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TALMUD: A Leading Manufacturer of Custom License Plates

TALMUD stands as the leading license plate artist in China, build your souvenir retail presence in niche markets such as Art, Celebrity, Sports, etc.

With a rich history in souvenir plate manufacturing, TALMUD is your dedicated partner for creating unique license plates inspired by Artist, Football, National heritage, and University gifts.

Look into our comprehensive catalog of custom souvenir license plates to increase your souvenir market shares.

souvenir license plate

Material: 0.6mm Aluminum,
Size: 12”x 6”, or custom,
Logo: Printing, full colors,
Nation: USA souvenir gifts.

Souvenir Car License Plate

Material: Metal,
Size: 6×12 inches or custom,
Logo: embossed printing,
MOQ: 1 000 pcs/ design.

Decorative License Plates

Material: Aluminum alloy,
Hashtag: Cheap, bulk, TALMUD,
Application: Souvenirs,
Advantage: Wholesale factory supplier.

Novelty License Plates

Material: Aluminum,
Size: 12”x 6”,
Logo: Full colors printing,
Payment: T/T, Paypal, etc.

Custom Metal Postcard

Usage: Metal Postcard,
Material: Aluminum Plate,
Size:18x9cm, or custom,
Logo: 4C process printing,

Souvenir License Plate Magnet

Material: Aluminum Plate,
Usage: Souvenir gifts,
Size:  5x10cm,Personalized,
Magnet: Soft type.

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TALMUD Souvenir Customer Image

1. Academic Institution Souvenir Supplier

2. Personalized Christian Church Souvenir Shops

3. Fashionable Souvenir Retailers and Wholesalers

4. Cultural and Local Distributors of Premium Souvenirs

5. Custom Retailers and Wholesalers of Sports Souvenirs

6. Premium Gifts Suppliers for Government and Institutional Needs

7. Customized Souvenir Designers for Influential Figures and Social Media Celebrities

8. Gifts and Souvenirs Suppliers for Art, Entertainment Industries, Events, and Museums

9. Authorized Providers of Personalized Gifts featuring Animations, Cartoon IP Characters, and Movies

TALMUD Souvenir Gift Customer Images

TALMUD: Your Best Souvenir License Plate
Wholesale Manufacturing Supplier In China

Transform your souvenir business with TALMUD, the pioneering source for wholesale souvenir license plates in China. Our commitment to excellence stands through in every thoroughly crafted plate, setting us apart as the industry’s foremost supplier.

Experience surpassing quality with TALMUD’s souvenir license plates, where precision and excellence meet in every plate we craft. Our budget-friendly pricing doesn’t compromise on the quality, making us the top choice for souvenir wholesalers. 

Fast and reliable deliveries are our promise to you. Increase your creativity with endless design possibilities, and our team will transform your vision into a high-quality souvenir plate. We provide personalized support, ensuring your satisfaction is our utmost priority. 

TALMUD’s iconic designs are the perfect addition to vibrant city souvenir shops, attracting tourists with unique, high-quality souvenirs. Don’t miss the chance to partner with us and take your souvenir business to new levels. 

Contact TALMUD today and unlock the potential for your souvenir license plate offerings to shine online.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.


TALMUD Souvenirs Ecosystem

  • Bring out your souvenir business through TALMUD’s custom expertise, different souvenir manufacturing, and efficient procurement and management.
  • Be one of our global networks of affiliations, establishments, and events that drive the international souvenir market’s growth.
  • Unlock your souvenir venture’s potential with our creative strategies, establishing top product quality and optimizing operational efficiency.

TALMUD‘s Customers

  • Serving different industries, including fashion, government, and celebrities, our global gift-trading expertise is trusted by valued customers.
  • Our e-commerce wholesale platform excels in personalized luxury gifts for corporate and family retailers worldwide.
  • We offer efficient nationwide gift distribution services to influencers and digital icons, ensuring their complete satisfaction.

TALMUD's Advantage

  • TALMUD has 20+ years in Arts, Museum, National, and Sports souvenirs, and ensures 100% quality assurance. Our Chinese gift factory excels in supply chain management and efficient delivery.
  • Offers strategic customers price stability, global market insights, and premium gifts. We promote long-term partnerships and cater to high-end brands.
  • Decide on TALMUD for consistent quality and reliability. Benefit from our premium manufacturer program and unified control over materials and product quality.

Strategy Partners Recruitment By TALMUD

  • TALMUD builds lasting worldwide relationships with souvenir retailers and wholesalers to expand our extensive souvenir and gift collection.
  • We prioritize brand marketing to build a global souvenir network, ensuring high-quality offerings for our valued customers.
  • Contact TALMUD now for all your unique global souvenir and gift needs. Count on TALMUD for exceptional souvenirs and gifting experiences.

California Souvenir Shop

  • TALMUD has been creating souvenir license plates for California since 2005, offering complimentary samples and we also offer OEM and ODM services.
  • In addition to souvenir license plates, TALMUD offers a wide range of USA-themed souvenirs. Let’s discover the American souvenir market together.
  • TALMUD is your go-to for souvenir license plates in California and invites you to explore our wide range of USA souvenir products such as T-Shirts, Photo Frames, Photo Albums, and more.

TALMUD Global Souvenir Cases

  • custom Italy Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

    The ancient Roman Empire is considered the birthplace of Italian civilization, whose culture spread throughout Europe during its reign, starting in 753 BC and growing from a small town to an empire that lasted 1,000 years.

    TALMUD is from China and serves the entire Italian souvenir industry. We hope to cooperate sincerely with local wholesalers to jointly develop the souvenir market.

  • custom Netherlands Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    TALMUD is your trusted custom souvenir gifts bulk supplier in China for the Netherlands market. We are dedicated to putting our passion for the souvenir business into booming your souvenir business greatly.

    We have a professional rubber souvenir magnet manufacturing team in China. You can customize rubber fridge magnets for your cities souvenir gifts.

  • custom Austria Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Austria is known for world-renowned classical musicians, especially Vienna, known as the “City of Music”, including Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss II, Wolfgang Amad Ous Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

    TALMUD professionally presents these great portraits of musicians on souvenir refrigerator stickers, which are popular with tourists at low prices and exquisite quality.

  • custom Portugal Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    The yellow tram is a symbol of Lisbon or Porto. As a famous tourist city, trams are often crowded with tourists from all over the world. In fact, the yellow tram has become a tourist card in Portugal.

    TALMUD uses its complete industrial chain to help the Portuguese souvenir market customize various gifts. Tourists can enjoy beautiful souvenirs and scenery while riding the tram.

  • custom German Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Germany has advanced industrial manufacturing, both BMW and Mercedes-Benz originated in Germany. The country also has car museums, scenic beauty, and highways that provide a great experience for those who love to drive.

    TALMUD’s customized wooden souvenir refrigerator magnets, which use laser technology to present a 3D effect car pattern, can be used as collectibles.

  • custom France Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Paris, France is the famous fashion capital of the world. The grandest event in the fashion industry every year is Paris Fashion Week. Fashion Week starts in New York, then London and Milan, and finally ends in Paris.

    TALMUD’s exquisite craftsmanship and craftsmanship’s production skills can customize souvenirs and gifts for some fashion brands and luxury brands.

  • custom Ireland Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    TALMUD is your expert Ireland souvenir wholesale manufacturer in China. Deal with us, you will have a responsible manufacturer with strict quality control.

    We have five lines of cork placemat & coaster to boom your souvenir business directly. We promise you 100% good quality for souvenir shop sales, you will have no risk of quality.

  • custom Spain Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Spain’s achievements in art are not only a Picasso but also the world-famous Spanish flamenco dance. Flamenco originated in Andalusia and is a very difficult dance form.

    TALMUD is a leading wholesale factory for your personalized Spain souvenirs in China. We have a stable supply chain management system to help wholesalers succeed.

  • custom England Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    London, the capital of the United Kingdom, has always been at the top of the travel list. It’s the most “English” of any English city, as mellow as English black tea, and a popular tourist destination due to the sheer number of landmarks and historical attractions.

    TALMUD produces premium quality souvenirs for the UK for a long time, including some famous museum retail souvenirs, and is your reliable partner.

TALMUD: Your #1 Custom Souvenir License Plate Wholesaler in China

custom Spain License Plate wholesale factory in China

Spain License Plate

With over 20 years of passion for making high-quality souvenir license plates, TALMUD stands as the pioneer in this industry, especially in niche souvenir markets, such as artist souvenirs, celebrity souvenirs, etc. We take pride in being the original souvenir license plate factory, providing a reputable and reliable experience for our valued customers.


TALMUD’s commitment to excellence ensures that the quality of your souvenir license plates remains consistent, regardless of the order size. We understand the importance of upholding your brand’s reputation and excelling in the of field souvenir markets like the arts, museums, sports, and more to provide your customers with high-quality goods.


Are you a new seller on known platforms like Amazon or eBay? TALMUD caters to your needs by manufacturing license plates in small quantities and a wide range of designs. We empower your business with varied options to stand out in the online marketplace.


If your business specializes in providing souvenir license plates as event gifts, TALMUD is your trusted partner for bulk orders. Our expertise in creating and printing these plates ensures that your promotional activities are met with success.


Rest assured, your souvenir license plates will meet the highest standards. TALMUD possesses CE and SGS certificates, attesting to the quality of our products. Your peace of mind is our priority, and our stringent quality control processes eliminate manufacturing risks.


Ready to Get Started?


Share your custom souvenir license plate project details with us, and experience the difference with TALMUD, your trusted partner in the world of .ouvenir license plates.

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD’s Certificates

TALMUD‘ Certificates


custom License Plate Keyring wholesale manufacturer in China

License Plate Keyring

TALMUD Souvenir Catalog

Pablo Picasso Souvenirs

custom Pablo Picasso Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

Pablo Ruiz Picasso Souvenirs

TALMUD Logistics Service


TALMUD Logistics Services

TALMUD is your premier logistics partner, offering a wide range of transportation services to simplify your supply chain. Our services include rail transport, global courier, shipping, and air logistics, all designed to optimize your logistics needs.

  • Our continental rail network ensures cost-effective and on-time land-based shipping across the continent, providing you with credible and affordable solutions.
  • For fast, secure, and global courier deliveries, trust TALMUD to handle your packages with care, ensuring they arrive at their destination on time.
  • When it comes to international trade, our expertise in global shipping and air logistics ensures that we meet your competitive delivery deadlines by optimizing sea and air routes.

Choose TALMUD for legitimate logistics services that accelerate your transportation requirements, making your experience hassle-free.

TALMUD’s Standards: Economy, Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability

1, What Is A Souvenir License Plate?

A perfect blend of style and memories. TALMUD transforms ordinary plates into personalized souvenirs of your treasured journeys, especially in niche souvenir markets


Our captivating, location-inspired designs capture the essence of your visit, making them fantastic collectibles. Whether you’re reminiscing about an unforgettable trip or seeking a thoughtful gift, TALMUD’s custom license plates, available in a vibrant range of colors, offer an ideal solution.

1- Souvenir license plate manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 1- Souvenir license plate

Surprise loved ones with a keepsake that transcends time and change your gifting game with TALMUD while embracing the art of remembering your adventures with us.

2, How Can You Customize A Souvenir License Plate?

At TALMUD, we offer a unique selection of customizable souvenir license plates, setting us apart from the competition. Unlike others, we empower you to choose the perfect plate that suits your style and preferences.


Our marketing practices ensure that you get exactly what you desire. We provide wholesale souvenir license plates from trusted suppliers in China, guaranteeing high-quality products at competitive prices.


Putting in place our restrictive procedure to get rid of our non-compliant suppliers and bring in high-quality ones, ensures the profitability of our project.


Develop your license plate game by personalizing it with names, meaningful text, or custom backgrounds. TALMUD makes it easy to create the perfect souvenir.

2- Illinois License Plate manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2- Illinois License Plate

3, What Is An Ideal Gifting Style For Souvenir License Plates?

Personalized license plates for your loved ones, providing their unique passions. Sports enthusiasts will value the stadium addresses of their favorite teams. 


For those with a special connection to a place, dedicate it to a custom plate and bring together it with some of our other items, including keychains, pins, and more. At TALMUD, we’re not just any manufacturer, we’re your partner in making these memorable tokens. 


Our expertise ensures your souvenir license plates stand out, earning you a larger market share. 


Get to know the advantages of TALMUD to access exceptional custom gifts.

4, What Are Souvenir License Plates Made Of?

Souvenir license plates from TALMUD are crafted from aluminum alloy, they’re built to resist minor wear and tear, ensuring durability. 


Even in the face of accidents or heavy pressure, these plates stand strong. To make a knowledgeable choice, always assess the plate’s material strength. 

TALMUD’s premium selection promises quality that lasts. For impeccable souvenir license plates, rely on us.

3- Customized Souvenir manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 3- Customized Souvenir

5, Can You Wash Your Souvenir License Plate?

When it comes to keeping your treasured custom souvenir license plate in good condition, TALMUD offers an exceptional feature. Made from durable aluminum alloy, our plates are designed to last. 


The secret lies in our fade-resistant paint, ensuring vibrant colors endure. To maintain your plate’s attractiveness, simply use a dry, microfiber cloth for gentle dusting.


For a more thorough cleaning, lightly wet the cloth. Rest easy knowing your TALMUD plate won’t lose its vibrant colors.


What sets us apart is our commitment to durability, making traditional washing methods a snap. For personalized care tips, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team.


Turn your souvenir license plate experience with TALMUD where durability and vibrancy meet.

6, Are There Any Restrictions To What You Can Get On Your Souvenir License Plate?

With TALMUD, the possibilities are limitless. Unlike standard license plates, your TALMUD souvenir plate has no restrictions. 


Explore a vibrant range of bohemian and minimalist designs to showcase your style. Keep it classic or let your creativity run wild because the choice is yours. 


TALMUD’s creative strategy prioritizes your freedom of expression, ensuring you get the perfect keepsake. 


For more design tips and personalized assistance, our dedicated team is here to help you elevate your souvenirs with TALMUD where design knows no bounds.

4- California License Plate manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4- California License Plate

7, Are You Allowed To Put Custom Souvenir License Plates On Your Vehicle?

At TALMUD, we’ve got you covered! Our approach simplifies the process of creating custom souvenir license plates while ensuring compliance with local regulations.


In the USA and Canada, our flexible customization options allow you to express yourself freely. In the UK, we carefully follow font and size requirements, guaranteeing both uniqueness and legality. 


With TALMUD, your vehicle will stand out with personalized style, all while following the law. Learn about the world of custom license plates with TALMUD and change your vehicle’s identity. 


Arrive with us right away for an easy experience, legal, and stylish way to make your sign on the road.

5- New York License Plate manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5- New York License Plate

8, How Long Do These Souvenir License Plates Last For?

TALMUD’s premium souvenir license plates, expertly made from durable aluminum, ensure extraordinary endurance. Resilient against impact and wear, they boost a lifespan similar to standard plates. 


What sets TALMUD apart is our commitment to enduring design integrity, our vibrant colors and designs resist fading, ensuring your souvenir remains vibrant over time. 


Our best products are produced by the size of our market, which comprises national, university, and other customers by choosing TALMUD, you invest in quality that lasts. 


For precise durability estimates, connect with our manufacturer. Check out the ideal blend of persistence and elegance, and keep your favorite souvenirs.


Choose TALMUD for souvenir license plates that stand the test of time.

9, What Can You Do To Maintain Your Souvenir License Plate?

Maintaining your customized souvenir license plate is easy with TALMUD. Our marketing process ensures your decorative pieces stand the test of time. 


A quick wipe with a soft cloth keeps it new. Unlike others, we secure against color fading by avoiding harsh chemicals. Trust TALMUD for lasting quality.

6- California Souvenir License Plate manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6- California Souvenir License Plate

10, What Are The Common Sizes Available For Souvenir License Plates?

Discover TALMUD’s exceptional souvenir license plate sizes, made to your unique needs. Our expertly produced plates are available in two popular options: a compact 185 x 100 mm for scooters and bikes, and a standard 372 mm x 134 mm for cars.


But TALMUD offers more than just sizes, we’re your partner for souvenir business success. With over 20 years of experience, we collaborate closely with VIP customers to build 3 to 5-year business development plans. 

To enhance supplier competitiveness for sustained, long-term collaboration. Choose TALMUD for quality, expertise, and a thriving souvenir business.

11, Which States In The United States Has The Most Customized Souvenir License Plates?

Find out the art of personalized souvenir license plates in Virginia, New Hampshire, Illinois, Nevada, and Montana. 


TALMUD is truly your destination for these unique collectibles and offers a multitude of designs, colors, and sizes. 


Make your collection and showcase your state pride with TALMUD’s wide selection. Use your passion for customization with us now.

7- Seattle Souvenir License Plate manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7- Seattle Souvenir License Plate

12, Why Should You Buy Souvenir License Plates?

TALMUD’s souvenir license plates capture travel memories in a vintage and stylish manner, allowing you to relive your adventures. But that’s not all our plates can serve as regular licenses, showcasing your personality and favorite designs.


What sets us apart? TALMUD specializes in branding, business, and club promotion through customized plates, making your logo or message truly stand out. Display your vacation destinations proudly.

These plates are more than simply souvenirs; they give walls personality, increase the appearance of any vehicle, and pair well with our t-shirt. Drive your journey with TALMUD’s souvenir license plates.

13, How Can You Design Souvenir License Plates?

TALMUD offers a unique edge in the souvenir license plate industry. Our procedure simplifies the design process, giving you a hassle-free experience. 


Choose from a range of captivating styles, vibrant colors, and pictures to make your plates stand out. Whether you prefer personalized designs or popular tourist themes, we’ve got you covered. 


Our plates stick to the standard format of 2 to 7 characters, including letters, numbers, hyphens, and spaces. Plus, TALMUD’s quick and efficient service ensures your plates are in your hands faster.

8- Florida Souvenir License Plate manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8- Florida Souvenir License Plate

14, How Long Does It Take To Receive A Souvenir License Plate After You Order?

We offer a range of standard designs ready for immediate shipment. However, if you desire a custom creation, expect delivery in as little as 2 weeks or up to 8 weeks, depending on complexity. Our customized service ensures your design dreams come true.


TALMUD’s process and expert manufacturers guarantee time-saving delivery. Gain the advantage of our efficient production framework. We’re committed to delivering quality, customized souvenir license plates to your doorstep. 


Contact us with your design and order now for a personalized timeline estimate.

15, What Can You Use A Souvenir License Plate For?

TALMUD’s bright concept of souvenir license plates offers a unique combination of style and personal expression. Our carefully designed plates aren’t just travel souvenirs, they’re also perfect for businesses. 


Transform your cafe’s or bar’s decor with our eye-catching plates, bottle openers, coasters, magnets, and more to create an inviting ambiance. But that’s not all individuals can showcase their taste of adventure by featuring their cars, vans, and motorcycles in regions where it’s permitted. 


TALMUD’s souvenir license plates add a unique style, transforming any space or vehicle into a personalized masterpiece. See the beauty of TALMUD, where travel memories meet artistic style, both for personal and business use.

9- Colorado Souvenir License Plate manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9- Colorado Souvenir License Plate

16, When Should You Replace A Souvenir License Plate?

Replace your souvenir license plate when it loses its beauty, showing signs of tarnish and faded colors. To maintain its good condition, regularly wipe off dust with a soft cloth and shield it from moisture. 


If your efforts can’t restore its former beauty, consider acquiring a new TALMUD souvenir license plate. Benefit from a new design that mirrors your evolving interests and preferences. Use your style with TALMUD’s creative license plates, ensuring timeless appeal. 


Check out our wide range of options to personalize your ride. Upgrade your license plate now, setting a trend that truly reflects you.

17, What Are Some Popular Souvenir License Plate Design Ideas?

Popular TALMUD souvenir license plate designs uniquely capture the essence of your favorite destinations. 


Express your individuality with personalized symbols, or embrace local vibes with iconic designs like palm trees for beach getaways, US flags for Washington D.C., or sunrises for California dreamers. 

Showcase your identity with nicknames or celebrity images. Mark special moments with birthdays, anniversaries, or valued milestones. TALMUD’s city-themed plates are a timeless favorite. 


Elevate your vehicle’s look and make a statement on the road with our unique, high-quality souvenir license plates. Designed to your taste, TALMUD plates are the perfect travel companion.

18, What Is The Quality Of These Souvenir License Plates?

TALMUD is a prestigious industry pioneer with over two decades of experience crafting souvenir license plates and excels in precision manufacturing. 


Our global distribution network ensures quality worldwide. These plates are expertly produced using top-grade aluminum, guaranteeing exceptional durability and resistance to tarnishing.


For long-lasting, quality souvenir license plates, go with TALMUD.

10- London Souvenir License Plate manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10- London Souvenir License Plate

19, Why Are Souvenir License Plates So Popular?

As the metal signs, souvenir license plates have risen in popularity as a special element of offbeat interior decor. These enticing plates add spaces with personality, adding a unique, vintage style. Their appeal extends beyond home aesthetics, with a popular presence in music videos and films, lending an air of class.


Their individuality is what gives them their appealing qualities. Authentic, vintage plates from distant countries often require navigating borders, making them desired items. Consequently, many select to acquire souvenir license plates to signify their traveling adventures.


Passionate collectors are drawn to these plates much like coin collectors who assemble coins from diverse nations. Originating in the United States, a point of automotive culture, these plates perfectly complement the image of classic, old-school cars.


These tokens are also a fixture in retro-themed eateries and bars, transporting patrons back in time. They symbolize a longing for the past, making them essential decor pieces.


With two decades of expertise, serves collectors of souvenirs. TALMUD supports the expansion of your company by having no minimum order requirements, 24-hour service, affordable pricing, and proper manufacturing capacity.

Build your brand with us and engage customers with our wide range of niche souvenirs, more than museum souvenirs. Connect with TALMUD now to leave an abiding influence through customizable souvenir license plates.

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