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  • Mondrian Shoulder Bag
  • Starry Night Duffel Bag
  • Van Gogh Leather Bag
  • Leather Handbag
  • A Fashion Girl With Mondrian Cotton Bag
  • Mondrian Shoulder Bag
  • Starry Night Duffel Bag
  • Van Gogh Leather Bag
  • Leather Handbag
  • A Fashion Girl With Mondrian Cotton Bag

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TALMUD Are Your First Shoulder Bag Wholesale Supplier In China With Deep Understanding With Art And Fashion.

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What Is Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is a type of handbag that is typically designed to be carried over one shoulder with a strap. This style of bag can vary in size, shape, and material but is generally characterized by its shoulder strap, which allows for hands-free carrying.


Shoulder bags are known for their convenience and versatility, making them popular for both casual and formal occasions.


Materials used in shoulder bags are diverse, including leather, canvas, nylon, and other synthetic fabrics, each offering different aesthetics and durability.


As a leading wholesaler with over 20 years of experience, TALMUD bring a legacy of excellence to the shoulder bag market, especially in souvenir and fashion gifts. Our shoulder bags, known for their practicality and versatility.

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Art Shoulder Bag

When it comes to beautiful custom art shoulder bags, TALMUD are your best option. Being a reputable wholesale factory supplier in China, we have over 20 years of experience in the shoulder bag market.


Our determination to manufacture personalized bags covered with classic artworks by masters like Van Gogh, MonetKlimt, and other artists sets us differently. Discover our assortment, carefully designed for artistic expression and function.

At TALMUD, we place a high value on fine craftsmanship, producing every bag a durable work of art that is customized to fit specific preferences. With our distinctive and client-focused art shoulder bags, you can improve your retail products.

Canvas Shoulder Bag

Find the canvas shoulder bags from TALMUD, an indicator of more than 20 years of experience in wholesaling. These bags are a popular addition to souvenir collections in addition to being useful brand gifts.


Our adherence to sustainability can be seen in every edge, which makes these bags an ideal environmentally responsible option that complies with modern environmental standards. With a multitude of personalization choices, you can let your creativity manage and customize these durable, useful bags to fit your style.

For your custom shoulder bag projects, take advantage of our expert supply chain, which guarantees excellent quality and prompt delivery.

Cotton Shoulder Bag

With TALMUD cotton shoulder bags which are expertly manufactured by a trusted manufacturer in the souvenir business, you can experience a new level of trends, convenience, and sustainability. 


TALMUD with more than 20 years of experience, provides the ideal balance between environmental responsibility and style. Our natural cotton, lightweight bags are an excellent choice for everyday usage and demonstrate our commitment to sustainable processes.


Express your creativity with our customizable options, allowing you to personalize colors, patterns, and sizes.  Perfect for souvenirs, every bag becomes an original representation of an individual’s taste in fashion.


Our custom bags are made from sustainable cotton resources, thus suitable for customers who are concerned about the environment. TALMUD cotton shoulder bags are useful and adaptable, easily going for inside and outside activity.


Easy storage is guaranteed by a foldable, compact shape. We are your strategic partner in China as an established wholesale manufacturer with a comprehensive understanding of the global souvenir market. Learn how TALMUD ecological responsibility and modern design are shown in each bag.

Museum Shoulder Bag

With our museum shoulder bags, TALMUD seamlessly integrate high craftsmanship and cultural style. With more than 20 years of expertise in the bag business, we unite exceptional manufacturing processes, art, and legacy.


Experience a museum like never before with our bags representing TALMUD drive to innovation and customer satisfaction and upgrading your experience beyond souvenir shopping. Our personalized museum shoulder bags are expertly designed with premium materials and workmanship.


Being able to provide customized options is strengthened by TALMUD years of expertise in the supply chain. Museums can work with us to produce exclusive souvenir bags that perfectly embody certain exhibitions or the overall design of the museum shoulder bag.

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TALMUD: Your Reliable Custom Shoulder Bags Wholesale Manufacturer

TALMUD’s personalized shoulder bag is a perfect blend of innovative design and practicality. Celebrating over 20 years in the wholesale industry, TALMUD are a leader in the shoulder bag market, especialy in souvenir and big brand gifts.

Customized Shoulder Bags: Your Brand’s Story in Every Detail

At TALMUD, customization is at the heart of our craftsmanship. We transform ordinary cotton shoulder bags into unique brand narratives. Picture a simple shoulder bag evolving into a mobile billboard for your brand, a keepsake imbued with your identity.

Commitment to Quality and Eco-Friendliness

Our approach to sustainability is intentional and deeply rooted. As a responsable wholesale supplier, we prioritize eco-friendly production. Our shoulder bags, synonymous with sustainability, offering durability and environmental care.

Global Vision: TALMUD’s Insight In Shoulder Bag Industry

TALMUD’s global niche souvenir wholesaler for years. We provide global strategic partner visitation plans, helping regular customers with high-quality servic and important industry trends, ocupying more market in customized shoulder bags.

Innovative Business Model: Shaping the Future of Shoulder Bags

Innovation drives TALMUD. Our manager team, leveraging market insights and consumer trends, continually refreshes our business model. With over two decades of experience, we lead the market in business innovation.

TALMUD’s story is woven from passion, innovation, and commitment. As a wholesale manufacturer of premium shoulder bags, we are recognized for our bespoke designs, eco-friendly approach, and global perspective.

1, What Is Shoulder Bag?

Souvenir Shopping Bag

Figure 1 – Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is a versatile handbag worn over the shoulder, known for its convenience. It comes in various sizes and materials, like leather or canvas, and is designed for hands-free use. Ideal for carrying daily essentials, shoulder bags combine functionality with style, suitable for both casual and formal settings.


With our customized selection of shoulder bags, you can find the best shoulder bags which are made from high-quality materials like authentic leather and durable canvas, perfectly integrating convenience and elegance.


These adaptable shoulder bags offer an ideal hands-free approach, whether you’re going about your everyday routine or need to make a statement at a formal gathering. Grab a perfect partner for carrying out all of your needs by browsing our selection of sizes and styles.

2, What Makes TALMUD's Souvenir Shoulder Bags Professional?

custom Alice In Wonderland Cotton Bag wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – Promotional Shoulder Bag


Explore the extraordinary souvenir shoulder bags from TALMUD, a testament to more than 20 years of expertise in the international souvenir shoulder bag market. Our custom-made products expertly unite quality control with useful utility.


These customized bags are made from premium materials and offer a long lifespan for regular usage. With our fashionable shoulder bags, you can uplift your brand while developing trendy gifts and souvenir collections that will last a lifetime.

With TALMUD innovative shoulder bags, you can take part in the level of luxury and artistry.

3, Why Choose TALMUD For My Custom Shoulder Bag?

Figure 3 – Souvenir Shoulder Bag


With exceptional expertise and a long history covering more than 20 years, TALMUD stands out as a notable leader in the shoulder bag industry. The three-in-one combination of sustainability, creativity, and quality is our greatest asset.

Increasing your style of product, we are experts at customizing branding, colors, and patterns to fit your interests and preferences. Benefit from our streamlined supply chain in China, guaranteeing productivity.

4, What Is TALMUD's Global Partner Visitation?

Cotton Tote Bag

Figure 4 – Artist Shoulder Bag

Find the best global strategic partner visitation service for personalized museum shoulder bags offered by TALMUD, which offers prompt access to modern trends.


Our end-to-end services, which include design advice and delivery, guarantee an easy process for customers purchasing custom cotton shoulder bags that draw in museum-goers.


Keep up to date with the effort we make to provide the latest trends. With TALMUD unique products, you can boost your museum experience and highlight what makes you different in the marketplace.

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