteeing a great beginning for your placemat business. View our variety of placemat alternatives, which may be customized to fit 40x29cm or 29×21.5cm. It is made from wood, MDF, acrylic, PP, or polyester.

Placemat customization for various markets, such as art, basketball, celebrities, football, museums, national, sports, universities, and more, is a TALMUD area of expertise. Partner with TALMUD to gain exclusive benefits in the souvenir industry.

In addition to business consultancy, we collaborate in local specialized souvenir markets and run a premium manufacturer development program. As the industry leader in the specialized souvenir market worldwide, we help clients progressively increase their market share.

Participate in TALMUD’s yearly strategic customer visitation program to see how your placemat business succeeds. Send in your placemat request now and take pleasure in TALMUD’s excellent quality and service to grow your business.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

wholesaleBrand Promotional Gifts Manufacturer


  • Your business will be elevated by the influential branding of our customized promotional gifts.


  • Select our comprehensive annual programs for exceptional brand marketing. Profit from our effective management and manufacturing solutions.

custom Event Marketing Gifts Supplier

  • Your #1 choice for reasonably priced, customized business presents.



  • One of the top suppliers of factory-direct branded gifts for influencer and social media marketing.

custom National Souvenirs wholesale manufacturing factory in China

  • Presenting outstanding products and services to clients worldwide can expand the market interest in your brand.


  • Craft exceptional goods that interest customers worldwide while increasing productivity by applying innovative concepts that TALMUD offers.


  • View our collection for a variety of city and country souvenirs that can help you market your gifts to your potential customers in an active way.

100% Quality Guarantee By TALMUD

  • TALMUD guarantees exceptional quality regardless of the order quantity, which is one piece or a million.


  • Whether it comes from TALMUD or is made by others, we offer high-quality products for your promotional demands.


  • TALMUD is a trusted supplier of constantly excellent items that can complete minimal or massive orders and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

TALMUD‘s Customers

  • Visit our international online wholesaler to browse a variety of extraordinary gifts. Serving influencers, institutions, event planners, and brand corporations.


  • Using a nearby wholesaler can improve the pleasure of sending gifts. It also supports designers, custom businesses, and government agencies.


  • Our online platform establishes connections with social media influencers and internet superstars. As a leading global manufacturer of gifts, we provide a range of personalized presents for families that create treasured memories.

TALMUD Global Souvenir Cases

  • custom Italy Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Piazza Navona is one of the busiest places in Rome, originally a stadium built by the Domitian emperor in 86 BC, it has been transformed into a public square, but still maintains an oval shape.

    There are many incredible sights in the square, such as Bernini sculptures, beautiful churches, and exquisite fountains. Of course, remember to bring home a few TALMUD custom Italian souvenirs.

  • custom Katsushika Hokusai Souvenir Gift wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    “The Great Wave at Kanagawa” is part of a series of Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, which is known as the most famous work of the famous Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

    Hokusai was very popular in Europe, and his artistic achievements influenced Impressionist painters such as Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. TALMUD pays homage to Hokusai with exquisite art souvenirs.

  • custom Netherlands Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    Head to The Hague to discover the glamour of ancient royalty, and don’t forget the Noordeinde Palace. This is a great destination for you to experience Dutch history. The Hague also has the famous Ridderzaal, a castle-like building built in the 13th century.

    TALMUD is a strategic partner for customized souvenirs in Europe. We provide excellent souvenir services for European countries, famous tourist cities, art museums, churches, etc.

  • Vincent van Gogh Custom Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturing Factory In China

    In addition to Starry Night, Van Gogh’s most famous work should be the irises. This is Vincent’s classic work in his later years, calling it “the lightning rod for my illness” because he felt that his work was good medicine for his spiritual comfort.

    Vincent van Gogh is the most famous label in the world art world. Souvenir industries in the Netherlands, France, Austria, and other countries are enjoying the benefits of his artistic talent. TALMUD specializes in providing Van Gogh custom gifts.

  • custom Austria Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    If you are an art lover, be sure to visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. It houses the best art and treasures, including master paintings by Titian, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Veronese, and many Spanish, Dutch, and Italian artists.

    Austria is rich in natural scenery and cultural and artistic resources. TALMUD is your best wholesale factory for customized souvenirs in Austria. We promise 100% good quality for your souvenir shop’s retail.

  • Oscar Claude Monet Custom Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturing Factory In China

    French impressionist artist Monet’s “Haystacks” series consists of 25 works, depicting haystacks in the fields near Giverny, France, the difference in light perception at different times of the day, seasons, and weather types.

    TALMUD is famous all over the world for its tourist souvenirs. Our creative team also focuses on the development of some famous artists’ customized souvenirs and museum gifts, providing China’s complete industrial chain support.

  • custom Portugal Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    The Dom Luis Bridge is located in Porto, a famous tourist city in Portugal. It was built in the late 19th century and is a double-decker metal bridge that spans the Douro River and connects the bustling Ribeira neighborhood with the Port wine cellars in the Vila Nova de Gaia neighborhood.

    TALMUD is your expert Portugal custom souvenir wholesale factory in China. You can personalize gifts for your city, your brands, or even for your personal business.

  • Gustav Klimt Custom Souvenirs Wholesale Manufacturing Factory In China

    The Three Ages of Woman is a 1905 painting by this Austrian artist. Gustav Klimt painted three women of different ages to illustrate the cycle of life. The painting is now in the collection of the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna.

    TALMUD utilizes the processing advantages of China’s industrial chain to help Austrian souvenir wholesalers provide high-quality services. We are your first partner for Austria customized souvenir suppliers in China.

  • custom German Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    The Brandenburg Gate is an iconic landmark in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Its architectural style is neoclassical, as a symbol of peace. This 18th-century gate has become the city’s icon and is popular with tourists.

    The TALMUD souvenir creation team has a deep understanding of the needs of the German souvenir market, and is committed to providing high-quality gifts, competitive prices, and exclusive services. We are your best supplier of custom souvenirs in Germany.

TALMUD: Your Top Factory of Custom Placemats in China

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

With over 20 years of experience in supplying excellent placemats, TALMUD differentiates its position as the leading placemat manufacturing provider in China. TALMUD provides surpassing support to help you rule the placemat market, regardless of your industry art, basketball, celebrities, football, museums, national, university, or sports-related markets.


Make use of the expertise of TALMUD team to guarantee performance in the souvenir and promotion markets. Utilizing a wide range of placemat options, TALMUD draws on more than two decades of manufacturing experience and environmentally acceptable raw materials that exceed both US and EU regulations.


TALMUD protects your supply chain as a trade secret and values the privacy of your placemat designs and samples. Utilize TALMUD’s OEM and ODM services to personalize placemats to meet the needs of your niche.

Send your placemat inquiry now to get a competitive edge, and you’ll receive a fast quote in less than 12 hours. Make an increased mark on the placemat market with TALMUD high-quality products, reliable service, and commitment to your accomplishments.



TALMUD Logistics Service

TALMUD Logistics Services

Choose our comprehensive logistical services for an effective handling of your shipment.


  • Our international rail shipping offers enhanced control with adherence to precise rail business schedules. 


  • Trust in TALMUD air cargo transportation, ensuring strict security procedures for the safety of your goods.


  • Benefit from the optimal weight and storage solutions of sea freight containers, ideal for heavy and oversized items. 


  • Experience fast and customized delivery options with our fast shipping service, reaching global destinations seamlessly. 


  • Our warehousing solutions, which include batch purchase and organized transportation, are ideal for businesses selling presents and souvenirs. 


Work with us for a hassle-free logistical experience.


TALMUD’s Standards: Economy, Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability

1, What Is A Placemat?

1 - Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 1 – Placemat

With more than two decades of expertise, TALMUD is a leading placemat supplier in China that focuses on manufacturing items for retail. We provide personalized placemats for a variety of uses, including display, protection, and advertising. 

Here is an example of our outstanding craftsmanship in action: a keepsake placemat for Gustav Klimt in Austria. Custom table mats, which showcase famous artists like Monet and Van Gogh, are also available from us. Check out our assortment of attractive tabletop options.

2, Do You Get Placemats In Different Materials?

2 - Plastic Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – Plastic Placemat

Placemats protect tables from liquid stains, heat, and stains from food. Natural materials like wood, cork, or bamboo are used in protective placemats, while decorative options like silk, linen, and lace improve appearances.


To meet specific demands, synthetic options such as rayon, satin, polyester, nylon, PVC, polypropylene, and MDF blends are available. 


See how to incorporate protective and decorative parts with a variety of material possibilities to create modern and practical placemats for your table settings.

3, Are Placemats Available In Different Sizes?

Explore TALMUD to get an assortment of placemats in various sizes and shapes. Our popular large-sized placemats, which come in convenient sets of four or more and measure 30 x 40 cm or 21.5 x 29 cm, will elevate your eating experience.

Check wholesale rates and customized sizes for personal and professional use. TALMUD offers high-quality placemats that will complement any table setting and provide both fashion and function for all events.

4, How Do You Use Advertising Placemats?

3 - Advertising Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4 – Advertising Placemat

Effectively advertise your business with attractive placemats. These personalized mats, which come in a variety of colors and styles, are a great way to display your business’s information, contact data, and special offers.


Reach more customers by utilizing tabletops at target restaurants, lodging facilities, and events. Create engaging placemats to get the most attention possible, and get creative design ideas from TALMUD’s expert team.

Investigate several placemat options and make reasonable bulk purchases. Please contact us here for more suggestions for promotional gifts. Increase brand awareness with our adaptable advertising options.

5, Are Cork Placemats Good?

4 - Cork Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5 – Cork Placemat

Find natural materials that are heat-resistant, spill-proof, and have sustainable coatings for creative designs. These options with high heat resistance can be used to construct durable surfaces that will ensure durability and style in your work.


For your projects, find the ideal balance between style and protection. These materials provide both practicality and beauty, making them perfect for crafting durable and beautiful designs. These high-end, heat-resistant solutions will elevate your work.

6, Are Cotton Or Polyester Placemats Better?

5 - Cotton Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6 – Cotton Placemat

Polyester placemats are superior to cotton counterparts, being heavier, more absorbent, and highly durable. Our enhanced water absorption and durability make them a practical choice. 


In contrast, cotton placemats, while softer, are pricier and less durable. Opt for spun polyester for a cost-effective, long-lasting solution to elevate your dining experience.

7, How Do You Set A Table With Dinner Placemats?

6 - Dinner Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7 – Dinner Placemat

This is a simple setup for your placemat at meal:


  • On the table, the placemat is positioned as needed.
  • Approximately in the middle of the placemat, position the dinner plate.
  • Arrange the plate and placemat to the left of a neatly folded napkin.
  • Use the napkin to hold your fork.
  • After the placemat, position the knife to the right of the plate.
  • To the right of the knife, place the spoon.
  • Set the glass of water slightly above the dish.
8, Why Are Foldable Placemats Useful On-The-Go Mats?

7 - Foldable Placema manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8 – Foldable Placemat

Create your personal space with a foldable placemat. Print designs on them that you like for the outdoors.


Use materials that allow you to roll, fold and carry this foldable placemat with you on all your trips.


Available in round, rectangle, and square shapes, you get these placemats in different colors.


These are durable placemats that do not deteriorate or corrode. They are dishwasher safe, heat resistant, tasteless, and odorless. They do not gather mold, bacteria, or fungus.

9, How Do You Renew Your Kitchen With Hotel Placemats?

8 - Hotel Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9 – Hotel Placemat

Hotel placemats are a great addition to any modern kitchen, as they come in different kinds of designs including stripe designs that can be easily wiped and cleaned after it is used.


You can opt for collector items in different tones and royal colors. These can be wrinkled and held together with decorative ribbons. Use them for occasions, including France souvenir wholesale business.

10, Do You Get Non-Stain Kids Placemats?

9 - Kids Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10 – Kids Placemat

With kids around, there are bound to be quite a few spills and messy tables. It’s best to use kid-friendly placemats that are strain-free.


Get them in sets of four and more. Design them to be educational and useful as learning tools. These placemats are studied, made of non-slip and food-grade polypropylene material that is durable, easily cleanable, and usable.


Some artist’s studios are our strategic partners, as well as famous museums, TALMUD has supplied customized placemats for exhibitions and collections, such as Paul Gauguin, Piet Mondrian, etc.


Use these kids’ placemats daily. Clean them as often as you want without ruining the fabric. The design won’t fade away.

11, Can You Get Heat Resistant Kitchen Placemats?

10 - Kitchen Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 11 – Kitchen Placemat

This kitchen placemat is made of cork+ MDF material, the design is Van Gogh‘s famous painting of Almond Blossoms.


You can also get heat-resistant kitchen placemats made of faux linen burlap materials. These kitchen placemats in rectangular. They are eco-friendly kitchen accessories available in standard 29 x 40 cm and custom sizes and sets.


Made of stain- and scratch-proof material, the kitchen placemat is meant for daily use. Choose from different colors to match the stuff you keep on your patio. Place it under your wooden farmhouse table or create a casual kitchen decor with these fancy polyester and polyester-blend kitchen placemats.

12, Do You Get Machine Washable Linen Placemats?

11 - Linen Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 12 – Linen Placemat

Yes, you can get machine washable linen placemats that keep your tables stain-free and clean. Get your cross-woven vinyl non-slip insulated placemats or go in for stonewashed linen cloth placemats.


Find designer placemats that upgrade your table decor. These placemats are flexible. If creases are formed, simply soak them in water and get them back into shape by placing a heavy object on them.


You get them in different patterns and colors. Though the fabric is a bit thin, this is a highly presentable, washable, and versatile placemat.

13, How Are Natural MDF Wood Print Placemats Useful?

12 - MDF Plaeemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 13 – MDF Placemat

They are heat-resistant natural placemats made of MDF and cork material.


Get them in natural wood prints. These round placemats are around 38 cm in diameter and are insulated against both heat and sound.


You do not hear the clanging of vessels and utensils when you keep them on these placemats.


They are non-toxic. Use them in different settings including family functions, banquets, and restaurants. Present them as creative gifts on housewarming occasions, anniversaries, and other events.

14, Do You Get Outdoor Placemats For The Patio Table?

13 - Outdoor Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 14 – Outdoor Placemat

Yes, you get this heat-resistant, washable, and wipeable outdoor placemat made of vinyl material.


Ask for standard sizes ranging from 41 x 30 cm in sets of six or more or go in for custom sizes that meet your specific requirements.


TALMUD offer you matching outdoor placemats for wooden tables, glass tables, different color dining tables, BBQs, and lavish dinner settings.


You get this in symmetrical pattern designs and other elegant designs with or without scalloped edges.

15, Do You Get Eco-Friendly Paper Placemats?

14 - Paper Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 15 – Paper Placemat

Get heavy-weight 60-pound paper placemats that are eco-friendly and disposable.


These are made of high-quality paper that is easy to place on the table.


They are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee by TALMUD’s reputation that exceeds US and European Union standards.


You are guaranteed high-quality paper placemats with ODM and OEM services.

16, How Are Personalized Placemats Printed?

15 - Printed Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 16 – Printed Placemat

Choose from single-sided or double-sided printing options with graphics including photographs that you can optimize using online designing tools.


Create appealing and cute templates, feel free to email us at, or WhatsApp at + 86 15858871001.


The in-house design team of the expert factory, TALMUD, transfers your images into durable ultra-heavy laminated paper to create personalized laminated placemats.

17, Are PVC Placemats Heat Resistant?

16 - PVC Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 16 – PVC Placemat

Not only are their heat resistant, but PVC placemats are also wear-resistant, tasteless, flame-retardant, and are made of non-slip material.


Use these durable PVC placemats on your food table or use them as decorating pieces. They are easy to clean with just soap and water.

18, Are Polypropylene Placemats Safe?

17 - Polypropylene Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 18 – Polypropylene Placemat

Polypropylene is one of the safest materials for placemats.

It is heat resistant and robust enough to be used both indoors and outdoors because they are not heavy at all.


These placemats do not leech when exposed to hot water. They tolerate excessive heat.


Get them as oven-washable PP placemats or double-layered placemats with or without scalloped edges.


Print personalized messages on your PP placemats, they can be printed with double sides.

19, Do You Get Silicone Placemats For The Kitchen Counter?

18 - Silicone Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 19 – Silicone Placemat

Food-grade silicone placemats are highly popular among homeowners, especially because of the protective coats that make them perfect for use on kitchen counters and countertops.


Silicone placemats are heat resistant, stain-resistant, and much lighter than other plastic materials.


You can easily clean these durable placemats. They are delicate, available in a variety of colors, and match the décor of your kitchen.


A manufacturer like TALMUD can also create custom designs for you.

20, Do You Get Souvenir Placemats For Resorts And Tourist Attractions?

19 - Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 20 – Souvenir Placemat

Souvenir placemats are perfect keepsakes distributed by parks, restaurants, hotels, resorts, zoos, aquariums, and sports clubs.


Made of PP, they remain intact for years reminding customers of the time they spent at that resort.


Souvenir placemats are designed to sell products and services, so you get them with graphic images.


Choose from your media content from the extensive library maintained by TALMUD to arrive at your customized souvenir placemat.


TALMUD is a master in souvenir manufacturing in China, we can also supply souvenir coasters, souvenir trays, souvenir magnets, etc.

21, Can You Get Vinyl Placemats?

20 - Vinyl Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 21 – Vinyl Placemat

Yes, you can get vinyl placemats that are easy to clean. They are available in royal colors.


Choose from polyester or PVC materials or choose a combination of 70% PVC and 30% polyester to design your own eco-friendly, heat-resistant, washable, and non-slip placemat.


Get them in rectangular and other shapes. Package sizes vary as per your requirements. Ask for 45 x 30 cm placemat sizes. Use them as fashion placemats or home decoration accessories.


They are comfortable, and luxurious, and become an integral part of your dining table.

22, Where Can You Get Wooden Placemat Sets?

21 - Wooden Placemat Set manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 22 – Wooden Placemat Set

Get the most cost-effective wooden placemat sets from TALMUD in China.


Choose from innumerable designs, color combinations, and functional features.


Our design team has over 20 years of experience designing wooden placemat sets and wooden coasters. Your designs and samples are safe from abuse.


We can work with you to create your custom placemat supply chain. Your inquiries are answered with a quote in less than 12 hours.

23, Should You Leave Placemats On The Table?

Placemats are made of materials that protect the table from scratches and excessive heat. You can easily cover your table with a placemat set.

24 How Do You Pick A Placemat?

Choose a placemat that is wide enough to hold your plates and cutlery.


You should be able to place a glass above your plate. If your table is large enough, use larger placemats to meet your specific dining table manners.

25, Can You Use Square Mats On A Round Table?

22 - Square Placemats On Round Tables manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 25 – Square Placemats On Round Tables

If you have a round table, you have several options to use around a placemat of different sizes to accommodate the number of occupants at the table.


The general practice is to use a square or rectangle placemat on a rectangular table.


Choose from materials like polyester and vinyl to create an elegant look.

26, Do You Use Placemats With A Table Runner?

23 - Table Runner And Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 26 – Table Runner With Placemats

Yes, the idea is to use placemats of the same fabric or color with a table runner. Change the patterns and textures to complement the table runner.


The placemat must stand out, as it is smaller than the tablecloth. Do this by making subtle changes in color and design.

27, Can You Use Chargers With Placemats?

Yes, you can place a charger plate on top of a placemat at the seat where you want the service to begin.


Serve soups, starters, and other items first at this charger plate. Then move along to the other plates kept on the table.

28, Is It Okay To Use Placemats With A Tablecloth?

24 - Placemats On Wooden Table manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 28 – Placemats On Wooden Tables

Create your intimate settings on the table with the right combination of placemat and tablecloth.


There are no hard and fast rules to do this. Use your creative instincts to come up with the right design.

29, How Do You Keep A Placemat Clean On The Table?
  • On inspection, remove signs of dried food particles with a butter knife.
  • Pour hot water into a large casserole. Add a delicate cleanser to the water.
  • Dip these placemats into the soapy solution.
  • Scrub the placemat using your hands or a soft-bristled brush until you are satisfied that the stains are gone.
  • Keep the placemat under running water for a few minutes.
  • Hang these placemats on your clothes rack to dry.
30, What Are The Best Placemats To Protect Wooden Tables?

Use placemats made of linen, cotton, or vinyl fabric.

Excessive heat can damage your wooden table, so make sure you choose a placemat that is heat resistant.

31, Can You Wash Your Plastic Placemat In The Dishwasher Or Washing Machine?

Periodically wash them in the dishwasher. A washing machine wash is rougher, so you cannot wash plastic or vinyl placemats in the washing machine.

32, Are Bamboo Placemats Heat Resistant?

25 - Bamboo Placemats manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 32 – Bamboo Placemats

Yes, placemats made of natural bamboo material have excellent thermal insulation properties. You’ll find some of the most decorative bamboo placemats with TALMUD.

33, Are Slate Placemats Heat Resistant?

Slate material has incredible heat-resistant properties. You can keep hot cups of tea or coffee on them without leaving burn marks on the table.

They are extremely easy to hand wash and wipe with a cloth. However, you cannot wash them in your dishwasher or washing machine. Your supplier can advise you on the best way to care for your slate placemats.

34, Are Chilewich Placemats Heat Resistant?

26 - Chilewich Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 34 – Chilewich Placemats

Yes, they are designed as outdoor placemats capable of withstanding temperatures up to 85° Fahrenheit.

35, Can You Laminate Cloth Placemats?

Cloth placemats with protective coats can be laminated to create fancy kids’ placemats. You can contact your manufacturer or supplier to find out what options they have for you for lamination.

36, Can You Cut Vinyl Placemats?

Yes, vinyl placemats are cut with clean edges. You can also sew them to create custom-designed and colored placemats.


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