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Years Of Experience In The Jewelry Industry

Custom Jewelry Wholesale Manufacturer In China

TALMUD: Your #1 Custom Studs Wholesale Manufacturer in China

Regarding personalized studs, TALMUD is the best Chinese wholesale manufacturer and supplier. We can provide exceptional studs at low rates due to our wide expertise and specialized supply chain for jewelry.

Use our customization options to create products tailored to your preferences. We cater to various niches, including the arts, celebrities, and more, and we accept OEM and ODM orders.

Send us your studs inquiry now for excellent products and services.

Gustav Klimt Art Jewelry

TALMUD jewelry inspires you to go into the extraordinary world of Gustav Klimt’s popular paintings. 

Known for his bold subjects and creative style, Klimt is recognized for his portraits, especially “Adele Bloch-Bauer’s,” and masterpieces like “The Kiss” that inspire our beautiful jewelry designs.

Check out our collection, created with extreme caution and artistic proficiency. Experience the ideal union of legacy that radiates a refined beauty. Wear jewelry by TALMUD for your classic beauty. Take a look at our original creations now!

Gustav Klimt Custom Jewelry wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China
TALMUD Jewelry Customer Images

TALMUD Jewelry Customer Image

TALMUD gives one of the best services, having over ten years of expertise in the jewelry customization industry. Using your preferences and interests as our outline, our team of professionals creates extraordinary layouts for you.

Our key advantages are our robust supply chain management, professional team of artists, branded business management, and customer-driven marketing strategy.

TALMUD is a business that makes fine jewelry and metal. It also handles orders for jewelry accessories, shipping, and manufacturing. Interact in an inquiry with us that will help your stud business grow.

The following are just a few of our guests who have visited with us:

  • Authentic Jewelry from the Original Equipment Manufacturer with a Trusted Brand
  • Authentic Jewelry Design and Quality Craftsmanship Factory
  • Esteemed Artist Jewelry Brand and Top Jewelry Factory
  • Authentication of Intellectual Property, Original Jewelry Museum, and Brand Partnership Reliability
  • Expert in Crafting Customizable Jewelry
  • Jewelry Trade Wholesalers of Jewelry Accessories and Packaging Services


TALMUD: Your Professional Customized Studs Wholesale Factory in China

As the top wholesale custom stud manufacturer and supplier in China, TALMUD expertly integrates China’s industrial strength with European and American jewelry branding expertise to give our customers unbeatable competitive advantages.

With more than 20 years of professional expertise, TALMUD excels in designing beautiful stud earrings. We can meet every demand for fine jewelry using our competent manufacturing team and expertise in supply chain management.

In addition to reducing operating expenses, our global logistics distribution solution increases project efficiency, demonstrating our adherence to efficacy, accessibility, and safety.

We are your #1 customized stud partner in China, supporting many niches such as sports, universities, arts, and more.

Use all of TALMUD’s products and services, including our innovative niche souvenir idea, strategic global souvenir retail store support program, and complete global brand gift annual solution.

Enhance your brand with TALMUD’s exceptional expertise and support.

Custom Luxury Jewelry Master In China

Jewelry Design by TALMUD

  • A Reputable Jewelry Design Team


  • Specialization in Worldwide Jewelry Design


  • More than Ten Years of Knowledge in the Chinese Custom Jewelry Industry

Jewellery Customization

  • Select an Authorized Jewelry Designer


  • Foster Artist’s Professional Growth


  • Supply a Special Collection of Beautiful Jewelry

Luxury Jewelry Supplier

  • Design, Jewelry, Top Quality, Brands and Legacy


  • Supply Chain Management for Luxury Jewels


  • Top MBA Program with a Focus on Jewelry Design

TALMUD, Custom Jewelry Master

  • From Choosing Gems to Designing Jewelry


  • From the Creation of a Piece of Jewelry to Its Production and Distribution


  • TALMUD Is a Chinese Designer Who Excels in Personalized Jewelry

TALMUD Your Luxury Jewelry Partner

  • Personalized High-Quality Jewelry


  • TALMUD Grew to Become a Known Jewelry Brand Globally Over The Years


TALMUD Fine Jewellery

TALMUD: Your #1 Personalized Studs Wholesale Supplier in China

TALMUD has been your #1 wholesale factory for custom studs. With over 20 years of practical expertise, we offer an assortment of studs and earrings customized to your style. From the raw materials to the finished products, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed by our strict quality control.

With a management team that includes international MBA graduates, TALMUD is more equipped than other manufacturers to comprehend your requirements.

We offer customized solutions for your online or offline business, regardless of your industry: art, basketball, celebrities, football, museums, national, sports, universities, or others.

Earn from our strategic jewelry supply chain, which is ideal for increasing your visibility on sites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. Our creative team is prepared to customize studs based on your specific requirements.

Send your studs inquiry to TALMUD today to begin a long-term partnership. Together, let’s build an inspiring jewelry industry for you.

Custom Studs Jewelry wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China

TALMUD High-end Studs


How do TALMUD artisans make your pendants & charms?

As a professional jewelry manufacturer in China, TALMUD has become the preferred supplier of many jewelry brands after more than ten years of accumulation.

In the jewelry industry, we have efficient supply chain management, an expert artisan team, a designer team connecting the East and the West in art and fashion, and the operational capabilities of luxury brand management.

Each high-end jewelry pendant and charm goes through the following stages.

1. The raw material is transformed into the primary form of the pendant by customizing precision molds.

2. Delicate pendant and pendant shapes are machine-polished and hand-polished.

3. Using environmentally friendly electroplating, electroplate the color of the pendant surface into the color you need, such as gold-plated, silver-plated, etc.

4. Per your design drawings, complete the final enamel-making process to form the final jewelry charms and pendants.

We work with many artists, designers, and influencers to help translate our design talent into high-end jewelry pieces and realize the ultimate value.

TALMUD Jewellery Customer Images

TALMUD Jewellery Customer Images

TALMUD Logistics Service

TALMUD Logistics Services

We can take care of all your shipping and warehousing requirements with our complete variety of logistics services.


  • Based on weight and volume considerations, sea freight containers offer optimal efficiency, particularly for heavy and oversized cargo.


  • Our air cargo transportation prioritizes speed and cost-effectiveness, making it ideal for time-sensitive goods. It will also save you time and money.


  • TALMUD rail transport can reduce transportation expenses by 20-30% compared to air freight.


  • Trust our sensitive and valuable items like documents and jewelry for the safest parcel delivery.


  • Our global logistics and distribution services cater to fashion and luxury brands, ensuring transparent warehousing.

TALMUD’s Standards: Economy, Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability

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