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TALMUD: Your Custom Souvenir Placemat Manufacturer

TALMUD is a leading customized souvenir placemats supplier in China. We build strong connections with our souvenir customers by modeling our customized souvenir strategy.

We are the leader in niche souvenir markets globally, our niche expertise includes related to art, basketball, celebrities, churches, football, museums, nations, sports, and universities.

Improve your souvenir selections with TALMUD’s excellent quality to ensure that you remain competitive in a constantly changing market.

Plastic Placemat

Material: Plastic,
Size: 42×29 cm, or custom,
Logo: UV printing,
Thickness: 0.6 mm.

painting placemat

Material: MDF wooden,
Size: 42×29 cm, or custom,
Logo: CMYK printing,
Design: Famous painting.

Customize Wholesale Wooden MDF Placemat Manufacturer Supplier in China

Material: Plastic,
Size: 42×29 cm, or custom,
Logo: UV printing,
Thickness: 0.6 mm.

Set of 4 MDF Placemat & Coaster

Material: MDF wooden,
Size: 21.5&29 cm, or custom,
Logo: UV printing,
Design: Starry night.

PP Placemat

Material: Plastic,
Size: 42×29 cm, or custom,
Logo: UV printing,
Payment: T/T,paypal.

Souvenir Pack Of 4 Large Premium Placemats

Material: Plastic,
Size: 42×29 cm, or custom,
Logo: UV printing,

TALMUD Souvenir Customer Image

1. Customized Cathedral Artwork Souvenirs Stores

2. Personalized Cultural Identity Souvenir Suppliers

3. Pop Culture-Inspired Arts and Entertainment Gifts

4. Stylish Souvenirs Inspired by Iconic City Boutiques

5. Football and Other Athletic Games Souvenir Shops

6. Educational Institutions Customized Branding Souvenirs

7. Souvenir Collections Design for Institutions and Government Organizations

8. Customized Souvenirs for Actors/Actress, Influencers, and Performing Artists

9. Personalized Gifts Featuring Avengers Superheroes and Cartoon Network Characters

TALMUD Souvenir Gift Customer Images

TALMUD: Your Best Souvenir Placemat Wholesale supplier in China

TALMUD stands as the foremost wholesale and retail supplier of souvenirs and gifts in China, catering to niche markets spanning Art, Basketball, Celebrity, Church, Football, Museum, National, Sports, and University themes. Our roots trace back to 2005, and since then, we’ve solidified our reputation as a high-quality manufacturer and supplier, delivering surpassing service and innovation. 

With our factories in China and an extensive network of trusted suppliers, TALMUD offers direct access to China’s market with support. With a legacy of over 20 years in souvenir supply chain management, TALMUD excels in crafting custom wholesale placemats and table mats that represent quality. 

We’re a trusted partner for businesses and individuals alike, whether in the United States, European Union, Australia, Asia, Latin America, or beyond. Our core values of integrity, innovation, practicality, and responsibility underpin our mission: “To be your most reliable partner in China.” TALMUD’s dynamic sales team comprises industry experts and procurement professionals, supported by academic qualifications, including MBAs and Masters of Law. 

In our 3000 square meter facility, nearly 100 skilled workers operate over 20 advanced machines, ensuring high-quality production. For an exceptional souvenir placemat experience, share your inquiry with us, and anticipate a competitive quotation that aligns with your unique needs. Transform your business with TALMUD where excellence is our trademark.

TALMUD LIMITED is Your Expert Custom Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts, Cheering Products, Stationary Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

TALMUD Souvenirs Ecosystem

  • Make a profit from TALMUD’s exceptional layout expertise to rapidly produce personalized souvenirs.
  • Promote the expansion of the souvenir market through partnerships, global franchisees, and collaborative events.
  • Improve the quality of your souvenir business with innovative strategies, premium goods, and a more efficient operation.

TALMUD‘s Customers

  • We excel in event, government, and celebrity domains and are experts in gift distribution.
  • Our wholesale e-commerce offers a wide range of promotional gifts for companies, big or small.
  • We partner with renowned celebrities and online influencers to ensure the safe delivery of gifts nationwide.

TALMUD's Advantage

  • Advancing the global souvenir industry, our entrepreneurial team excels in crafting premium products.
  • Leveraging enduring partnerships with renowned firms, we offer competitive pricing, worldwide market expertise, and promotional gifts for our valued customers.
  • Our precision-driven production approach guarantees high quality through material regulation and exceptional product excellence, affirming our commitment to excellence.

Strategy Partners Recruitment By TALMUD

  • TALMUD builds strong bonds with global souvenir distributors, aiming to expand our gift selection.
  • We’re dedicated to elevating our brand’s global presence through a network of top international souvenir providers.
  • Explore TALMUD for distinctive worldwide-sourced gifts and souvenirs, perfect for creating lasting memories on special occasions.

Germany Souvenir Shop

  • When it comes to Germany souvenirs, think of iconic cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg. Explore a rich tapestry of industrial heritage, a commitment to national culture, renowned beer, world-class cars, and a passion for football.
  • Germany holds a significant role in the European tourism landscape. TALMUD offers free custom souvenir options to capture these cultural facets.
  • To guarantee a memorable Germany experience, TALMUD is your one-stop-shop for free personalized souvenirs including Photo Albums, Photo Frames, Magnets, Mugs, and more.

TALMUD Global Souvenir Cases

  • custom Norway Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Oslo is known as the green capital of Europe. With modern architecture, trendy neighborhoods, top-notch museums, and surrounded by the Oslo Fjord and lush forests, visitors can easily combine urban life with natural pleasures like skiing.

    TALMUD has an effective team to boom your Norway souvenir business directly, Our goal is to provide you with high-quality service at competitive prices.

  • personalized Asian Souvenir Gifts wholesale factory in China

    Phuket Island in southwestern Thailand is a famous attraction in the country, with pristine white sand beaches, sapphire waters, limestone cliffs of various shapes, and more. In addition to food, it is also a place of worship for Buddhists.

    TALMUD is your reliable custom Asian souvenir wholesale factory. If you are a new souvenir business wholesale trader, we can help you build a full catalog of souvenir gifts quickly.

  • custom Greek Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    The first Olympic Games were held in ancient Greece in 776 BC in honor of Zeus, the father of the gods, they were held every four years, and Greece was also famous for the Olympic Games.

    TALMUD has a professional team for Greeky personalized souvenirs bulk manufacturing. With our excellent souvenirs supply chain, you can occupy more market shares in your souvenir cities.

  • custom Dubai Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Dubai (also known as Dubayy) is the capital of the emirate of Dubai and the richest of the seven emirates that make up the federation of the United Arab Emirates. It has luxurious hotels, modern buildings, and luxury shops.

    TALMUD is your professional UAE souvenir wholesale factory with an effective supply chain. Cooperate with us, you can get the original factory’s valuable support.

  • custom Malaysia Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    A unity of natural wonder and cultural heritage in Malaysia, Batu Caves is a 400-million-year-old limestone hill just outside Kuala Lumpur that hides a century-old temple known for its vibrant colors.

    TALMUD is proud to manufacture Malaysia souvenir gifts for nearly 20 years of history. You will find more advantages from the original factory in China.

  • custom Indonesia Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    There are many beautiful islands in Indonesia, not only Bali. The Gili Islands are picturesque, with beautiful beaches and a nature reserve for sea turtles. Here’s a more relaxed option than Bali.

    TALMUD has a mature souvenir gifts supply chain. If you are TALMUD’s strategy partner, you can get an extra bonus of 3-5 years of invariable prices to support your wholesale business.

  • custom Singapore Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    If you come to Singapore to travel, be sure to visit China Town. It is one of the most revered and iconic destinations in Singapore, including shopping malls, fine dining, Temple of the Tooth Relic, Thien Hock Temple, and more.

    TALMUD is your expertise Singapore souvenir wholesale factory in China since 2005. You can customize any souvenirs for your E-commerce online retail and offline.

  • custom Australia Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Sunbathers should never forget Australia’s Bondi Beach, a spectacle for tourists, surfers, and sunbathers, a real draw, especially for younger visitors.

    All of our personalized souvenirs can be with 100% quality guarantee. TALMUD is your reliable Australian souvenir manufacturing factory, free samples are welcome.

  • custom Japan Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

    Katsushika Hokusai was a famous Japanese painter in the Edo period and one of the artists highly respected by European artists. His work was the inspiration for TALMUD’s Japanese souvenir design team.

    TALMUD is a leading Japanese souvenir wholesale manufacturer with rich experience in China. We supply customized wooden fridge magnets for souvenir retails. OEM and ODM services are welcome.

TALMUD: Your Expert Wholesale Souvenir Place Mats Factory in China

custom France Souvenir Placemat wholesale manufacturer in China

France Souvenir Table Mat

With its specialization in a variety of niche markets, including Art, Basketball, Celebrity, Church, Football, Museum, National, Sports, and University souvenirs, TALMUD is your primary source for custom souvenir placemats and stands out in the market. We supply more than simple items as a Chinese producer of souvenir plastic placemats, we offer a competitive edge in the souvenir industry.


Our team, which has more than 20 years of experience in the customized souvenir industry, excels at providing outstanding solutions that are suited to your specific market. We are your determined partner whether you are a small souvenir retailer, a sizable promotional gift trading firm, or an expert in event marketing.


Our thorough monitoring of the souvenir supply chain, which guarantees smooth project execution, distinguishes TALMUD. Because of our proximity sourcing and management, we have a reputation for producing placemat projects promptly. Our expert team is available to support you in developing a thorough souvenir strategy that will improve the market presence of your company.


Contact us today and discover how TALMUD can change your souvenir placemat business.

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD Global Strategic Partner

TALMUD’s Certificates

TALMUD‘ Certificates


custom Disney Souvenir Placemat wholesale manufacturer in China

Disney Souvenir Placemat

TALMUD Souvenir Catalog

Rembrandt Van Rijn Souvenirs

custom Rembrandt van Rijn Souvenir Gifts wholesale manufacturing factory in China

Rembrandt Van Rijn Souvenir

TALMUD Logistics Service


TALMUD Logistics Services

Increase the effectiveness of your distribution with the help of TALMUD, your reliable logistics partner that provides a wide range of transportation services.

  • Our massive global rail network provides fast and affordable land transportation, combining the security and financial stability of your business.
  • TALMUD excels at offering fast international courier services that ensure secure delivery everywhere.
  • Meet our specialized international courier services, which can be delivered to any location in the world and can be customized to fit your specific logistical demands.

You can rely on us for reliable, economical logistics services that increase the global reach of your company. For an ideal logistical experience, trust TALMUD.


TALMUD’s Standards: Economy, Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability

1, What is the placemat & table mat?

1 - Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 1 – Placemat

Both placemats and table mats are separate dining accessories made to improve your table arrangement. An experienced company on the market, TALMUD specializes in creating a wide selection of these fashionable placements.


Our materials, which include wood, MDF, plastic, and cloth, satisfy a variety of purposes while providing both protection and a sense of style. These coasters coordinate perfectly with the placemats. They are expertly packaged and come in green packaging.


Quality placemats made with sustainability in mind are the cornerstone of the TALMUD business concept. Our expertise is in designing eco-friendly, elegant placements that combine usefulness and visual appeal. TALMUD is a popular choice for individuals looking to improve their dining experiences given the beautiful balance of design and durability.


Enjoy the placemats and coasters available from TALMUD, perfect for enhancing the look of your dining room table. These incredible accessories were created to be both beautiful and useful.

2, what is the difference between a souvenir placemat and a promotional placemat?

The placemats that TALMUD makes are special because they cater to two different domains. Our promotional placemats, which are made of paper and PP, provide affordable options for promoting brands. 


These things of standard quality are excellent for materials. Moving on, our assortment of souvenirs includes MDF wooden placemats and coasters. These high-end products cover retail and gift establishments, catering to advanced interests. 


Since 2005, TALMUD has developed a strong supply chain for placemats, providing high-quality products, competitive rates, and prompt deliveries. Where quality meets cost, TALMUD will upgrade your table settings.

2 - Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 2 – Souvenir Placemat VS Promotional Placemat

3, What is the function of a souvenir placemat?

A table setting is transformed by TALMUD souvenir placemats. These magnificent placemats combine usefulness and beauty to provide more than simply table protection. Our placemats, which are expertly made, not only protect your tables from scratches and stains but also beautify the look of your home.


Restaurants use TALMUD Souvenir Placemats for more than just protection. They become a platform for presenting delicious menu items, attracting customers with appealing looks. As for a spotless dining experience, our luxurious cotton covers easily absorb liquids.


High-end leather and vinyl placemats are available from TALMUD for business meetings held in fancy hotels. They offer an inviting writing surface and minimize noise, improving the environment for productive discussions.

Placemats from TALMUD perfectly combine form and function. Take advantage of our luxury gifts to customize your dining and meeting experiences. Experience the difference right away.

3 - Souvenir Place Mat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 3 – Souvenir Place Mat

4, What kind of souvenir placemat is popular in France?

Placemats are more than just table decorations in the heart of France, where modification and art meet. This traditional item has been updated by TALMUD with an addition of French charm. Your eating experience will be brightened by the renowned artwork on our CMYK printed placemats, such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


These placemats, which are made of durable PP plastic, combine artistic beauty with usability. They are resistant since they are simple to maintain. While the gorgeous artwork gives your dining table a special style, the rubberized backing provides stability.


Our MDF wooden placemats are great for those seeking the right present. They are a meaningful and fashionable gift when presented in an elegant box with 6 or 8 matching coasters. The placemats by TALMUD are a necessity for everyone who values style, use, and the spirit of France.

4 - France Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 4 – France Souvenir Placemat

5, Can I customize any souvenir placemat related to England?

With more than 20 years of experience, TALMUD is the ideal source to go for creating customized placemats reflecting the beauty of England. Our area of expertise is the selection of British-market-specific, high-quality souvenirs at reasonable prices.


Engage yourself in our area of expertise, where beautiful placemat artwork brings to life renowned British icons like the majestic Big Ben, bobbies, double-decker buses, and red phone booths. Our designs include even beautiful English flora and fauna.


At TALMUD we go above and beyond traditional souvenir shops. Share your AI or PDF files with our professional team, and we’ll create free samples for you. Grow your company with TALMUD, where your personalized British souvenirs are expressed in appealing designs.

5 - England Souvenir Place Mat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 5 – England Souvenir Place Mat

6, Are the placemats tacky?

TALMUD Placemats alter style and use in a certain market. With their beautiful patterns, our placemats, coasters, mugs, and trays not only enhance your room but also preserve your furnishings. 


Our artistically patterned vinyl placemats transform your dining space, adding to the ambiance and making every meal a pleasure.


Our leather table mats, which are beautifully imprinted with your company’s logo, are perfect for business settings because they project confidence and professionalism during meetings.


Improve your surroundings and effortlessly impress your clients. The artistic placemats from TALMUD will instantly improve your area.

6 - Beautiful Souvenir Place Mat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 6 – Beautiful Souvenir Place Mat

7, Are cork souvenir placemats good?

With TALMUD’s quality cork keepsake placemats, you can fully enjoy your dining experience in natural elegance. Our innovative business strategy caters to people who desire sustainable elegance by blending creativity and ecological awareness.


Our placemats, which are made from premium cork, have a tangible, woody feel and give your table a unique look. These placemats can be personalized by TALMUD, allowing you to choose patterns that complement your taste.


We employ advanced silk printing technology, using eco-friendly oil inks for a vibrant, lasting finish. Alternatively, our art paper and PP lamination options ensure the preservation of your designs.


While not as durable as MDF or PP placemats, cork placemats still have a different look and are less expensive. They give your table setting a touch of nature and are ideal for one-time usage. The cork placemats from TALMUD will elevate your eating experience with their creative and ecologically friendly composition.

7 - Cork Souvenir Place Mat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 7 – Cork Souvenir Place Mat

8, How do I select a placemat?

Setting the proper mood for your dining experience begins with choosing the ideal placemat. We at TALMUD have transformed the art of choosing placemats. Our placemats are expertly created to blend with a variety of table settings, increasing your dining experience.


Select from a variety of materials that are suited to specific purposes. Customized MDF placemats or smooth vinyl mats will improve your formal dining experience. Check our range of paper placemats for classy yet cost-effective options. They’re great for restaurant branding and advertising.


Looking for a meaningful gift? TALMUD sells MDF coaster sets and PP placemats. Grab our stylish leather placemats for a professional-looking office environment. Experience the TALMUD excellence, where cuisine and design unite.

8 - Souvenir Place Mats manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 8 – Souvenir Place Mats

9, What kind of acrylic souvenir placemats does TALMUD manufacture?

The acrylic placemats we create at TALMUD add value to your eating experience. Our placemats are professionally crafted from thick, 5-7mm acrylic boards of the highest quality. While assuring user safety, a sensation of elegance is created by the polished, rounded corners.


Our extraordinary artistic ability is what makes TALMUD different. With these placemats, we bring the beauty of nature to your table by printing complex designs and realistic-looking imitation marble textures. a result of their excellent quality, these placemats are popular in high-end shops.


Each set of 4 placemats is carefully placed in PP or paper boxes with one-of-a-kind printed logos to enhance the user experience. Uncover our assortment right away to give your dining room decor a sophisticated touch.

9 - Acrylic Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 9 – Acrylic Souvenir Placemat

10, What kind of leather souvenir placemat does TALMUD supply?

At TALMUD, we excel in producing new premium leather souvenir placemats. Delivering exceptional service while serving the government, institutions, and hospitality sectors is the core of our business strategy.


Our leather placemats give your tabletop a sense of luxury and come in a variety of colors, including deep reds and classic blacks. Each placemat features carving, stitching, and logo customization.


The relationship between style and usage is a clear indication of our niche. The leather placemats by TALMUD provide a modern backdrop for any meal experience or business conference, making them ideal for businesses and upmarket hotels.


Elevate your ambiance with TALMUD’s leather placemats, where luxury meets practicality.

10 - Leather Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 10 – Leather Souvenir Placemat

11, What kind of souvenir placemat can you recommend for re-usable?

As a pioneer in the industry for more than 20 years, TALMUD specializes in high-end, environmentally friendly PP (Polypropylene) placemats and has a business structure.


Our modern placemats may be personalized with vivid CMYK graphics and can be made in a variety of sizes and thicknesses (usually 0.7-1mm). The reusability of TALMUD’s placemats distinguishes them as a sustainable selection.


These placemats feature a rubber backing for increased convenience in addition to being simple to clean. They are great for sharing special moments with friends and are suitable for usage both indoors and outdoors.


With TALMUD’s customized and washable placemats, you can improve your dining experience while ensuring both beauty and ecological responsibility at every meal.

11 - PP Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 11 – PP Souvenir Placemat

12, Can we be your souvenir placemats distributor in the USA?

At TALMUD, we have expert artists who specialize in making classy MDF souvenir placemats. We provide high-quality manufacturing and logistic service as a reputable wholesaler built in China.


Our expertise is working with wholesalers and retailers of souvenirs throughout the world to effectively integrate online and offline sales channels for souvenirs. A strong souvenir market exists in the United States, and TALMUD is eager to find partners to help it negotiate this competitive market.

If you work in the souvenir industry, get in touch with us immediately. We invite you to browse our sample placemats, other souvenir products, and the usage of our flexible OEM and ODM services. With TALMUD, where artistry and quality collide, you can widen your selection of keepsakes.

12- MDF Wooden Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 12 – MDF Wooden Souvenir Placemat

13, Can I customize souvenir Vinyl placemats for the European market?

The placemats made by TALMUD are of the best quality and are designed specifically for the European market. Our environmentally friendly materials guarantee durability and sustainability.


TALMUD offers extraordinary customization selections with a low minimum order quantity of just 1,000 units. We respond to your particular demands, offering customized designs and precise specifications.


Our vinyl placemats are perfect for outdoor use because they are lightweight, washable, and reusable. The ability to resist chips ensures a lasting appearance.


At TALMUD, we effectively combine creativity with functionality.

13- Vinyl Souvenir Placemat manufacturer and supplier in China

Figure 13 – Vinyl Souvenir Placemat

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